Chris Mabb

Country music has always been a part of Chris Mabb's Canadian life.   As the talented singer-songwriter who recently reached the number one spot on with his new release "Sisterdale"  said "I don’t know where any of us would be with out it. I think it is a very powerful language and there is a song out there that tells everybody’s story if you listen. Being able to express ourselves with out using words is a pretty amazing thing".


With his unique recognizable vocal Chris's biggest influences include Alan Jackson, George Strait, Keith Whitley, Randy Travis, Ritchie Valens, and  Buddy Holly.  Mabb had the amazing opportunity  to open for the Washboard Union in 2019 in Shelbourne, Ontario.  Having had the opportunity to work with Curt Ryle, the star producer from Nashville and currently releasing his songs through the Steam Whistle Records label Chris' notoriety has been increasing at record speed. 

While Chris loves songwriting  he notes that it can be challenging sometimes . "I usually write down a thought I’ve had about something or something someone has said if it hits me as a good hook, and try to piece it together, obviously some take longer than others. I’ve written songs where I’ve put myself in someone else’s position and tried writing about how I think they may be feeling. It is a constant learning process and I think as we get older and experience more of life our writing abilities grow and evolve".  


Having been compared to Randy Travis, Keith Whitley, Hank Williams Sr.  and Alan Jackson, Chris states" I have been extremely humbled and honored by those comparisons. I grew up in late 80’s and 90’s listening to all their music and I can remember watching Alan Jackson on the Grand Ole Opry on TV and thinking I wanted to be just like him.  My focus is to keep trying to make real Country music like what I grew up loving and hopefully people like it." 


Mabb believes the best song he has written and released so far is “Scars”.  Chris commented, "I wrote about a friend of mine. He served in the Canadian NAVY and served in Dessert Storm in 1990 & 1991.   He suffered from PTSD,  committed suicide after returning home,  and I think the song tells a lot of veteran’s stories. They left their loved ones to serve the greater good for their God, family and Country. Some come home from war and have a hard adjusting from military life with a lot of scars you can't see. Some feel very misunderstood and judged and unfortunately victimized by their own Government.  I think the song “Scars” tells that story. I grew up around veterans and have been very fortunate to hear some of their stories. I’ve lots of songs but it is probably one of the best ones I’ve written and  I am very proud of it." 

The biggest problem that Chris had to overcome to date to get his music out, was stage fright.  "I probably don’t show it a lot and people don’t believe me but I still get nervous before taking the stage. I think its natural" Chris said.  Ironically Mabb also thinks that playing  live shows is the most enjoyable part of what he does. "Being with the fans and watching them have a good time makes us feel good. Makes us feel like what we are doing is making a difference for someone and it is all worth while.  However, it also includes the hardest part,  touring and missing my family."


Chris Mabb has just released his full "Sisterdale" album.  A 10 song CD download available on all streaming platforms it contains his previously released singles, "Scars", "Sisterdale", "Rainstorm", "Faster Than a Tear Drops" and "On the Road to Nashville", amongst others.  A traditional stylist with a unique quality to his vocals Chris Mabb is making himself known not only in Canada but around the world.