Oklahoma native Amy Jack recently released her debut album "Introducing Amy Jack". With the helpful guidance of the iconic Merle Haggard and her expertise in the music industry she has established, Amy brings passion and heart to each of her songs, proving her music can bring together all corners of our culture.


Amy Jack was raised by a family who was highly involved in music. Her mother, grandmother and sister  all taught music.  Amy was raised a cowgirl growing up on a 200-acre ranch with Hereford cattle and quarter horses. In her youth she wanted to be a barrel racer and showed my cattle, cows, heifers, and steers. “I could ride horses with no bridle and my dad said that I had a way with animals, especially horses and cows. I really was a cowgirl and I worked very hard. I would work cattle on horseback and on foot, and I could carry a 65 pound feed sack when I weighed not much more than that,” she says with a laugh.

Jack majored in radio, television, film, and broadcast journalism at the University of Oklahoma in hopes of becoming a TV news reporter.   “One of my professors at OU used to be a movie director and suggested I go to Hollywood to pursue screenwriting”, Amy has stated.  But then she met Merle Haggard, and decided she wanted to be just like him.   She noticed that they had the same Oklahoma accent influence in their voices and it made her realize that this was true of a lot of Country singers. It was Merle who got Amy Jack excited about music and made her realize she wanted to be a singer.


Merle had built a million-dollar recording studio and  asked if she wanted to come record, and the rest is history!  Jack’s debut album “Introducing Amy Jack” was produced by Merle Haggard,  one of Amy Jack’s alltime idols. Working with the iconic Country superstar, she says, “Well, Merle was on another level. His gifts were from another world and his humility and grace was on just as high a level as his talent. And as far as I’m concerned, he was never wrong.”  

Some other influences for Amy Jack are Willie Nelson, Glen Campbell, Frank Sinatra, Roger Miller and Cher.  Amy Jack released a song called “LA’s Calling My Name” which inspires people to chase their dreams. If you watched the 2016 Olympics “Road to Rio” Tour or saw Fox Sports and ESPN Network’s intro feature for the 2016 March Madness Mavericks and Lakers game featuring Kobe Bryantand Dirk Nowitzki, you heard Jack’s song “For The Love Of The Game.” The song was also broadcast on major IHeart stations.


Amy has had also had the privilege to have her music played by the U.S. Olympic Committee in California and Texas, ESPN March Madness, the NCAA Rotary Lombardi Awards and FOXSports. This year, Amy Jack released her latest single called “March On”,  designed to give the basketball teams the confidence that they need to win.  Amy mentions that “I try to think of the good, honest people that I’ve been lucky to meet andknow and how they keep on moving forward. We all have some bad days, but there’s always someone going through it worse. Now we’ve lost people to this pandemic, it reminds us that every day is a gift.”


 Jack has the inside knowledge on music placement, which has landed her spots on several iHeart Media stations around the United States. Amy graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a B.A. in TV, Radio, and Film. She started out as an account executive for iHeart Media and Cumulus, which broadened her knowledge of music industry.  


With the help of Haggard, Amy Jack puts out songs from her heart. She is truly passionate about what she does and her new music is inspired by living life like Merle.  “He brought something new and fresh everyday."   Amy Jack wants her music to be fresh and inspirational, building people up.   That’s  Amy Jack's inspiration  to make new music as Amy herself believes that,  “Music is the most powerful mover in the world.


                                                                                              Written By: Kayden Gordon