Allie Colleen, a Belmont University graduate from Owasso, Oklahoma performs with a style that is truly her own and she is no stranger to the music industry. Her passion for singing and songwriting since a young age has garnered her a reputation of being a notable songwriter with an iconic-sounding, impeccably strong voice that accents her Americana sound.  The room never fails to silence as Allie Colleen begins to sing about the layers of love and heart-break that have shaped her, including some of her newest songs with witty lyrics and a personal connection to the song.   "Work in Progress" introduces this youngest daughter of Garth Brooks and 23 year old potential total package Allie Collen, to the mainstream. 


Allie's work ethics come through as strong and showcase her deep values as she works along-side industry professionals. Her willingness to perform at venues in and around Nashville, along with national exposure opportunities, have honed her music skills. Allie's passionate drive and innovative vision set her apart from her peers, and have resulted in her music and videos going viral and capturing the attention of well-known radio show host Bobby Bones.


One of her original songs, Close Enough, gained more than 750k views on YouTube and her organic social media following has continued to increase. Her debut single, "Work In Progress" defines the life that's shaped her with personal lyrics and transparency in both the vocals and delivery. "Work in Progress" is a sweet sentiment regarding her introduction to the Music Industry co-written with hit songwriter Marcus Hummon and well known studio producer Greg Bieck.  Her current single "Along the Way" is available on all digital platforms.


Colleen co-wrote the song with Marcus Hummon, the hit songwriter behind the Dixie Chicks' "Cowboy Take Me Away" and Sara Evans' "Born to Fly," and studio engineer Greg Beick. Its lyrics admit that there's always room to grow without conceding long-term goals ("I'm the best I've even been, but not the best I'll ever be").

"When I walked in the studio that day with Marcus and Greg, Marcus already had the entire song structure minus the chorus when we all sat down," says Colleen in a press release. "For the first time I wasn't worried about how commercial the song was or what everyone else was going to think about the song. I was just honest. I think that is why we are so proud and excited to let you all in one who we are, as a work in progress."

To commemorate the single's release, Brooks shared a photo online of himself, Colleen and her  stepmother, Trisha Yearwood. "What a beautiful voice on your grandmother's birthday ... perfect," says Brooks in the photo caption.

Allie Colleen has released a personal and reflective insight to her behind the music video in support of her current single, "Along The Way.""I wanted to share with listeners a few of the reason's why I chose to release "Along The Way" and why the song means so much to me," expressed Allie Colleen. "We had so much fun recording this one and we hope that is shows!!"The tune was co-written by Allie Colleen and Steven McMorran. This song is all about loving a traveler, someone with an old soul, and a love for explanation. It is saying yes to the unknowns and focusing on the one thing that brings you together (love) as opposed to the hundreds of things that could tear you apart.

Yearwood shared the same photo, pointing even more ears to Colleen's single with an equally sweet caption: "From one work in progress to another, what a beautiful song and your voice sounds amazing!"


If the "Work in Progress" behind the song finds solo success, it'll come in part through the talents recognized by influential radio personality Bobby Bones and others, not just from her family and their loyal social media followers.


"Allie is a pure singer songwriter," Hummon adds. "Her inspiration moves effortlessly from her heart to her mind and out into the world, through her beautiful voice."

Allie Colleen is an amazingly talented songwriter and singer in her own rite that deserves your attention and notice .    With her beautifully strong voice and talents for writing and collaborating with professionals and her had work ethic, this young lady should be on everyone who loves Country Music list of whom to check out.  

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