Having grownup in Tupelo, Mississippi gives rise to the distinct Tupelo southern rock sound throughout Sean Austin's impressive musical output. Combining the sounds of Southern rock  and acoustic Country along with pop influenced by the likes of James Taylor, Prince, and Kenny Chesney to name a few,   Sean’s sound is unique to him as an artist and is fresh.  His music keeps much of the traditional country sound blended with modern country, alternative country , country blues and southern rock which gives his music the opportunity to reach a large, varied audience.  

He has opened for acts such as Old Dominion, Mark Chesnutt, and Sawyer Brown. He now showcases his vast talents with his own group, the Sean Austin Band.   Inspired by performers such as Sawyer Brown, Kenny Chesney, Alabama, Casting Crowns, and Daughtry, to name only a few, Sean Austin strives to write meaningful songs that will endure the test of time while providing his fans the most entertaining show on the market.

Working in the music industry for 14 years has allowed Sean to develop and hone his sound. In 2019 he released a standout full length album, along with two hit singles. During live shows and in making of his tracks, he is joined by lead guitarist Justin Swinney, Bass player Daniel Horton, Drummer Jerrod Bogan and Keyboardist Dwayne Roaton.  Playing together since 2016 they create an unforgettable show and sonic sound.


Whilst always looking to put together a wonderful live and energetic experience, Sean's recorded music is all about authenticity. He always looks to make deeper connections throughout his music mainly because of the maturity he has gone through since he began making records at the age of 16. His marriage and two children have brought a new inspiring perspective and maturity into his creative process.


Currently signed to Heart Songs Records Sean Austin is able to prioritize his releases and truly make music he believes in.  As an artist in every sense of the word he never fails to deliver a song that will touch the soul.  Sean is not only an accomplished singer songwriter he has also grown through  working with many leading lights in the industry including Old Dominion, Mac Powell, and Sawyer Brown,  making him one of the most impressive artists on the circuit.

Sean has been releasing singles co-produced with Hunter Miller since his self titled LP in 2018. His LP was featured on all digital platforms for six weeks.   Sean Austin, pens his own love story into a song with his new single "Fall Into You"  which will be released May 15, 2020.

With most musicians being sidelined due to the Covid 19 Pandemic, Sean's messages "Hi Friends. During this time, we will be home taking care of our families and we wish the same for you. We can't wait to hit the road again, keep the faith!"

Sean has a natural, edgy and raw tone to his voice which suits Country music specifically. His music is catchy, easy to listen to and his songwriting is to be admired. Sean’s talent draws a lot of attention industry and fan wise as he has a natural ability to write honest, truth telling lyrics which will resonate with many Country music


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