Chris Moreno is a Nashville recording artist, who in just a short period of time has been making waves as an up and coming artist to watch.  Chris Moreno's  stellar new single titled ‘Somebody New’ which follows on from the breakout success of his 2020 critically acclaimed offering ‘Used To This’. With this  latest release from Moreno is looking to build on the solid foundation of success that he garnered throughout last year and this deceptively upbeat ballad allows for the singer/songwriter to showcase multiple sides of his impressive soundscape and gorgeous vocal control.

Another brilliant track from Chris Moreno, "Somebody New"  will no doubt strike a chord with listeners around the world thanks to the striking lyrical story which focuses on a fractured love story as the two people in a relationship come to terms with the fact that this is the end of the road for them as a couple despite one person still being in love with the other.

“Somebody New” relates the struggle of struggling to make a new relationship work only to realize that it still pales in comparison to a past love. The  video opens on Moreno performing in a studio against a sunny backdrop of palm trees in golden hour as he sings. It then cuts to footage of the Nashville singer-songwriter gazing lovingly at his girlfriend. Soon enough, we see Moreno has actually has been picturing an ex standing in her place.

The song’s lyrics  portray the heartsick, desperate emotions that come with struggling to move on from  a past relationship into a new one. This pain reflected in Chris’s incredible voice, remains thick with genuine emotion and passion as the video switches between scenes from his current and previous relationships.  You can sense the tension and distance between Chris and his new girlfriend as the track plays behind them. This video captures the feelings that may linger in the wake of a breakup with encompassing Chris' vulnerability to put forth.

Chris first began writing songs when he was a freshman in high school and he believes the first song he ever wrote was called “Your Eyes.”     Moreno prides himself on being a very open and honest person so it makes sense that my preferred style of songwriting mimics that, Country of course . Performing these songs can make him  feel pretty vulnerable sometimes,  as he writes about his personal experiences.  


Moreno ‘rediscovered’  his love of music and songwriting several years ago with a newly rekindled passion.  


Throughout his teens and into college Chris mostly played guitar and sang backup in the bands he  played with. At some point he  just lost the drive to continue doing that. This led to a six year break from playing and performing music. As time went on however, Moreno started realizing more and more that he was just, “living for the weekends” and while life was good, it wasn’t great. He knew  it was music that was missing.


Moving  to Nashville was based on his belief that this was the place where many of the best artists in the world are and since he has aspirations to reach that level, that was where he needed to be.  According to Chris,
"There are so many resources, places to play and songwriters to collaborate that it just felt like a no-brainer to move here. It’s kind of like Disney World for a musician and I’m convinced that this is the best home base for me to have while I continue to grow my music career."


Known for having an extremely loyal fan base which started in Boston and is quickly expanding to the rest of the world through relentless touring and an engaged online presence, he performs both acoustic and with his band, and has performed over 500 shows in 20 different states. He was nominated for Best Country Artist two years in a row by the New England & Boston Music Awards, as well as best songwriter, and best song (Before You), and Chris's latest single "Used To This" has received high praise from press outlets all over the world.


Chris's honest sound and sincere delivery connects with fans on a personal level and his  music is a genuine reflection of his real life experiences and boy-next-door personality.   Moreno’s music mixes elements of a modern country sound with a noticeable Pop/Rock edge, and he brazenly wears the alternative rock influences of the 90’s and 2000’s on his sleeve. The result is a unique sound that feels both fresh and familiar at the same time.


Chris continues to tour and put out a steady stream of music and has worked with Nashville producers Jonathan Roye (Kelsea Ballerini) and Justin Wantz.  

“Somebody New” as his latest single is now available on all digital download and streaming platforms.  Don't miss it and stay tuned as Chris Moreno makes his name known in the households of Country music lovers everywhere.