Andrew Farriss

Prolific songsmith and Country and Americana singer/songwriter Andrew Farriss has now released his self-titled debut album, delivering  an adventurous full album with limited-edition, animated picture disc vinyl LP  . Taking fans around the world on a journey through nature, history, love, and cultural spirituality, Farriss has put his whole heart into this work of art and has come up with nothing short of a masterpiece.


Farriss is a creative, versatile, award-winning artist now embarking on an adventure to present his individual talents to the world. Not only did Farriss co-found the iconic INXS, but he was also the main songwriter, played the keyboard and guitar, and sang backup vocals for the band. His hard work has paid off as the group went on to be nominated for Grammy, Brit, MTV Music, and ARIA Awards.


Andrew on his own, has  also won producer of the year at the ARIA Awards and has written songs for various albums that have gone triple platinum. Native to Tamworth Australia, Farriss now splits his time between his home country and Nashville, Tennessee.   Farriss frequents the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville and makes a highly anticipated yearly appearance at Tamworth’s Country Music Festival in Australia. Nothing can stop Farriss’s creativity and this album is a roadmap of the numerous feats he has achieved.

Farriss shares his genuine talents as he shifts into genres that encapsulate all he stands for. Inspired by adventure, exploration, and more, the complete album is now available to download and stream on all digital platforms. With the lead single and music video release of “Run Baby Run” and another album track, “Good Momma Bad” premiering on Cowboys & Indians, there is no containing the potential of this stellar work.

“One of the reasons many people have warmed to Country music, is that it isn’t just happy songs,” says Andrew. “It is the sad songs; it is the gritty subjects that some genres of music won’t go near. That is something that attracts me as a songwriter. I don’t want to chase what train everyone else is on, I want to stay true to what I do as a songwriter, and keep a frontier sense of freedom. When I was putting the album together, I steered away from cliches, plus I wanted to put my own personality in it. If my album doesn’t sound like anyone else, then that is good.”

When creating this project, Andrew Farriss left no stone unturned. It was imperative to make a vinyl record like no other that reflects and provides not only a listening experience but a visual one as well. The vinyl, an original work of art in itself showcases a translucent record that comes to life with moving characters and breath-taking animation once it hits the turntable. The cover offers a classic “Western” feel that brings back the traditional qualities that albums once had, yet maintains a fresh new image to keep every collector wanting more.

“As well as digital, I was passionate about wanting my album released on vinyl as I think music on vinyl is tangible - physically attractive with the right artwork. To me this is important in the current digital music avalanche,” beams Farriss.


Building anticipation, Andrew previously shared three singles from his  debut. “Come Midnight,” released in 2019,  and has continued to build a strong following since it first received radio airplay. “Good Momma Bad,” released at the start of 2020, solidified Andrew’s new musical direction and garnered further acclaim. His latest single, “Run Baby Run,” hit airwaves in March 2021. Prior to COVID-19, Andrew’s solo debut was initially flagged for release in March 2020. However, that was put on hold for 12-months. In that time, Andrew released a five-track EP, ‘Love Makes The World’, that spawned two hit singles, the title track which recently took the #5 spot on the Australian Country chart, and “All The Stars Are Mine.”

When it came to penning the tracks for the album, Farriss had looked within and through personal experience, writing a collection of songs that bring to life stories of outlaws, freedom, cowboys, love, and paints vivid imagery of gun-slinging bandits, Australian history, and international cultural spirituality. With no INXS touring plans in the immediate future, and an abundance of original material in his songbook, Andrew has now launched a solo career that sees him taking aim at  Country and Americana genres and this is only the beginning.

“I love writing songs and telling stories that hopefully resonate with people. I have not followed any trends or formulas creating these songs. What I have written and recorded is different. I like different, different is good."

Country music fans are always looking for talents the likes of Andrew Farriss possesses and put forward in his newly released album.   Expect that Andrew Farriss will soon be as well known in Nashville and America as he is in Australia.   

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