Kristen Kae

With a fire in her soul, real life lyrics delivered with authentic southern charm, newcomer Kristen Kae is without question a star-in-the-making. This Kentucky Girl has been working in Nashville, Tennessee pursuing her career in Country music. Some of her musical influences are Reba, Miranda and  Dolly.   Kristen delivers her music with the spirit of Reba, the confidence of Miranda and she delights her audience with her contagious happy disposition, just like Dolly!

Kristen Kae has become a well-known name and voice within the ever-growing Country music scene in Nashville and beyond in recent times thanks to her involvement in the inspirational, and empowering women fronted band The Highway Women.  And as her star continues to rise as a part of the uplifting group who always look to motivate and inspire those around them, Kristen is now ready to take another giant step toward global chart success this time as a solo artist as she readies the release of brand new single ‘She’s Not Me’.

Kristen's  gritty, authentic  and powerful vocal delivery and phenomenal job layering her classic Country sound in  “She’s Not Me” produces the epitome of today’s Country/Pop, and is a must to be add to any playlist.  “She’s Not Me,” produced by Bonnie Dymond (Warner Chappell)  and was written by Kristen Kae along with Bonnie Dymond and Lizzie Cates.   These women have  channeled some of today’s greatest women in Country such as Miranda Lambert, Reba McEntire, and Gabby Barrett.   Instrumentation is steller, with a catchy chorus along with skilled guitar riffs.  

Fear not though,  despite pursuing solo projects, Kristen Kae is still very much an integral part of The Highway Women with a big part of their global appeal being that they are unafraid to let group members spread their wings in order to nurture various musical dreams apart from their joint ventures.  And Kae has taken that freedom to explore other possibilities within the music industry to craft ‘She’s Not Me’ which will be officially dropped on January 15th ushering in a brand new era for the multi-talented Country-Pop performer who effortlessly crosses genres throughout the standout track.


Kristen  released her debut single “Just Watch Me” on November 8th, 2019 which was co-written and produced by Justine Blazer (Nashville).​   With the release of her lyric video she  brought  her song to life and inspired all women and young girls to chase their dreams. “Just Watch Me” is a bold declaration of a strong young woman who won’t take “No” for an answer.


Kristen Kae’s command of the lyric composition showcases her talent for writing. “Just Watch Me” left no doubt that Kristen Kae is a power to be reckoned with as she delivered her message with a charming smile and a devilish laugh. “Just Watch Me” sending  a positive message of grit, determination and unwavering self-confidence in the face of commonly held skepticism within the music industry.  Kristen Kae’s powerful vocals paired with a softer chorus highlights her incredible vocal range and diverse versatility as an artist.

Kristen Kristen said ,”I wanted to write the song, so I co-wrote the song with Justine Blazer (Nashville) who also produced the song. I brought the lyric and concept to the table and Justine brought in the melody and fine tuning. It was important to me that my first single be a reflection on how serious I am about my career in the music industry. This is my response to anyone who ever told me that I don’t have enough talent to make it in the music business. Here I am, Just Watch Me!”


Kristen Kae in just one of those artist that leaves you wanting more with her powerhouse vocals and energy, and more she delivers in "She's Not Me". 

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