Andrew Beam

Andrew Beam, Country singer-songwriter has released his debut album titled "Selma by Sundown".  Produced by Joe Taylor, "Selma By Sundown" extends an invitation for listeners to get to know Andrew Beam. The album shares an inside look into his life as a former game warden turned Country singer-songwriter while also painting a picture of his home in the Lowcountry of South Carolina. 


A talented songwriter, Beam wrote or co-wrote all but two songs on the eleven-track album. "Selma By Sundown" is a classically Country album as it features Beam's deep, traditional vocals and essential themes of Country music, including experiencing heartbreak, finding love, drinking with friends, and, of course, staying true to one's roots. Though traditional, the album gives a fresh perspective as it showcases Beam's ability to produce honest songwriting, with many songs already being championed by fans at Beam's live shows. 


Beam spoke of the project in its entirety, explaining, “Selma by Sundown" is a collection of songs that run the gamut of  Traditional Country music.   We wanted to make a record that tipped the hat to the classics, all while bringing our sound to the nation."   Beam’s "Selma By Sundown" album comes on the heels of his previous single releases, “You Should See The Other Guy” and the title track “Selma By Sundown”. 


“Selma By Sundown” tells the story of a narrator driving a rig on a long journey returning to his home down South. As he completes the drive alone, he has time to reflect on life as well as love. The mid-tempo, classically Country track features Beam’s deep, traditional voice. With lyrics such as “I’ll be in Selma by Sundown been gone too long, I’ll be in Selma by Sundown and back to you by dawn,” the single paints a vivid picture for the listener.


Raised in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, Andrew Beam didn’t appreciate the simplicity of the one-stoplight town that’s since graduated to two. Growing up in that one-stoplight town shaped his outlook on life and continues to influence his songwriting. That Country state of mind has woven the trail of Beam’s life from his career in law enforcement to inevitable Country music singer.


Andrew Beam grew up surrounded by the culture that gave rise to so many great artists such as  Don Gibson Ronnie Milsap, Charlie Daniels,  Randy Travis,  Chet Atkins and Eric Church. The son of a Bluegrass picking preacher, Beam learned about roots music at its actual roots, Bluegrass festivals, church socials, and front porch get-togethers. 

An avid fisherman and serious bowhunter, Clemson University alum Beam was serving as a game warden with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources when a mutual friend introduced him to RCA Victor/Moonwatcher Records producer Joe Taylor. As a result of this meeting, the two became friends and musical partners, and Beam became a full-time writer and artist.   Says Taylor: “Andrew is the genuine article. Every word he writes and sings rings true, and every show he does is a journey to the real heartland of Country music. A rich, iconic American voice; unusual in such a young artist.”


Cut to present day, where Andrew Beam has built a strong fanbase in the Southeast, surrounded himself with a close group of loyal friends and associates, assembled an all-star band, and has released his first full length LP, "Selma by Sundown", now available on all streaming platforms.

As the saying goes "It don’t mean a thang, if it ain’t got that twang…" and Country music artist Andrew Beam comes by his honestly.  So, welcome to Beam Country….Beam like the whiskey, Country like the music!