Singer-songwriters Ali Taylor and Gary Wayne have teamed up for a joint single release titled “Showed Me Love.” After receiving over 250k streams on Spotify, the duo has released the official lyric video for the release.


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WATCH the lyric video here.

Premiered exclusively via Music Crowns, the song was written by Ali and Gary themselves along with Adam Wheeler at Noble Vision.

“Showed me Love’ is a song about that one person in your life who has always been there for you through the ups and downs. “I think we all have that one person in our lives who believed in us at a time when we didn’t even believe in ourselves,” Ali says. “Moments where you maybe didn’t even think you were worth all the trouble, but that one person lifted you up and cheered you on to become better. We wanted this song to speak to that.”

From Pennsylvania, singer-songwriter Ali Taylor has been performing since a young age. In 2014, she moved to Nashville where she attended Belmont University while continuing her music career. Throughout that time she debuted on notable states including The Listening Room and Bluebird Cafe.

Born and raised in Kentucky, Gary Wayne found a raw passion for music at a young age. After playing and performing any chance he possibly could, Gary moved to California to pursue becoming a full-time musician. However, after a while from being there, he packed and moved to Music City to pursue a career in the country music realm.

The pair meet each other throughout their networks and quickly began collaborating, writing, and playing music together throughout Music City.

Ali Taylor: 

          Like all of you, 2020 was a weird year. I was quarantined in Pennsylvania with my family and what I initially thought was going to be two weeks turned into months, then turned into a year. As an artist I did what most of us did- went virtual. Every cowrite was over zoom or FaceTime & every show was the same. Trying to keep some normalcy in the process and continue to create regardless of what was happening around me. 

          Gary and I would consistently write over zoom and came up with this song idea: 'Showed me Love.' This song is about that one person in your life who showed you love when you were at your worst. We all have that one person in our lives that when we feel like the walls are caving in, they swoop in to save the day and show us unconditional love. 

          I especially related to that sentiment this year when I had almost lost my father to Covid. He was put on a vent in the ICU, and for a moment I was afraid I'd lose the person who's the rock in life. I had to stay back in Pennsylvania to help my family and him, thankfully he made it out healthier than before. Coming that close to losing him really hit me just how much my father impacts me and how he is always there for me. He and my family are my 'Showed me Love' song inspiration.  

Gary & Ali writing 'Showed me Love' over zoom

Ali : 

          After all the craziness that was 2020 had dulled, and I could leave PA knowing my family and father were good- I came back to Nashville. When I got back, Gary and I got together with Adam Wheeler over at noble vision and completed the song idea we had originally created over zoom. We realized we each had people in our lives who show us love daily, like described in this song, and that this would be great to share with others. It inspired us to want to go all out and professionally record it and create a great music video + artwork to share with you all. 

          With that said, as an independent artist if you don't have a label funding you, that beautiful song or idea can easily go unheard. This is where this Kickstarter comes into play - I really want to share new music with all of you this year and to make that possible I am asking for your help. Any little donation to this project helps immensely and can help us put this project together. Thank you for visiting our page and hope to have your support :)

Photo by: Autumn Dozier

Gary Wayne: 

          One thing I love about music is that it doesn't stop. No matter how crazy or hard life gets people will always be searching for something that touches their soul and makes them feel alive, and that's what music is for me. My journey to Nashville was full of ups and downs but it was all worth it to be here now creating music and becoming the artist I want to be. You guys are as much a part of this journey as me and my songs are. Ali and I felt like this song would be a great new project to put out, and one that you all could relate to with your own 'Showed me Love' person. We hope this song can be a dedication to those who have loved you through all of life's phases, like it has for us. 

Photo by: Justin Parrott

          If we raise our full goal of $5,000, we will be able to get our original song 'Showed me Love' fully produced. We will be paying the musicians, the mixer, the mastering, and the producer for his time. This will also include the photo and video shoot to go along with the song. This will help pay the photographer and their set hourly rate + their editing time, also the videographer and paying them for their editing time + hour to hour rate for recording video footage. 

          Any amount you feel comfortable pledging makes the world of difference- like we both said, its difficult asking for help but as independent musicians it's a reality we face to keep creating and making art the way we do. We created up some awesome prizes that we feel will really connect us and be fun/interactive. Hope to have your support and excited to share this project with you all! 

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