Cameron DuBois

Cameron DuBois was not immune to the challenges that 2020 has bought to musicians and artists everywhere in the age of COVID 19.   Determined, Cameron has continued moving forward and last  May she released the uplifting, and praiseful “Peace,” something she describes as “Country goes to church.” 


Last  September, she again revealed her Country, Rock and Soul musical roots, with “Bridges,” another upbeat Country Rock tune which she is very proud of.   “The backbone of the story in ‘Bridges’ is that we all sometimes burn bridges in life,” Cameron said. “However, if we pay attention to those mistakes and learn from them, it can light our path to the future.”

Cameron DuBois is from Montgomery, Alabama and she has  spent most of her time developing her own unique brand of sound in two prestigious American South musical destinations,  Nashville and Muscle Shoals. This young, independent and multi-talented artist has spent numerous hours along the muddy banks of the Tennessee River, collaborating with two of the industry’s notable songwriters and producers in Michael Curtis (Randy Travis, Fleetwood Mac, Blake Shelton) and Cindy Walker.


Cameron’s unique Country-Rock-Soul hybrid sound has kept her busy performing throughout Alabama, and landed her opening performances for Thompson Square, Easton Corbin, John Michael Montgomery, Dylan Scott and Neil McCoy. She’s also released a series of singles including  “The Home Place,” “Lipstick & Chrome,” “Never Love Me Back,” and “Peace”, which highlights her diversity as a singer-songwriter. In 2020, she released her most ambitious single project yet, “Bridges”.  

Since the 1960’s, the small Northwest Alabama town of Muscle Shoals has been one of music’s most mystique locales in the south, producing a swampy R&B-infused vibe of Rock n’ Roll dubbed the Muscle Shoals sound. That’s exactly where Cameron DuBois has spent a lot of her time after first developing her craft in Nashville.  

“I’m a Country girl at heart, but I also have an appreciation for Soul and R&B music,” Cameron admits. “ I have always been a fan of the earthy rhythm that came out of Muscle Shoals in the 60s and 70s and its impact on modern music.”

As testament to Cameron’s powerhouse talents as a writer, since 2018, she’s been collaborating - and creating the perfect Country/Rock/Soul hybrid sound – at Muscle Shoals’ Wishbone Studios with two of the industry’s top songwriters and producers, Michael Curtis (Randy Travis, Fleetwood Mac, Blake Shelton) and Cindy Walker. Cameron recorded all the demos and tracked vocals there for her series of singles and her debut EP. The instrumental tracks were recorded at Ricky Skaggs’ studio just outside of Nashville.


“I’ve always considered myself a reserved kind of person, and as an artist I’ve spent the past few years growing, developing and figuring out who I want to be,” Cameron explained. “Working with Michael and Cindy has made me much more confident in all aspects and I am very excited about these new songs and the opportunity to share them with people.” 

Cameron released a total of five songs, including three she penned with Curtis and Walker. Most prominent among these is the very personal, Country flavored “The Home Place,” which she wrote as a Christmas present to her grandmother. It’s about a historic house and property that’s been in her family since 1908. Cameron’s grandmother and two sisters have recently sold the house which was the inspiration for the song. Several of the other tunes will feature the classic Muscle Shoals swampy energy, complete with organ and a small choir of backup singers. 

“I grew up a child of the new generation of Country music, but I also loved Pop, Rock and R&B and have always incorporated all of those styles into my live performances,” Cameron says. “This soulful Country blend we’re creating truly captures who I am as an artist sonically, while the songs perfectly reflect what I was going through in my life as we wrote them and the overall message I want to get across.  

In addition, over the past few years, Cameron has been performing regular local and regional gigs, showcasing a mix of originals and Country and R&B covers.  Then in 2017, during an informal after-hours performer’s circle at a Nashville competition sponsored by NACMAI (North American Country Music Association International), Cameron’s performance of Miranda Lambert’s “White Liar” got the attention of Bernard Porter, Founder and CEO of a leading artist development company, PCG Artist Development. After attending one of his seminars, she joined PCG to further develop her multitude of natural musical talents with top music industry mentors.

Cameron also opened for Dylan Scott at Chingawassa Days, Neil McCoy, Thompson Square, Easton Corbin, the Josh Abbott Band at the Crawford County Fair, and John Michael Montgomery at Rich Hill’s 4th of July Celebration in Rich Hill, Missouri.   Cameron has continued to build momentum as a solo artist, releasing several songs which showed her versatility as a singer and songwriter. Her reminiscent ode about her upbringings “The Home Place” premiered last May, followed by a July release of the more upbeat and sassy rock number “Lipstick & Chrome,” and the December release of “Never Love Me Back,” a piano ballad about love and heartache.


Cameron DuBois  will release new music in 2021 which will continue to build upon her growing presence in the Country music family.

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