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Annie Vander

"Falling into Nashville" is the latest single release from tenacious Country music newcomer Annie Vander who is spreading joy all over Nashville.   "Falling Into Nashville", which continues to get great traction at Country radio, charted in the Top 5 streaming when the song was officially released in June of 2022 with Annie in great company, alongside Lady A, Midland and Dan & Shay.  This song was also in the Top 18 Most Downloaded songs on PlayMPE, coming in right after Brett Eldredge with his release "Songs About You". She also recently wrapped up a successful radio tour in support of this single and received a warm welcome from every station. 


"Falling into Nashville" was released after an accident that caused so many major obstacles, worry, pain and heartache for Vander, wherein she found music to be a happy and safe place through it all.   For Annie the song resonated that, "I guess I just wanted to send a message out to people, that no matter what they are going through in life, to remember that they can get lost in music to help celebrate, be sad for a few more minutes or to find what it is they need in that moment. Music has helped me to find strength, comfort and so much more and I just wanted to share that message with the world. 


Produced by Lauren Hayes Media, the fun video for "Falling into Nashville"  is the epitome of sunshine and encouragement in music form. While showcasing the Nashville skyline as well as other prominent and well-known locations around Music City, this song talks about how she overcame hardships on her journey.  As Annie has stated, “I wanted to show my fans that no matter what obstacles may come your way, always chase your dream.  This is what Nashville is all about. I love everything about it and I’m living my dream.”   Her debut single, "Trust Me", was released in 2021.   


Annie Vander an Illinois native had a passion for making music, but life led her in a different direction to begin with. Her life-changing accident, CRPS diagnosis, and unforeseen obstacles changed the trajectory of her career forever. Inspired by 90s Rock, Pop, and modern Country, Annie has shaped her own unique sound and image. She spends her time performing at local venues and hosting open mic nights for artists of all types at various places in Illinois.


“Officially,” she started in the 5th grade, like most kids in my school by playing clarinet and singing in the school choir. Also, her mother's joy of music, as she sang through the house while she did her housework, was just infectious as she had a  gorgeous voice.   Vander  did sort of put music down for a bit after she there were bills to pay and pursuing music didn't seem like something that was practical at that time. But, after an accident in 2019 that changed her career path, and some time off during the first Covid lockdown, she started singing again and began writing her own music.

When Annie is  not working on music you will find her helping out at a family owned company. Having spent most of her adult life working for small businesses, one of her own included, the family environment makes her happy as it is all about community for Vander. 

Currently Vander lives  in Yorkville, Illinois where a group of friends  have an unspoken "Friday Dinner" that happens almost every week.  The story ideas behind my songs have been pulled from events in her life, including my latest single, "Falling Into Nashville"  when she  literally fell in front of her neighbor's house.  As Annie questions, "Who would have ever thought that such an event would lead me back to music in a huge way?".

Vander had always been drawn to music and it is something she has wanted to pursue since she was young. Never thinking it would become a reality for her,  she worked in the veterinary field, as a technician, for many years and then had her own business working with animals.   However after her accidental fall in the winter of 2019, her whole world was turned upside down and that changed her life’s trajectory.  The  fall resulted in a shattered wrist and cancellation of plans that were two years in the making, with Annie facing surgery to repair her injury. The doctors said Vander should be better in about 6–8 weeks after the surgery, but that wasn’t the case. From this injury, she developed a disorder called CRPS (Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome). This condition has been nicknamed the ‘suicide disease’ because of the extreme pain. It took her until October of the same year to finally get back to working and living normally again. Annie is now in remission, and for the most part, now pain free.

Because of the length of recovery time, Vander had to stop her pet care business and close its doors after 7 years. But just like the line in her latest single "Falling Into Nashville" states, “But I strapped up my boots, and I dug in my roots, had to find a brand-new way to get through the day,” so she picked up the pieces and followed her heart to Music City.


For Annie one of the biggest rushes in her music journey  was, "Finding out when one of my songs broke the Top 100 on the Music Row Chart for the first time, while I was in the middle of my first radio tour. I am so grateful that my music has been so well received!! I remember opening the email while sitting in my car, next to the last station on the route for the week and thinking… OMG … this is really happening!! I am still a little surprised and I don’t think I will ever forget that moment." 

With the grit and determination to move mountains and the endless talent she exudes, Annie Vander is the real deal.  Annie now realizes that she was always meant for making music, so she is making that dream come true and inspiring fans along the way.