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Abby Lindsey is a singer/songwriter born and raised in the valley of the Ozark Mountains in Van Buren, AR. Being a native of the south, she was no stranger to the good ole Country classics like LeAnn Rimes, Randy Travis, Trisha Yearwood and Jo Dee Messina, which would come to inspire her dream to be in Country music.

She grew up singing in her church, pageants, ballgames, and hometown events. She was even an All-Region choir member in her high school, but nothing satisfied her hunger for more with music. She decided to pack up everything she could fit in her Jeep and head to Music City — and as Jo De Messina says the rear view mirror torn off, and I ain’t ever looking back, and that’s a fact - and that’s exactly what Abby did.

Abby moved to Nashville with $50 in her pocket and lived in the pool house of the family she nannied for before finally getting on her feet and establishing a name for herself in town. She released her debut single "She Knew Better" in September of 2020, followed by an official music video.   The video was also nominated for Video of the Year at the Arkansas Country Music Awards. Now Abby calls East Nashville home and continues to immerse herself into all of the magical and creative things Nashville has to offer.

With regretful lyrics like, "Bet she knows how to open up, and not hold back when she falls in love, she knew what she wanted and how to get it, and I sure didn’t, She Knew Better” tells a relatable love story that is sure to tug on heartstrings.   “She Knew Better” leaned against simple instrumentation and allowed Lindsey to showcase the power in her voice and elevate the emotions of the lyric

“Music has always been my vice,” Abby explains. “Whether it’s through writing my own material or singing someone else’s, it’s always been my outlet through the good and the bad. I wrote this song the day after the person I thought I would end up with forever married someone else. A very bittersweet pill to swallow, but I wouldn’t have this song if it weren’t for that moment. I always want my music to be there for people like it has been for me – and, hey, it’s cheaper than therapy!”


Abby Lindsey recently released her new single "Flower Shop."  With cheeky lyrics like. "Wouldn't dare to make a scene, but talk about you when you leave, 'cause there's always enough dirt to go around, when you're the only flower shop in town,"  Abby's talent for storytelling really radiates through the song.


With clever plays on words references to flowers made throughout the tongue and cheek lyrics such as “There’s always enough dirt to go around.  The place don’t just stay open cause they’re good at what they’re growing” and the  irresistible first part of the final chorus that perfectly lends itself to a stomp-a-long, audience participation during a live show, Abby brings home the story with a truly Country music flair.

“I wanted to write a song everyone could relate to," Abby explains. "I knew everyone would have a place like this in their town,  whether it be the nail salon, barber shop, gas station or the co-op, everyone knows of a place where they’re from that they go to for the scoop!”  

“Flower Shop”  showcases the influence from the early 2000’s  of female Country with a toe tapping tempo but also stays just modern enough that it would fit in perfectly alongside someone like Kacey Musgraves.


Although there is no formula for a new artist to break into the Country music,  delivering a song that nearly anyone listening can relate to,  makes a giant first stride to being noticed.  Abby Lindsey's   new single, “Flower Shop”, has done just that. 


All these factors will help make this song stand-out, but what will have Abby Lindsey taking a huge leap forward on her path to success is just how relatable this lyric is to anyone who grew-up in a small town. We all have our own place like the “Flower Shop”, and Abby Lindsey taps into our nostalgic side to put a smile on our face as we pull out a great memory while listening to this catchy song.