Welcome to the Country Gospel Corner with Jacqueline Kellock.   This month, it is a pleasure to
interview the amazing musician, singer and songwriter, Bobby G. Rice.     
Rice was born in  Boscobel, Wisconsin, and raised in a musical family with his mother, father and six  siblings, who all learned to play instruments when young.    

Bobby G. started singing around the age of five and in the early 50’s appeared with his family,  live every  week on a local radio station, WRCO, Wisconsin.   Later in the 60’s, out of Madison,  Wisconsin, they had a TV show called the Rock-A-Teens. Here he met and married his wife  of 50 years, Alice.

He began a duo with his sister, Lorraine and hosted their own television show. After Lorraine retired, Bobby G. and Alice moved to Nashville to pursue his singing and songwriting career. By 1971, Bobby recorded a country recut of "Sugar Shack" , which was followed by 30 hit songs throughout the 70’s and 80’s, including  "Hey Baby" and "Mountain of Love".  Bobby G.   Rice cowrote over the years with Charlie Fields and Donald Riis and their song ‘You Lay So Easy on My Mind’ was their biggest hit and became Bobby G.’s signature song.    Bobby G . has also performed at the Grand Old Opry, the Nashville Now Show and Ronnie Profit Show and  has been active for fifty years in his recording career, including  just releasing  another single, "No Ordinary Memory" which he co-wrote.


His first Gospel release is "I’m Working for The Lord" written by John Centinaro from Tampa Florida.    Bobby G.  and his wife, Alice,  have a strong belief in the Lord and try share the Lord with others in a positive way. One forum they have chosen to reach out is by posting spiritual quotes each day on Facebook, hoping to help others through situations they may be going through.


Bobby G. loves to share his success by encouraging and influencing other songwriters. When performing, it is very important to Bobby G. to connect with his audience as if they were in a living room setting.  Bobby G. Rice is thankful to the Lord  and all of his listeners who have supported and followed him throughout his career.

Feeling truly blessed  by so many times people have come up to him and commented on how his music, especially  "You Lay So Easy On My Mind" has in many ways affected their lives.

Bobby G. Rice prays that he can touch the hearts and souls of his listeners with his Gospel release "I'm Working for The Lord" and his inspirational spiritual quotes each day, his Ministry of spreading the Lord's love and support  through the use of his blessed talent and life in Country Music. 


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