Sandra North started her early musical years in Sweden, singing in church choirs and school ensembles. It was clear at a very young age that singing, dancing and performing was all she wanted to do. She slowly worked her way into the music scene by booking bands and artists for music festivals and doing various production work on TV shows. In 2015 she finally took the step to move to Los Angeles and pursue her dreams of developing herself as an artist. 

Although raised in the far north of Scandinavia, Sandra quickly discovered her love for Country music. Small town life, big dreams, hardships and heartbreaks all appear reflected in her music and writing. After performing around LA for the past 4 years Sandra has established herself well in the Country scene in California. She is currently collaborating with numerous musicians to continue to grow and create her own music.


Upon teaming up with guitarist and singer/songwriter Juan Abella the songs started coming! Debut single "Try Again" was released on Sept 6th 2019 and made it's way to number 1 on the Swedish radio show "P4 Sörmland's Top 5" it's very first week. It managed to stay charted in the Top 5 for an amazing total of 15 weeks.


The highly anticipated second single "Same Story 'Bout a Broken Heart" was released on Feb 7th 2020. It's upbeat Country/Rock character reflects a new side of her artistry and writing and speaks of disappointments in life and love. With radio airplays all over the world in Scandinavia, Europe, Australia and the US and two song nominations for music awards the success was a fact. Interviews and podcasts overseas in Sweden also lead to a live stream with the West Coast Country Festival this summer alongside established artists such as Jamie Meyer & Jay Smith. The song also remained 10 weeks in the Australian Country Thunder Top 20 and received a certificate of attainment. 

With the release of her 3rd single "You" on July 17th, she retained her focus on recording and finishing up the new songs. The songwriting partnership with Juan Abella keeps going and they're aiming to have the first EP out by mid fall of 2020. It's a promising new year and there's a lot in the making for this country girl. Stay tuned! The journey has just begun for Sandra North. 

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