During this time of the COVID-19  pandemic, many artists are giving back to everyone by entertaining on line and sending out their heartfelt message. Their songs are giving comfort and solace to all of us during this crisis  while encouraging everyone of us to keep our faith in the Lord.  Please listen to what all you have to do, isolating, social distancing, washing hands with soap, disinfecting, etc. to keep your health and the health of others.   Stay safe,  be Blessed and keep the Faith. 

JULIAN LENNON:  In the words of his song SOMEDAY, Julian sings "Wish our dreams could be as one, someday, someday.  Try to fix what we've undone, one day, one day. These words resonate that when these dark days are over, we have our work to do to fix our world and we will do just this.

RHONDA VINCENT:  Taking it a step farther, Rhonda went live and shared with us her visit with her elderly 91 year old friend, Margaret,  to sing and entertain her in her own home. Some words in a song she chose are "Send the light, the blessed Gospel light" and "Let it shine from shore to shore"


LUCAS NELSON:  Sitting with his guitar cross legged on his bed, Lucas belted out his rendition of Hallelujah which was both chilling and beautiful.  He sang this song with every bit of energy he had and he radiated the sorrow that our beautiful world is in.

SHANE WALSH:  Shane is an Artist who stood out in the ULTIMATE ONLINE NOVA SCOTIA KITCHEN PARTY.  He chose to sing TEARS FROM HEAVEN. The chorus, "Time can bring you down, time can bend your knee. Time can break your heart leave you begging please"   relates to these times begging us to slow down, to center ourselves, bring us to our knees as we are in the fear for our world and losing so many to this virus.  'Beyond the door there’s peace I’m sure and I know there will be no more tears in Heaven" giving us hope that that our loved ones who have passed on are in a better place of  peace with no more tears.

BON JOVI:  This man never tires with giving back to others!  On line, Bon Jovi wrote a partial song called DO WHAT YOU CAN.  "I know you're feeling kinda nervous. We're all a little bit confused.  Nothing's the same, this ain't a game,  we got to make it to make it through. When you can't do what you do, you do what you can."  Bon Jovi left a verse of this song blank with only the instrumental. He asked everyone to fill in this verse with their own story of how these times of the COVID-19 is affecting them, those who are without pay, isolated from their loved ones, little food, etc.  

JONATHAN PAYCHECK:    Among all the hardships with the COVID-19, there are still people out there who need help with existing conditions such as cancer.  Jonathan PayCheck's show reflects some of these people and turns the audience over to their individual Go-Fund Me page. Jonathan chose to sing the first song his father, Johnny Paycheck, taught him.  Holding his father's guitar, he played it with such emotion and love while holding back his tears, SOMEONE TO GIVE MY LOVE TO. The words " I will follow you to the end of the earth, for my place will be with you.  I have taken you for better or worse, someone to give my love to". For all the couples suffering distances or being together, you will get through this for better with the love of the Lord.   

BOBBY G. RICE:  In a time like this, Bobby G. choose this song to share "On The Wings Of A Snow White Dove, the lines "When trouble surrounds us and evil comes, The body grows weak and the spirit grows numb.  We must all remember to give our hearts and faith to the Lord above, close our eyes and feel his arms around us. He sends down his love on the wings of a Dove".

MARC-ALAN BARNETT:  Artist, Marc-Alan is contributing to everyone by giving  songwriting sessions on line to encourage everyone to stay positive during these hard and saddened times and  creativity is another way to do this. In his spiritual song RESCUED ME, the words, "lost my hope, lost my pride .  When you came to me, you rescued me"   These words are so heartfelt and the one way we can be rescued is your strong belief in the Lord.

WILLIE NELSON, LUCAS NELSON AND MICAH NELSON:  This amazing family of artists got together and wrote a song called TURN OFF THE NEWS.  The words "Turn off the news and raise the kids, give them something to believe in. Teach them how to be good people, give them hope they can see".  Heeding these words and applying them to our children today, during this time of our world being shut down, they will come out of this stronger and build it back up in a positive direction.

There are so many artists on line, famous and  not so famous, sharing their talents and gifts rejoicing in keeping their faith and loving others.   Lets join them in worship and keeping faith and loving one another in the name of the Lord.   Hallelujah and God Bless!!!!

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