The Hardway

by J Raleigh Jones

Jimmy Parker:

I first became aware of Jimmy Parker at the Nashville Cowboy Church where Jimmy appeared as a guest performer. He actually has been a prior guest there serveral times performing with the Nashville Cowboy Church Band. After learning more about Jimmy and his music, I decided to feature him in this article. Jimmy has several years experience in acting, songwriting, recording and performing.   The interview of Jimmy was conducted via  phone in keeping with the current state of emergency in Tennessee. 

Currently Jimmy had been performing at the Music City Bar and Grill in Nashville on Music Valley Drive as well as limited touring over a large part of the United States.  Jimmy has recorded 13 albums and has a single release doing quite well now in the markets. That song, "I Want To Live Before I Die" has been a favorite over the last two months or so on internet radio as well as several radio stations in the South. It has consistently charted 1, 2 or 3 on many of these stations. Jimmy performed this song Sunday March 22, 2020 at the Nashville Cowboy Church and did a great job with his  awesome song,  that performance also inspired me to write this article about him.

The music business is an ever changing business in today's world, even more than in the past. Traditional independent artists usually are self funded and self promoted. Jimmy has adapted to this approach very well. He has performed at house concerts, coffee shops, listening rooms and other venues where he can perform as a solo artist. He likes to interact with his audience in a personal manner and does it well. 

I asked Jimmy about his early years in music. He told me that he had taken piano lessons for  6 years when young and played in bands. After going to college Jimmy joined the Army. In the Army he continued his musical endeavors playing at various clubs and venues, even in foreign countries. He told me about a show he did in front of a large audience in South Korea.  There were about 2000 people there with many Koreans in attendance. It was the biggest audience ever for him. So, the first thing they did was turn off all the lights and focused a spotlight solely on him on stage. He pulled it off by consoling himself that if he made a mistake they wouldn't know it anyway since they didn't speak English! 


Jimmy shared with me so much of his musical and acting journeys, crossing the country from LA to the East Coast while making his living with a band for several years.   Finally Jimmy ended up here in Nashville. For 6 years Jimmy was a background  actor for the ABC Television show "Nashville". In addition, Jimmy was in 3 movies. He joined a casting company and was hired through them for his acting jobs. May 31st Jimmy is in a show on the Oxygen channel "Snapped" which is the Wendy Mae Davis Story. Check it out if you get that channel. 

Since the Corona Virus, Jimmy, like all musicians is staying home. So many of the Nashville artists and musicians have begun doing live Facebook streams. You can watch Jimmy on his Facebook page without being a Facebook friend. His page is His shows are on Friday nights around 7 or 8  p.m.. When things return to normal, Jimmy will be back doing house concerts, listening cafe's, theaters and his regular gig on Friday and Saturday nights here in Nashville at the Music City Bar and Grill, assuming that continues of course. Everything is uncertain for all of us at this time. 

Jimmy can be contacted through his website for information and booking. He really appreciates it when you leave him a message or comment on his guest book. His Facebook page also has a page on Parker's Juke Box which is a "like" page as well as Jimmy Parker music videos. You can hear most all of Jimmy's music on His twitter account is For booking contact jimmy at

Myself and Jimmy will continue our prayers for resolution to this deadly virus which has devastated countries world wide.   Stay well, and enjoy the music in life.   

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