Abby Reign  

Abby Reign, a Grant  Nebraska native,    continues her passion for music  in Nashville, Tennessee.  Abby refers to Nashville as  “the biggest small town you could have,” since everybody seems to know one another.   She has had a passion for music and expressing herself through artistic outlets her whole life. One of the places she remembers singing first is the Methodist Church in Grant. 

Abby’s parents are both musicians themselves. and Abby sings, like her mother, and has played percussion instruments like her father.   Up until she attended college, Abby was self-taught, but during her years at Midland University in Fremont she received formal music training. She had a double major in business arts management with an emphasis in performance and marketing. 

Abbey has just released  her latest song, "Roll the Dice".  The song reminds us to keep the ones we love close. With the guitar beating as a heart and Reign’s vocals cutting through the suspended synth, the message from her lyrics are loud and clear to the listener. “Roll the Dice” is a song about finding that one person we can always count on. A person who won’t let go no matter what life throws our way. 

“I wanted  "Roll the Dice" to give that feeling of an electric summer love. To me the song brings back nostalgic memories of one of my first “loves”. I really hope it can bring back some of those positive nostalgic memories for others in this time of chaos in our world, ” Abby advises.
Who’s your ride or die? After listening to this song, the answer will be very clear. As Reign sings, “I’m not letting go” in the chorus, think of who comes to mind. This is a person you’ll, “never go out of style” with. As the song builds, let your heart and mind build with it. Feel the excitement just under the surface and then share that excitement with the person you can “Roll the Dice” with.


Summer is here and Abby Reign's "Roll the Dice" is a song to listen to for extra heat  to your summer. 

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