Country singer/songwriter Christy P Klotz has released her brand new single, “As Lovers Should," available on all major music platforms. This single follows the success of her first release as a solo artist, "Jesus Callin.'" Christy is an artist to watch with insightful lyrics, clear vocals, and an LA twist to classic country. Her signature backing vocals give this Country track a modern flare that will make your heart swoon. It's one of those songs that you can save and listen to again and again, easy on the ears with a message to give you hope. 


Christy cuts right to the heart of things in an accessible way. She has been featured in The Malibu Times, Country Note, and Medium as an artist to watch. Music reviewer, Shaina Russo, says Christy pulls you right into a "storytelling adventure" with every song. Christy has a voice like Dolly Parton, songwriting skills like Taylor Swift, and the modern edge of Kacey Musgraves. She's just the new artist you've been looking to love. 

“As Lovers Should” was written solely by Christy in an attempt to make sense of a relationship going wrong. The song reflects on the nuance of deep relationships. It was produced by Corretta’s founder, Jordan Seah, and mixed/mastered by engineer Matt Newman. 

"As Lovers Should" is out! Eek! I've been sitting on this song for quite some time, and I am so excited that now we can experience it together. This is one of those songs that I played for my friends on guitar, and it brought them to tears,  not so much because it's terribly sad, but because it's real. I think we've all been in seasons in our relationships where things are not going as they should. We've watched movies. We know how the heroes in love treat each other versus the couple that just 'isn't meant to be' commented Christy.  


"If we're honest, even in good relationships, we look like the 'not meant to be' couple sometimes. We say hurtful things, act out of exhaustion or places of shame, and are left questioning,  'Can we do this the right way?'. We want to do good but sometimes we just don't. This song is about that. It's about the complexities. It's about the ways we hurt each other even when we don't want to. I hope you feel seen and understood when you listen. And a big thank you for listening. You mean the world to me! Love you. Really, I do,"  Christy explains enthusiastically. 


Good old fashioned story telling, the heart of Country music which comes through loud and clear in the music of Christy P.

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