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Becci Nethery

Becci Nethery is a 24 year old singer / songwriter / recording artist who was born in Chillagoe, Far North Queensland.  BECCI is a multi-award-winning singer/songwriter with her accolades including winning  the 2017 Tamworth Country Music Awards. It was the award for "Australia’s Breakthrough Artist Of The Year".  Becci Nethery's latest release “Feels Like Home” is a song written by Becci for people just like her, those who have moved away to pursue their dreams and miss their hometowns and families.

Becci herself moved away from home at 17 to pursue university studies in Sydney where she has remained, living, working and producing music. Her home and family are a massive part of her life and creative process, so she regularly tries to visit back home once a month, however COVID has restricted that number to just two visits in two years.   “I moved to Sydney at 17 and really have missed my home, I’ve built a life here and I love it but I love coming home,” Becci said.  

“The song is about feeling so welcome and at home in Chillagoe, there will also be a glimpse into my childhood and the people that I love at home.  “I do love it here, but I also really miss my family."

With such a strong connection to home also comes a strong feeling of homesickness, something that is a main theme of the single.  “Anyone who has moved away from their family for any reason will be able to relate to this single,” Becci said.  “That feeling of coming home to family and being somewhere you truly belong is so important.  “I really hope people can see that and they can get a glimpse into who I am as well.”   The new song will also be featuring on an upcoming album with a release date yet to be announced.


Becci is especially excited to release this single during these hard times as she has only been able to go home once in the past 20 months. She hopes that with this song, the people of Chillagoe are reminded how much she loves and misses them and how wonderful it will be when she can finally come home.

At the young age of 8 she began guitar lessons from her Grandfather and Auntie and later developed a love for performing. From a musical family, music has been Becci’s passion from early in her life, especially Country Music.  Becci attended St Monica’s College in Cairns and later was accepted into the Academy of Music and Performing Arts (AMPA) in Sydney, where she completed her Bachelor of Contemporary Performance.


Becci's single,"Can't Just Kiss You",  from her album, "Beautiful Life" is a Byron Hill/ Jennifer Schott co-write. The  song was the third single from her album with number #1 success with her album boasting Tasmanian Independent Country Music Awards 2016: 'National Country Album of the Year', and  topped the Tasmanian charts.  "Can't Just Kiss You" is a beautiful Byron Hill song which I fell in love with ... I think it's a simple yet beautiful take on love ... I'm so proud that I got to record it," stated Becci. 


Becci recorded her first CD with Producer/Engineer Greg Williams from Tamworth Recording Suite. Called "Livin' In A Love Song", the CD showcased two original songs, "Walk Away" and "I Wrote This One For You". The CD also included two first-release Nashville songs, "Didn't I" and "Livin' In a Love Song", the CD’s title track.  "Here I Go" a Becci original, and her 5th single and the 3rd from her album, "Beautiful Life".   That single followed Becci’s four #1 Tasmanian hits which also were top 30 Australian Country Tracks Chart successes.  

In the past, pre-pandemic she had travelled all over Eastern Australia for festivals and gigs and made regular trips back to FNQ to visit family and perform. Beccis brand new single ‘Feels Like Home’ was released to all major platforms on 15th October 2021. Produced at the Vault Studio in Sydney, this will be the first track lifted from her upcoming third album (of all original songs or co-writes).

With this “love song” to her hometown, she aims to capture the vivid and beautiful scenes from her childhood and tell the story of how much she misses her family and the indescribable feeling of belonging that comes with going home. Co-written with the incredible David Carter, they have shaped this song into the passionate ballad that it has become, encapsulating so much emotion and gravity into the lyrics and melody.   

Becci now continues to  reside in Sydney, where she teaches music to people from ages 7 – 70 and loves passing on her passion for performance and songwriting.

That understanding of performance, not to mention musicality,  is evident in Nethery’s new single, ‘Feels Like Home’. While the lyrics tell us about her home,  Nethery’s delivery of them really conjures the experience of being there, as she would feel it. When she sings that it feels like home, we can actually understand and feel  the warmth, security and reassurance of a place that feels like home.


In that way it’s not only a song about Becci Nethery's home,  it could be a song about any home, so that the listener can find their own sense of home within it.