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Hillary Reese

Meet  Hillary Reese,   a 13 year old Country singer who hails from Mississippi.   Hillary credits her residency in Mississippi,  "her whole life"  with  influencing her choice of genre by giving her  a true Country music  foundation.


Hillary describes her music as old school Country/Rock with an edge that includes a good blend of both new and some old.  "I kind of discovered music through the radio and shows like Hannah Montana!" which she credits for  awakening her strong passion for singing. 

Describes her music as raw, Country, and ambitious.  Hillary’s sound and lyrics pay homage to the icons of the past, connecting with the fans of the prior generations while simultaneously appealing to today’s younger generation with a new-school edgy sound. Her music emphasizes fun, fury and tradition all-in-one and reflects the impact and influence that artists from multiple genres have  birthed in her.

Artists that Hillary looks up to include, Carrie Underwood, Loretta Lynn, and many more. Strong women in Country music whom Hillary feels tell her that you should never give up and that you should always stay true to yourself. When the youngster was 8 years old, she was heart broken when she did not make the choir, but she looked to her influences finding strength in their struggles.   


She started then  at 8 years old by making videos and putting them on Facebook.  The videos somehow got noticed by over a million people,  "Which still blows my mind" according to Hillary. " I started posting videos of me singing covers on Facebook and that helped boost my career a little bit. After the success of the videos I was introduced to Kent Wells who has been Dolly Parton’s lead guitarist and producer of 28 years."


Hillary was then enrolled at “Rock U 2 Academy of Popular Music”.  There she  learned to sing, play guitar, and play the piano. Once  Hillary  started taking lessons and performing, she was hooked and it was all that she wanted to do.   " I get nervous all of the time. I think nerves keep you humble and show that you’re a normal person. I just deal with them by being prepared and telling myself that I’m prepared," Hillary honestly discloses. 

With the timely release of her single  last June, “When the Smoke Clears" she calls out to  the world  to come together,  "As one and realizing we are all the same. It’s a song I knew was going to be magical from the beginning. I was honored to write with Tamara Stewart and I think we came up with something really special!" 


Hillary's  single  “Wildfires”  was co-written with Liz-Anne Hill.   The song again deals with social issues describing  rumors and gossip, "Something I think everyone can relate to,"  Hillary states, unfortunately.  Where does  such a young person get the insight that she has accumulated, well of course from the greatest influence and impact in her life, God. " I truly believe we can do anything through Him and he has guided me on this crazy journey," she states faithfully. 

With the past year being curtailed by COVID, Hillary spent much of her time in the studio writing and recording her own original songs with Kent Wells. She has been blessed with opportunity to record her vocals at the Dark Horse Recording Studio, which has clients such as  Taylor Swift, Keith Urban, Carried Underwood and many more.


There is no stopping Hillary Reese now.   "Y’all can expect a bunch of new music this year! I’m also going on a tour called the S.O.S. Tour. It stands for Stand up, Own up, and Speak up. The tour is all about advocating for at risk youth and mental health. I am so honored and proud to be apart of this tour," Hillary gushes. 

Look forward to big things from the multi-talented and old soul (despite her tender age) Hillary Reese as she continues her climb to stardom in Country Music.

Follow Hillary at @officialhillaryreese