With over thousands of  followers across her social media platforms, this rising artist is stamping her name on Country music. With a Top 40 hit under her belt, chart-topping singles, over  several hunderd thousand  combined streams just on Spotify, a golden ticket to Idol, and many more noteworthy accolades, this PA native has been receiving positive feedback from radio and press. 


Renowned music critic  Robert K. Oermann  said “I’ve liked everything she’s ever put out so far…she’s a master chef as a singer…” She has she appeared and performed at legendary venues such as the Bluebird Café, the Wildhorse Saloon and The Listening Room as well as the home of the Grand Ole Opry — radio station WSM-AM, and taken part in multiple Country Radio Seminar opportunities and also CMA Music Festivals with performances and autograph signings.


She has also followed in the footsteps of Country music icons, Rascal Flatts and Charlie Daniels by joining The Jason Foundation as their first national teen ambassador. This foundation is dedicated to the prevention of youth suicide by raising awareness through education and empowerment.  By teaming up with the foundation, Bailey has been able to spread their mission to the forefront and has partnered with them for their Won’t Be Silent and their Tennessee Won’t Be Silent social media campaign with the release of her personal song, "I Won’t Be Silent". 

After the continued streaming success of her last single Train Wreck, soulful teen artist Bailey James shows her versatility and emotional maturity in her brand-new single "I Feel A Sin". As she continues to connect with her listeners through vulnerable lyrics and relatable storytelling,    Produced by Leland Grant (Chris Young), "I Feel A Sin" was written by Bailey alongside one of her favorite female writers, Kelli Johnson. “Being the teenager that I am, I was in a phase where I just wanted to rebel. I wanted a cool slanky song that had a dark edge to it,” says Bailey as she opens up about the inspiration behind this song. “It was time to showcase a different part of me and the song just poured right out.”


Bailey defies genre boundaries as she ventures  even revealing some gospel undertones and complementing her powerhouse vocals. One of her favorite lines in the song is “call me a sinner or just don’t call me anymore.”  "I Feel A Sin" embodies self-reflection and acceptance, demonstrating Bailey’s emotional depth and advanced maturity as a young artist. These confessing lyrics leaves chills and a sense of integrity within the listener. “It’s a song about growing up and finding yourself, and pushing the boundaries you’ve known your entire life."

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