Helena is a pop and Country singer/songwriter as well as a covers vocalist and has been performing for many years.  Helena was voted Global Artist of the year and Song of the Year in Canada and had 7 nominations for UK Country Radio, Female vocalist, artist and Album of the year where she was a finalist.  Her latest album, 'Unbroken', recently hit Number one in the ITUNES UK charts.

Helena is very popular as a covers vocalist and performs all over the country and will be touring the UK next year.  She is also an award winning original songwriter and her tracks are played worldwide.   Helena has recently released her self penned album which has had great reviews from Radio all over the world including the BBC and SKY TV and got to Number one on ITunes. All her discography is available on ITunes and other download sites.


Helena Mace's albums, 'Chasing Dreams' and  'Wash Away The Years', received rave reviews from the Industry as well as the general public and she will still continue to promote the albums. Her music has featured on SKY TV and the BBC as well as a large amount of Radio stations worldwide.

Helena is based in the South of England and her albums were produced in Bournemouth by Matt Black. Helena writes most of her  albums.  Her singles have reached the UK ITunes chart, No 1 on Q108 Canadian chart, No 25 on the unsigned chart and has received Rave reviews from the Critics and the public. Helena will be performing songs from her current album and will be appearing at events across the country,  as the world comes out of the COVID crisis in 2021,  to promote her music.


Helena's songs have been  inspired by her adventures in life such as returning from Greece and realizing just how pleasant it is to get home and be in familiar surroundings and  walking in the rain, taking a local trip in the midday sun or that feeling of the cool, clear and clean sand beneath the feet. These simple pleasures, a mindset of nice pictures, memories and feeling alive are her best inspirations!

Helena's delightful gentle acoustic opening stirrings in  “Hometown” develops into a sweet and charming number capturing both a homely and comforting sentiment.  As seasons changes and new chapters commence Mace  affirms her love for her homestead in the catchy chorus: "I’m on my way back to my hometown. Driving by the ocean every day. Nothing like returning to my hometown. There’s no place I’d rather be today. In my hometown".  

The vocals are not forced but warmly evocative over some simple country/folk rhythms.    Underpinning her vocals  with a shuffling and unobtrusive back beat as subtle bright keyboard effects add color, sprinkling a little sunshine across the melodic score to bring forth smiles.   Helena Mace is one to watch for on the international stage.



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