Betsy Nelson

Betsy Nelson was born in Canoga Park, California, and as a toddler moved with her family to her father’s hometown Ava, Missouri, USA. Betsy is the second of the 5 children of Buck and Stephanie Nelson. She enjoyed childhood on a small farm, where her father worked at a local factory and her mother stayed home to raise their 5 children. Buck sang George Jones and Hank Williams and classic country songs wherever he went, whether he was working, fishing or just relaxing. He sang gospel tunes with his brothers for Sunday specials at church and singings. Stephanie sang to the children at home, played the piano, and taught her family every genre of music so they would have a love for different styles and sounds, and she loved singing at church. Betsy and her cousins would regularly sing together at church, and her favorite song was This Little Light Of Mine.

Betsy was in music and choir every year of school and received excellent and superior marks at regional and state competitions. After high school, Betsy married and raised a family of 5 children. She sang at special events with her brother Tom and her mom for several local churches. She won a local talent show at Poke Salad Days festival singing Mary Chapin-Carpenters Down At The Twist And Shout. After readjusting to single life in her mid-30’s, she ran a karaoke system in south-central Missouri 6 nights a week.

One day, she went to a local new recording studio in Ava, where she fell in love with her future husband, Dan Herrell. After recording 2 songs, she began working at the studio, singing background vocals for clients, producing a talent show, and joining Dan’s band. In 2020, Betsy accepted an invitation from Curt Ryle to sign on with Black Ribbon Records, and has recorded her first album, I Ain’t In The Mood To Talk, and has 3 videos for 3 of the songs. Her lifelong dream came true. She recorded a song and a video for a Veteran’s album that will be released by The V Inc. in October, 2021, and all profit goes to our veterans.

She and Dan have been living the country dream, recording now at their country home in the Ozark Mountains, playing live shows in the Missouri and Arkansas area, and looking forward to entertaining with their lively and classic country shows along with the Jam Dandy Band. Dan and Betsy share 6 children and have 18 grandchildren.