Colby Acuff is a singer/songwriter  North Idaho country boy with southern roots.   Colby grew up in Coeur d'Alene  Idaho, which is up in the Northern Panhandle of the state .  At the age of 11, Colby performed his first gig and hasn't left the stage since playing with  many local bands around his roots as well as where he went to college,  but now he wants more.   This summer Colby will get more as he  will be opening up for Jake Owen at The Festival at Sandpoint in Sandpoint, ID. and touring.


Acuff's   true love is writing songs, and he prides himself in writing songs that connect to people just like his hero's have done.   Acuff's hero's are from all different time periods.  Hank Williams, Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Eric Church, Tyler Childers, and Sturgill Simpson are all influences on Acuff's writing.


Acuff attended the University of Idaho after high school and couldn't be more proud to be a Vandal.   More  importantly though, this is where Acuff's music had a rebirth.  The college student packed the houses for his  shows and his music and performing abilities grew dramatically into something Acuff would have never dreamed.


 In January of 2020, once he had written over 30 songs he decided it was time to drop his first  album titled,  "Life of a Rolling Stone".   With a full tour planned in  2020 after his release, it just could not happen.   Like many artists,  toward the end of the first tour throughout Montana and after finishing planning his second tour, he was forced  to cancel everything due to COVID-19.   As a new artist, whom had just dropped his first album, Acuff lost everything.   Starting with nothing and no tour, Acuff's first album still reached over 40k listeners and got over 130k streams.  However, unlike many artists that would have thrown in the towel,  he  refused to give up and started working on his next project which would later be known as "If I Were the Devil."

"If I Were the Devil"  was released in February of 2021 and as Acuff states, "I’m super excited to see how this album does in 12 months because this one is way more mature than our first album that was more Americana".  It has a lot of the same feelings and it’s still Acuff's  style, but there is more.   There are drums, and he took up the mandolin for the album.  There was  still only  three guys who created the album, but “If I Were the Devil” uses five instruments and it’s a different sound.   One of the rare opportunities the pandemic afforded Colby was the chance to work with people who lost their jobs and had free time to work with Acuff.  The  Sophomore album release, "If I Were the Devil" has now reached the career milestone of 1 million collective streams.


Acuff's  favorite songs on the new album is “Dying Breed” and  “Tip Jar.”  Colby wrote both of those songs. The  album title song “If I Were the Devil” is their  most popular song right now.  The album cover of a buffalo  was designed to reflect the “Dying Breed” aspect.  "I sometimes feel like I’m a dying breed. I’m old-fashioned, but I realize that I’m not the only one, and the song is to relate to other people like me. “Tip Jar” I wrote five days before we went down to Boise to record, and it’s a reflection song of all the ups and downs of music and this career and how I take nothing for granted," Colby commented. 


Acuff is very excited to get on the road and play as he  loves performing  his original music and he credits writing his own music as helping him garner the attention of music insiders and keeping  him In the game.  As Colby states,  "The goal for the  album is to be remembered, but if not that's okay, cause nobody is ever remembered for NOT trying."


For 2021 Colby Acuff is about seeking  adventures and being out at least half the year playing and touring.  " I would like a home base like a Nashville or Boise where I could record. I like Texas, too. We road trip to Boise all the time. I’m gone most of the time. I live out of a duffel bag whether I’m on the road or the river," according to Acuff.  

Colby Acuff is ready to take steps forward.  As he found, "This business is so hard. One thing I’ve learned during this time of COVID is there is no room for negativity, there is no room for insecurity. Expectations can be your worst enemy. Every day is an opportunity for a step forward.  At the end of the year, at least we can say we took 365 steps forward."

Don't miss an opportunity to listen to the music of Colby Acuff if you love Country music.   One of the truly interesting up-and-comers Colby Acuff is ambitious, talented and ready to breakout and mark his own territory in Country music.