Andrea Vasquez

Powerhouse vocals and unstoppable attitude combine in the petite package that is Andrea Vasquez. The Virginia native has blended her love of modern country and Latin-American roots to create a refreshing sound within the genre. Inspired by the likes of Carrie Underwood, Shania Twain, and the Dixie Chicks, Andrea has been crafting her unique sound since she was little.


Born in L.A. to an extremely musical family she started playing violin, piano and guitar at a young age which inspired her to also begin writing her own songs. A move back to California would become the catalyst to pursuing music. After finishing school, Andrea packed up for Nashville to realize her dream of a career in country music. In Nashville she released her first single "Sugar Coat" It which took Andrea on her first radio tour.


Visiting stations and playing in various new venues was a valuable experience that allowed her to expand her fan base. With a growing name in Music City, Andrea has played notable venues and shows in Nashville including The Basement and Whiskey Jam. The success has not gone unnoticed as she has signed to the U.S. based Arrow Music Agency for management which represents talent all across the globe. With a team behind her, undeniable stage presence and songs that match mainstream major quality, Andrea is quickly establishing herself within country music as one to watch. 

Following the successful release of her band new single in February entitled  "Now I’m Gone" the recently released video, shot explicitly in black and white, accentuates the acoustic video highlights and  the raw and honest lyrics of the single. “This song is definitely more personal than some of my other songs and so I wanted a stripped down version to just showcase what the song is and what it means”, says Andrea. “Since the recorded version of the song has so much dynamic to it, I wanted the acoustic video to just be me and a piano so that the lyrics could stand out and we were able to do just that.”

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