It was my pleasure to interview award winning fiddler, Scott Woods. Scott is the youngest of four
children and at the age of four he received his first violin and took classical lessons along with his father
teaching him old time fiddle music. Scott's father was a fiddler and in a band by the time he was twelve
years old. A few years later, his father's  band was looking for a piano player who could chord to a fiddle.  Scott's future mother applied,  a classical pianist who had also learned to chord from her grandfather who was a
fiddler, and as they say the rest is history.   


When he was still  young, Scott Wood's parents drove them all around to all the fiddle concerts and contests, winning many awards.  Scott and his mother were members of a show called The Don Messers Jubilee, a huge stage production where Scott was the musical director, band leader and played the part of Don Messer. This show toured for several years with many of the original cast of Graham Tounsand, Don Tremaine, Johnny Leadbeater,
Johnny Forrest and replicating Marg Osborn, Charlie Chamberlain and the Buchta dancers.

While on the road, on November 30, 2003 Scott and his mother received a call informing them that his
father had passed away. At this time, Scott's mother expressed her wish to go on a mission trip. The
whole band did a show at their church for Men For Missions where they raised money. By 2005 word
had spread that they were doing these fundraising concerts for churches, charities and community
organizations. Making it easy on the organizations, they took a split at the door, helping many worthwhile causes and giving back as Scott believes they are called to do.   


Over the years The Scott  Woods Band raised hundred's of thousands of dollars for these fundraisers.
The Scott Wood's Band has a variety of acts in their Branson style show including instrumentals, guitar solos, step dancing, Gospel and Country songs and yodeling along with Scott doing his own trick fiddle playing while somersaulting and barrel rolling.

As well as his regular tours, Scott organizes and performs in a series of Christmas fundraisers each fall for various charities and service organizations.  In excess of $2 million had been raised by the concerts.  In  their Christmas show they have lots of fun doing Christmas music and keeping Christ in Christmas, they perform lots of religious Christmas music and skits.  

In 2017 Woods was Master of Ceremonies at the 67th Canadian Old Time Fiddle Championships in Shelburne. Scott is also a  two time winner of the Canadian Open Fiddlers Contest in 1993 and 1996. He also received a life time achievement award from the Grand Masters Fiddling Association.

What Scott would like to remind his followers, especially in this blessed Christmas season, is that how hard things  may seem now, you never really know how close you are to your dream until you keep going being  persistent in your passion and faith. His fans have helped him to keep the faith and keep going with his dream, to entertain, praise and give back.

Scott Woods, Canadian Fiddle Champion and faith filled believer  and his band present LOVE THAT FIDDLE! This uplifting live show celebrates the magic of the fiddle and simpler times with traditional country, western swing and gospel songs, heart pumping step dancing, family humor and Scott’s famous trick fiddling – somersaults and walking on a barrel while fiddling!



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