Brandon Mills

ABC The Bachelor's Brandon Mills gives his audience a chance to look into his heart with a new music video for his recent single "Glistening". Brandon Mills is an American singer-songwriter and cast member of The Bachelor Presents, "Listen To Your Heart". The video released July 2nd with a premiere on Music Crowns and the song "Glistening"  was released June 1st, on all digital streaming and download outlets.

Brandon Mills new music video for “Glistening” will have your heart aching for that special someone. This creatively produced video reminds us that daydreams are just as powerful as the ones we encounter whilst asleep. As the footage begins, we find Mills on the beach at dawn, sheltering comfortably from the cold. As he sings about fading back to sleep, viewers will be uncertain whether the scene is in Mills’ dreams or if it is happening in real life. This adds to the allure and gentleness of “Glistening”. He embraces a sweetheart as dawn breaks causing them to awake. As the pair sit together first, and then stroll along the sand it is evident that this is a moment in time they’d like to stay in forever.

"We were very inspired by films such as "The Revenant" and "BirdMan" with the director's use of single camera, one take shots, and decided to make this the focus of our video. No special editing, no hair and make-up.  Just simple, honest, real love, with all its raw, imperfect challenges and beauty," states Brandon Mills.   


This song is a story about finding new love, waking up next to someone that truly sees you, accepts you, and supports you unconditionally.  Brandon has so often discovered deep complexities of his soul in nature, especially in and around the ocean.  He felt the beach would be the perfect atmosphere to expose this new relationship from the perspective of the songwriter. As Brandon sings, "With your soft cheeks upon my chest...", the camera pans to the partner lying next to him on the sand. After they rise to greet the day, we finally turn towards the ocean as the lovers embrace to watch the sunrise. They are embarking on a new chapter of their lives together, and supporting one another with the excitement and expectation of a bright future. 

We can all relate to days that feel like dreams.  What would you  choose as a memory to be frozen in, what moment would that be? Perhaps it would be a day at the beach  or a morning breakfast  with a lover. Whatever the moment may be, Mills in "Glistening" will remind you of  your most cherished memories. Memories of when you are truly, “Glistening."" 

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