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Ches Anthony

With his latest solo release "Rain"  Ches Anthony has done what he set out to do. The emotional passion in his vocals and heart-hitting lyrics (written by Ches and Michael Lang) relate to everyone, from their own struggles and conflicts to confidence and success.  “Rain” is an upbeat Country/Pop anthem that showcases a mix of impressive vocals and a forward-moving drumline. Through a catchy chorus filled with Ches’ falsetto, riffs, and drum fills, Anthony gives us a hopeful song, which is what makes us feel something when we hear Ches Anthony's music. 


Ches Anthony grew up in a small town in Saskatchewan, surrounded by music and motocross. He learned to play harmonica, guitar and piano at a young age and his father would bring him up on stage with his Blues band where he performed for their fans.

One of his fondest memories was when his father’s band played at a Gospel Country music festival. The power went out due to a severe thunderstorm and everyone ran into a hall. They kept the show going and had a big jam playing on anything including pots and pans to make music. After seeing that Ches was hooked and needed more.

Through his teenage angst years Ches formed a heavy Rock band and wrote songs that would help him and others relate to the struggles of youth. While honing his guitar skills playing in a Blues band for several years.  

In 2015, he went back to his country/blues roots and joined Sony signed group Cold Creek County. While honing his guitar skills playing in the band for several years, he began to listen to the heartache and emotion in old blues masters voices like Howlin Wolf and Elmore James and the old country grit of Johnny Cash and Hank Williams, he started to develop his own writing and singing style.

Ches Anthony then decided to go solo in 2018. He has two albums out already and will have his third out at the beginning of this year.  The emotional passion in his vocals and heart-hitting lyrics relate to everyone, from their own struggles and conflicts to confidence and success, which is what makes us feel something when we hear Ches Anthony’s music.


“One of the most important things for me when I’m writing is to feel the song, I ask myself does this song make a difference in my heart and thinking? Is this song going to touch someone? To me that’s my heartfelt desire is to be able to make the listener feel something when they hear this song."

Ches' songs see to grow very organically from his personal experiences.   As he told of his release of his song "Home", “I was on a radio tour promoting my single “Carolina” and after a long day of travelling,  I was sitting alone in a hotel room in Toronto, thinking about home. I am always writing, laying down melodies, and a good friend of mine Nelson Sobral “Nelly” came by the hotel for a visit. He brought a guitar and beer and we started jamming out some tunes. I came up with an instrumental bit and spoke to him about where I grew up. Nelly said “wait, this is a great idea! Let’s write a song about that and call it Home!” The song was done within 35 minutes.

Ches and Pete Swann (Producer) got together in studio and really put ourselves into the rustic authentic lyrics of “Home” and formed the production with real chain sounds, industrial hammers, cans, drums, to make up the foundation of the song really reflects how Ches feels about his home.  Of course growing up with a father who played harmonica had to be a big part of the song as well. 

As to the video for the song "Home", “I had the amazing opportunity to work with Strike Films for the music video. Having the old hot rod cars and rustic barn/store front on the farm in Saskatchewan was just too perfect for the video. The video really brings the lyrics to life and shows the listeners all about my home!”

Ches has headlined several big-time shows, including Whiskey Jam in Nashville. Anthony has also played several sold-out shows in Saskatoon. On the rock side of his career, he played major festivals such as Warped Tour and toured with Three Days Grace.

Country music has already denoted the importance of rain as  “rain makes corn and corn makes whiskey,” but in Ches Anderson’s “Rain,”  there is insight into what the rain truly means to a farmer’s success.

“Rain” expresses how precipitation is often a determiner of a successful crop life on a farm, and how when there is no rain it can affect so much.  However, as the chorus explains, rain “isn’t luck, it’s trust.” These lyrics resonate not only with having faith  in whatever you desire in your own life.