Country rock songwriter and musician Bryan Fox recently premiered a brand new song called “Rise” by way of a powerful concept video aimed at drawing awareness about an ever-growing societal problem: domestic abuse. “Rise” was co-written by former Uncle Kracker guitarist and personal friend, Kevin McCreery, whom Fox has performed and written songs with since 2005. The message behind the song is as powerful as the guitar riff McCreery wrote, yet pretty straightforward to those who feel trapped in abusive relationships,  “Rise” up and get out.

“The song started off as an idea from Kevin,” Fox explains. “He told me about a guitar riff he came up with, and how he thought I would be perfect to collaborate with to finish it up. One day I received a voicemail of him playing what he had written, and explaining some ideas that he had for the vocal melody.”  Sadly, Kevin McCreery passed away in September of 2017 after enduring a battle with cancer, and before Fox was able to lay the formal ground work on developing his idea for the song.   “This made my job even harder,” said Fox. “I didn’t want to let my friend down, and have our last song together be a dud,” Bryan explained. 

So Fox went to Nashville’s House of Blues Studios to record the song with veteran studio producer Malcolm Springer (Collective Soul, Matchbox Twenty, Boz Skaggs) at the helm of production, someone Fox has recruited for many of his recorded projects over the years.

“Rise” marks the third recorded collaboration together between Bryan Fox & Kevin McCreery, although they played together far more often. Their first song they wrote together, “Gasoline,” released in 2016, is another country-tinged, southern rock song whose video became quite popular on YouTube, garnering over 500,000 views. Their second song became the title track of Fox’s second album as a country artist, “It’s Gonna Be That Kind of Night.”

“Some of my favorite country songs ever are the ones with very strong female heroines,” Fox explains. “The kind that don’t take shit from anyone! Both Kevin and I were both fathers to daughters, and I loved the idea of lyrically creating a story line that would provide a very strong message. Together, the song and video creates a powerful awareness of the reality of domestic violence. I look forward to the possibility of bringing attention to this widespread problem, and inspiring abuse victims to ‘rise’ up and make a change!”

Bryan Fox himself exploded onto the Louisville music scene when he became the first unsigned artist in a decade to place a single in regular rotation on Louisville rock radio. "Yes" was the #1 song for 8 weeks straight on WLRS airplay.   With features in such publications such as R&R and Kings of A&R,  Bryan and his band, "End of Me" came  to the attention of virtually every major Rock label.    The buzz also reached producer Malcolm Springer (Matchbox 20, Collective Soul), who called Bryan "one of the greatest songwriters around," as well as Rob Stevenson (Island/Def Jam), who said of the projects: "Every song is a hit!"


Bryan and End of Me started the recording process with 10Inch Records (Island/Def Jam), and completed 4 songs before the now-historic shakeup in the Rock music industry left the entire label team in shambles. Other opportunities quickly arose, but the disappointment had taken its toll on the bands collective enthusiasm. End of Me disbanded, and Bryan was left to consider his future. Bryan's songwriting had been leading him in another direction for some time,  toward Country Music and he was committed to following that lead.


It was an easy transition, more like an evolution, as Bryan describes it, "I was raised in small-town Kentucky. Country music, and especially the idea of songs telling stories, was very natural to me. The story-telling aspect has always been a part of my writing. "   Enlisting Malcolm Springer as producer, Bryan settled into Nashville's Soundstage Studios with session veterans.   The resulting tracks sparkled with the promise of the same kind of buzz Bryan created with his rock projects. Bryan finished up the full-length album Big City Lights in 2010 with the help of his all-star band "The Good Chiggens", consisting of Ryan Murphy, Chip Adams, Kevin McCreery and "Screamin" John Hawkins.


This album went on to sell thousands of copies and firmly placed the band among the top of Louisville's Country Music scene."Its Gonna Be That Kind of Night" was released in 2016 with even more acclaim than his debut. His hilarious and sometimes thought provoking music videos have enjoyed almost 1,000,000 views collectively. Bryan is currently writing and recording with producer Malcolm Springer at the Nashville House of Blues and expects to release a new album in fall of 2020 .

With his release of his song "Rise" Bryan Fox firmly establishes himself in Country Music as a multi talented artist and performer.   

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