With a contemplative soul and a charming and down-to-earth personality, Mark Taylor has always seen music as a constant companion that continuously evolves through the eras of his life. With many accomplishments already under his belt, Mark is one to watch for as he takes the Country music scene by storm.  Mark is gearing up to release his full-length album later this year while also currently on the road, performing about 70 dates in the east coast this summer including spots in Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, Pennsylvania and North Carolina.


Following  the success of his debut single "Buzzed On A Boat",  Mark  brings the heat with his new song release "I’m Down".   The is the perfect single  to flip on and lighten the mood during a hot summer night and like all of Mark Taylor's music is available on all streaming platforms now.  Written by Mark, "I’m Down" opens with an electric guitar riff which is featured throughout the single, that also includes  an intriguing melody, superb instrumentation, and lighthearted relatable lyrics.   Mark’s style continues his fusion  the storytelling of Country with a contemporary influence, putting his own spin on  uptempo modern Country spin.

"I’m Down", references recalling good times, missing the company of a past ex and insinuating  getting back together. Putting the past behind, and focusing on the good memories, Mark smoothly sings his clever and easy-to-follow lyrics. Mark is continues to reveal a fresh approaches to his music with "I'm Down" making you want to get up and dance.

Earlier this year on May 28th 2021,  Mark Taylor released his debut single “Buzzed on a Boat".   This song is so fun!  "As soon as I remembered I wrote this, I knew it had to be the first single. Every time I show it to someone new, they smile. Especially coming out of a dark time for many people, this song brings joy to folks that are ready to hit the beach, get on their fishing boats, and enjoy the summer sun!" Mark commented.   Mark's passion for music has been lifelong for Mark Taylor and a labor of love


Born in Richmond, Virginia but raised in a suburb of Baltimore, Mark was fully engrossed in music as his career path from a very young age. “I was always intrigued by music,” he says. “I grew up playing alongside my biggest musical influence, my father.”   With his fingertips on the strings of a guitar when he was just 2 years old, taking the stage when he was only 6, and performing in his first professional show when he was 13,  Mark  was hooked.


Continuing  to play at any and all venues that would let him in the door, and with the incredible amount of support from his family, there was no way Mark Taylor wouldn’t succeed. “My mom was the one who would drop me off at venues before I could even drive. She would wait in the bar, restaurant, club, whatever is was, and cheer me on louder than anyone.” All of this love gave Mark the confidence he needed to go on and play his hometown notable venues such as Rams Head Live and the Ottobar.


Mark's  endless dedication and continued performances throughout the Baltimore area led him to open for famed artists including ACM and CMA winner Big & Rich, Matt Dylan, and rapper Wiz Khalifa. As he conquers the stages, he books himself and has already completed five tours of 150+ shows.  With his obvious passion for  music, he still describes himself as a lifelong learner.   Mark Taylor will be graduating with honors from Wake Forest University in the Tar Heel State of NC next year all while keeping up with his busy tour schedule every weekend.

Although Mark's songwriting process is usually very personal and intimate, it was different for "Buzzed on a Boat".  According to Mark, "”Buzzed on a Boat” was the opposite which is why I love this song so much. My Mom and Sister kept telling me, “You need a write a song called “Buzzed on a Boat” for roughly 5 months. We were on a beach in Southwest Florida one day and my sister finally said, “Well I guess you aren’t good enough to do it then, huh?” And that made me write it. I wrote it in about 15 minutes without any instruments, just guessing my way through chord changes, until I found what I wanted. I completely forgot about the song until the album was nearly completed and I sent it over to my producer…and 2 weeks later, the track was finished. Crazy how things happen!"


This whirlwind lifestyle of studying for finals, on stage performing, writing new material, studio  work laying down vocals, playing the guitar, tickling the ivories, playing the drums or even the ukulele, Mark Taylor combines the sound of modern Country and Classic Rock creating  his  own unique style.  He also continues to draw Inspiration from the greats such as The Allman Brothers Band, the Eagles, Jake Owen, Mitchel Tenpenny and Thomas Rhett.


While playing over a thousand shows so far, the thrill of getting on stage never gets old for Mark. He thrives for the moments when he connects with the fans.   “My job is to make someone’s day a little better. People come to escape their own lives and problems temporarily and listen to music. As a performer, it’s my job to do my best and to ensure that the crowd is loving the show. I thrive off of the feeling of being on stage and having people sing the words to my songs back at me,” Mark shares. 


When Mark isn’t attached to his six string or on the road performing, this charismatic artist is also an avid golfer and enjoys restoring old guitars. “As a music teacher for kids, I was always struggling to find guitars that worked for them, so I decided to find them at local thrift stores and bring them back to life for my students to love.” Whether it’s fixing up guitars for kids, restoring old classics like a recent 1950s guitar, or just doing repairs, “each guitar tells a different story which is something I think is unique to music,” Mark says respectfully. 


Mark demonstrates his passionate determination day in and day out in everything he does. His recent success is only the beginning of what is sure to be a long and prolific career. With his sights set on the rest of this year, national touring and releasing new music, it is only a matter of time before Mark Taylor becomes a household name.