The Hardway

by J Raleigh Jones

Nashville The Hard Way is a way of life for almost everyone at this particular time in Nashville. However, my brother Stan and I are trying to make a difference with our new Nashville Country Television Network. We began this project before the pandemic to showcase the awesome talent that you have not been given the opportunity to see and hear. We want to bring their great shows to your home via smart TV's.  When our programming is completed, our shows will be available on smart TVs almost everywhere. We also will have shows on a tab in this magazine, "The Nashville Country Music Magazine".


This magazine is for the traditional country fans featuring known stars and independent artists.  We appreciate the efforts of Dan Knight and his staff in promoting the great talents of the lesser-known independent artists and traditional country stars to keep real country music alive. We are partnering with Dan and his staff in this endeavour.    This is a huge project since we have 15 producers of different shows. We need the help and support of you, the fans. We need your input. We need your promotional support. We have an email link for you to communicate with us at the end of this article. Please write it down for future reference.


(Erin McLendon pic)  Americana like you have not seen before! "Women On Fire", produced by Joe Tine Productions, is hosted by Erin McLendon. The show has an all-female band and guests. Erin, an energetic performer and songwriter, is a member of The Tennessee Songwriters Association International. She has hosted this show at the Exit Inn on West End Avenue in Nashville, TN. from time to time.  Joe and Erin are shooting promos and some performances while dealing with the  coronavirus issues. It is a challenging endeavour, but with creativity and perseverance, they will produce an awesome show for the Nashville Country Television Network.


("A Songwriters LIfe" logo)is a show hosted by Russ Lacasse. It is a reality show based on the activities of a Nashville Songwriter. Russ is the host of a Friday evening songwriters showcase at Belcourt Tapps in Nashville. The show features various artists and songwriters, including hit songwriters. His Television show production will provide a look inside the writer's life of writing, co-writing, performing, promoting, networking and lifestyle of Nashville songwriters. Russ is a board member of the Tennessee Songwriters Association International. In the few years Russ has been in Nashville, he has had several cuts, including two on the "Dancing With The Dinosaurs CD" by  "Cash Creek Band".


(Tom Harding pic) "The Music City Miracle Hour" will feature rotating VJ’s introducing videos of both new independent artists and established legacy artists. Every hour-long episode will have at least one interview with an artist whose video is being featured. Tom is a producer in Franklin TN who has produced many great artists and has had several number 1 hits on the International Country Charts.  His artists highly recommend him as one of the great producers. Tom will be producing another show or two for our network.


(Hinsons pic) "The Side Music" is a show about the musicians who back up the stars. They are called "Side Musicians". Derwin himself and his wife Alene, have lived this life with major stars. Because of this, he knows who these musicians are. They are some of the greatest of all time, having travelled or still travelling with major stars. These musicians will share their road stories on this show.  These are awesome untold stories!  Derwin and his wife Alene also have a duo act where they sing and play gospel and traditional country together. Derwin plays many instruments including guitar, banjo, mandolin and bass. However, his wife Alene plays an upright bass when they play together. In fact, they are now booking country and gospel shows for house parties, nursing homes and small private events. If you are interested,  you can email them at


(Tony Pratt pic)   WEIRD NEWS is a show about many unusual topics including the paranormal, the unusual, and almost unbelievable. Tony has been an investigator for  20 years of these types of events.  Tony is also a long-time resident of Tennessee having grown up with many of the stars you know. He has a lot of country music in his background and will check out some stories of unusual happenings in the country music world.  Derwin Hinson and his wife Alene own Conway Twitty's last bus pictured here.  There have been reports of unusual happenings connected with this bus and Tony will have a show  checking them out.

(Olin Wallace pic) I want to introduce to you a young country artist who I have portrayed a songwriter in my song "Nashville Bound". The song is about a young country artist hitchhiking to Nashville to pursue his dream. We will be shooting a music video starring  Olin for this song.   

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