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Brenda Cay harvests her country twang in her newest hit, “Drunk on Country Songs”.   Brenda has kept busy through the COVID-19 pandemic, working on new music and connecting with her exceptionally dedicated fanbase. They’ve even given her 2020 EP “Fragile Like a Bomb” more than a million streams.   “Drunk on Country Songs” is Cay’s third single of 2021, following previous tracks “Alone With You” and “Wherever You Are” that have also received critical acclaim.


“Drunk on Country Songs” is bluesy and comical,  making jest of a classic night out at the bar.   This fun new track captures Cay’s clever lyricism and ability to pinpoint experiences and emotions in an authentic and relatable way.   With lines like, “Sippin on relationships on the rocks” and “when it’s watered down, it gets too weak” will cause chuckling out loud, as you reminisce  about nights at the bar where you’ve may have had a few too many drinks.

This instant Country hit encapsulates elements of 12 bar blues and classic guitar walkdowns that bring out the almost satirical theme of this song. The steady swinging drum beat coupled with masterful piano is a refreshing change to a lot of the Country artists currently on the charts. And this makes sense as Brenda Cay is inspired by well respected artists such as Kenny Chesney, Terri Clark, and Sara Evans.


Brenda’s passion for music has caused her to push the envelope more than once. Whether it was sneaking a listen to her big brother’s records when he wasn’t around or getting pulled over by the police for wearing her sunglasses at night with the windows down and the tunes cranked, music has always been a way that Brenda discovers new ideas and connects to her feelings. To her own enjoyment (and the dismay of others around her), she’ll practice the same line to a song over and over or have one song streaming while singing another. While this might seem weird to a normal person, this plays perfectly into her everyday life as a singer/songwriter.


Brenda focuses on Country music and her songs are crafted with subtle hints of Pop, Rock, and R&B which reflect influences from artists Kenny Chesney, Terri Clark and Sara Evans. She states, “Sometimes there’s something deep on my heart that I need to share and other times there’s a shot of whiskey begging me to tell it’s story with a fun melody.”


The musicality of Cay's song  "Wherever You Are", with its classic Country ballad feel makes for a beautiful and nostalgic journey.  Lyrics like, “Watched you build Lego towers with tiny hands” and “I’m so proud of the man that you’ve become,” Brenda could move any parent to tears.   Brenda is a perfect example of an artist who will leave a legacy of clever lyricism, complete with relatable sincerity. “I wrote this song after my son told me he was leaving home for a new job on the west coast.  Writing the lyrics was my way of working through all of the hard emotions and preparing to say goodbye…for now,” Cay explained. 

“Wherever You Are” was probably Cay's  most challenging song to write because there were so many emotions that she felt she was experiencing.  "I was happy for my son because he was pursuing his dream and there’s nothing better than that. At the same time, I knew I would miss him and life would be very different as I will only get to see him in person once or twice a year. This song was my way of letting him know how much I love him so I felt a lot of pressure to write it in a way that he would like it. He’s not a big fan of country music so I wrote this on my keyboard hoping to give it a bit of a different feel. It’s the first time I’ve written on keyboard so that was challenging too, but in the end I really liked the way it turned out," Cay said.  

Brenda had no idea that it would be her songwriting that would forge the path for her to sign with Heart Songs Records in 2020. After signing, she released her "Fragile Like a Bomb" EP which was exclusively premiered on Pro Country. It garnered 12 licensing deals and had two tracks featured on Apple Music Hot Tracks (Country). The EP currently has over 1.9 million Spotify streams. She kicked 2021 off strong with two follow-up singles, “Alone With You,” and “Wherever You Are,” which have over 650K streams and the corresponding videos have 100K views.


Brenda was nominated for Song of the Year in 2019 at the Josie Awards for her single, “Joe,” in the Americana/Bluegrass category. She is a member of ASCAP, AMA & The Trop Rock Music Association.  Brenda says, “I’m ready to serve up my songs to the world and will continue working with other artists and bands on their song material. I love to engage with my fans and hope that my listeners will get to know me through my songs and enjoy the ride with me as a writer and artist. Just remember not to wear your sunglasses at night.”

A Maryland-native Brenda Cay grew up alongside the eastern Shore, originally starting off as a CPA.  Brenda Cay has now established herself as a reputable songwriter and artist in Music City, USA. Focusing  on  the Country music genre allows Brenda Cay to tell the stories of life that need to be portrayed and heard.    Escaping the stresses of daily life and having fun are common themes, but Brenda Cay is unafraid to tackle more serious song topics that are relatable, diverse and she weaves them like a true Country music storyteller.