After viral traction with previous releases, singer-songwriter Chris Moreno releases his new EP titled “Coming Up Roses” which debuted in the in the Top 20 on iTunes Country Album/EP chart, reaching #14. The EP features the release of  Moreno's viral single, “Running In Place,” which has been viewed over 1.5 million times across social platforms including TikTok and Instagram.  “Running In Place” is about an on and off again relationship and the struggles of trying to fully move on once a relationship has ended.  The EP also debuted  in the Top 20 on iTunes Country Album/EP chart, reaching #14.  

Chris Moreno is a Nashville recording artist, who in just a short period of time has been making waves as an up and coming artist to watch. He's racked up over 4 million streams on Spotify alone and his song "Used To This" has been generated a lot of buzz 


Heavily influenced by his love of alternative rock music from the 1990s and early 2000s, he combines that influence with his own unique and modern style to create an infectious sound that encompasses Country, Pop, and  Rock elements.   With his straightforward, honest lyrics, his music is both relatable, and engaging.


Chris began playing guitar at an early age, and embraced the role of lead guitarist and backup vocalist in several bands throughout his teens and early twenties. After college, Chris joined the corporate ranks  and for a period of time lost sight of the significance of music in his life. Eventually, after going through some difficult times and questioning what he wanted to do with his life, he rediscovered his love for music and used songwriting as his new form of expression. Knowing that he had found his calling again, he refocused his creative energy into further developing himself as an artist and as a singer.

Chris Moreno plays impassioned anthems about the twists in life and staying true to yourself, making you dig deeper than your typical Top 40 fare. These themes are enhanced by the striking contrast between the powerful music and the sweet twang of Moreno’s voice.    A nod to 90s Rock and modern Country, the music pushes beyond those labels to create Moreno's own  brand both in tone and message.

Moreno’s music moves beyond the surface level, bringing the artist’s unconscious struggles to light. Released on November 11, 2016, Moreno’s debut album “Into the Sun” chronicles his journey to move forward through life’s trials.  The title of the album is a lyric taken from the CD’s flagship song “Finally Free,” which was written about the artist’s internal struggles regarding his lack of passion and direction prior to rediscovering music as a creative outlet.  Mostly, Moreno’s songs, such as fan favorites “Try” and “Closer to You,” deliver messages of self-actualization, perseverance, and the importance of letting life in.


At its core, Chris Moreno’s music is a genuine reflection of the artist’s real life experiences and down-to-earth personality.  As one reviewer put it, his songs draw in the listener as if a deep secret or universal truth is about to be revealed.  The songs move you, both through the lyrics and the music.  Moreno’s music is living proof that having a Country/Rock sound doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice depth.

Chris's honest sound and sincere delivery also connects with fans on a personal level and at its core.   Moreno’s music is a genuine reflection of his real life and down-to-earth personality.   The grit in Chris Moreno’s voice, and his approach, adds so much texture to his songs. Every word seems to be more honest, more from the heart. There’s real emotion in the moxie, strength in the tenderness.  The result is a unique sound that feels both fresh and familiar at the same time. Chris continues to tour and put out a steady stream of music and has worked with Nashville producers Jonathan Roye (Kelsea Ballerini) and Justin Wantz.

Since moving to Nashville Chris Moreno has never wavered from his truth or his mission to make music his way. Moreno has an edge, but it’s a polished, call it an accomplished edge, yet through his rock, rough around the edges vibe he remains completely approachable.  Moreno performed 500+ shows in over 20 states and has opened for national acts.  He is known for having an extremely loyal fan base which is quickly expanding to the rest of the world through consistent touring and an engaged online presence. 

Chris Moreno's route to his truth is filled with rock roads, pop streets and county fields. The singer/songwriter has earned legions of fans across the country, performing his original music. He’s reached some major milestones with his songs on Spotify and TikTok.  Chris Moreno  has the talent, the songs, the sound, and the drive to make it in Country music,  and his EP "Coming Up Roses" is all the you will need to hear to agree.