Dianne Sherrill  has lived in Nashville for over 50 years and is known as a Country and Gospel singer, performer and has recorded with some of  Country Music greats, such as George Jones and Ronnie Milsap.   Dianne has also appeared in movies and on television shows including "Hee Haw" and The Nashville Network .  Sherrill also has graced such venerable stages as the Grand Ole Opry, the Nashville Palace, and  the Ryman Auditorium.    


In addition, Dianne has been a stage performance coach, and assisted singer Lorrie Morgan in her early career days with her stage presence, that is why  Dianne is known as the, 'Entertainer's Entertainer', to many of her peers.  Dianne Sherrill cut her self titled solo album in 1976  with NCP Records and also cut a few singles for the Monument label. Originally from Alexander City, Alabama, Sherrill moved  to Nashville in 1970.  Dianne  also worked as a vocal coach, backup singer, etc..  

Sherrill grew up in Alabama in a Christian home and was origianlly baptized at the age of 12.   Returning to the fold, It was a number of years ago  that she was born again, resulting in Gospel music becoming her sole focus, including gigs with legacy groups such as The Florida Boys.  When  the Lord called Dianne to take up her cross and follow him, she obeyed,  ... and her life was changed ever since (Galatians 5:17). She now sings and gives testimony to how the Lord has used her to serve Him. In all the years Dianne has given to performing, nothing gives her greater satisfaction than knowing how many times she has witnessed for Christ and how it has helped and affected others.

Included in her many performances  of Gospel music, the  Nashville veteran sang in the 2019 Sunday Mornin’ Country show, Satisfied.  Diane who is considered a staple in the Nashville music community, a great performer, is a longtime friend of the Music City Christian Fellowship and is loved by all the Sunday Mornin’ Country is a performers.  

Dianne  has also shared  her love for gospel music by touring  to perform Christmas concerts at churches packing a number of performances into a Sunday that she hits the road.  Sherrill counts is as one of the blessings  as she always looks forward to sining Christmas songs and sharing the Christmas spirit with everyone.

While recognizing her  responsibility and service she does for the Lord on a daily basis with people she comes upon that need to hear that the Lord loves them, she has also given of her time freely to be a director on the board of The Music City Christian Fellowship (MCCF), which is a non-salaried strictly volunteer position, serving the Lord.   

The MUSIC CITY CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP (MCCF) is a nonprofit organization of Christians who support Christian values in the entertainment industry. It is their  desire to help fulfill the Great Commission given by Christ to reach the world with the message of God's love and forgiveness.  All of the Artists volunteer their performance. The MCCF Board of Directors is also non-salaried.Sunday Evenin' Country

MCCF came together in  June 1980, as a group of Country Music artists and musicians  that wanted to honor God with their  talents He had given them by sharing their songs and personal stories of faith. They came together in prayer and fellowship. They decided to have "A singin', prayin' get-together" for the Country Music fans during the annual Country Music Fan Fair celebration (currently known as CMA Music Festival). Some 40-50 singers, musicians, writers, producers, promoters, etc. were involved in the first "Sunday Mornin' Country." The event was so well received that the group organized to do similar ministries all year long.





Before the current COVID crisis, MCCF's "Sunday Mornin' Country" saw Country and Christian Music's most revered performers fill the Grand Ole Opry House, Ryman Auditorium, or other venues with laughter, warmth and encouragement as they share their personal stories and songs. The event offered a highly visible opportunity for nationally recognized artists to take the spotlight off themselves and focus on what God has done in their lives.   


"Sunday Mornin' Country"  also  brings  great entertainment for the whole family, as Country Music Artists come together to share their heart as well as their favorite Gospel songs!", Music City Christian Fellowship sponsors the concert at the conclusion of CMA Music Fest/Fan Fair each year, leaving  its fans and  Guests with an uplifting memory of Nashville that will last a lifetime!  "Sunday Mornin' Country"  is the longest running named Country/Gospel event associated with the week of CMA Music Fest/Fan Fair.  


Dianne Sherrill serves the Lord in so many ways,  including using her God given musical talents and voice to praise him through Gospel music, every chance she is given. 


                                                                          by Deborah Gibson 

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