The Hardway

by J Raleigh Jones



Sometime ago I wrote the song "Nashville Bound". It is a common theme story of songwriters and artists coming to Nashville following their dreams. Most of the talent who come to Nashville are creative and focused. They are often a little in awe of the great talent and the Nashville Music Scene. The Nashville Music Scene is thousands of very talented artists and songwriters. This Music City  is perhaps the greatest musical talent pool in the world.


"Nashville Bound" is a movie about one real artist and his continuing journey following his dream, but it is a similar story to many. This movie is also about the Nashville Music Scene with great talent that deserves to be seen and heard and viewers deserve to discover them. Although there is a lot of planning going into this movie, it is unscripted. It is a true reality movie about  Nashville,  as real as it is to us who live here. We had interest expressed of involvement in this project from some of the Traditional Country music stars with whom you may be familiar.

Many of the artists, song writers and bands who stay in Nashville have taken jobs in various businesses in the music industry. You may find them as session players, demo singers, recording engineers, publishing staff, or event staff. They also may be playing in clubs on Lower Broadway or other venues around town. Some Indie artists and musicians tour.

In the November issue of this magazine was an article on a young artist, Olin Wallace. Olin is the star of our movie "Nashville Bound". He is in the beginning of his career having just completed his first CD. As of this writing he has one finished song "Crazy", which we will feature in this movie. We will follow Olin's journey and take you to venues here in Nashville where you will see and hear some of our great local talent. In some scenes viewers will be able to see the whole production as it happens including camera operators and staff on the set. It will be like you watching a movie being made.  It is actually being made by some of the local talent I have mentioned in this article. It truly is about Nashville Talent, for Nashville Talent and by Nashville Talent.


Originally I had planned to make a music video for "Nashvile Bound" and was creating  a story line for the video. For the last couple of years I have been showcasing the talents of the Tennessee Songwriters Association on the "Music City Arts" channel here. At one of the TSAI  meetings a young cowboy came up to me and said he would like to volunteer to help in our productions. He had graduated  here with a degree in audio engineering. That young cowboy was Olin Wallace. Meeting Olin changed everything because Olin was living my song. At that time neither he nor I could know where that chance meeting would lead.

Olin is a real cowboy. He was raised on a horse farm and even today works on a  horse farm. It so happens that Olin volunteers at Freedom Reigns Ranch. The Ranch is for rehab and foster horses with a program also for kids who have suffered trauma or abuse. These programs are free. In the movie we will take you to meet the  horses and those who care for them. We will introduce you to Goliath who is a miniature horse who was running loose for a month  in Mt. Juliet TN.

So you see, I could not make just a music video when we could make a movie like this. It will be sometime in 2021 when it comes to a smart TV at your house.   If you would like to sponsor a horse or  help this faith based organization you can find out more on their website One special person founded this organization, Carissa Ramsdell. You will see her in the movie.  Thank GOD for people like her.

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