Ya Gotta Luv It

Never Sing the Headliner’s songs

Why is that some people think that if they are opening for a named artist that they should sing a song or two of that artist’s hits.   That is a very bad thing to do and if you think about, really a no win proposition.   What are you trying to  prove to the audience that you can sing those songs better than the one who made them famous? And what if you do sing it better than the guy or the gal you're opening for? Do you think you will asked to open for that artist again?


Instead, always say what a pleasure or a thrill it is for you to open for that Artist and how much you admire their music.  Keep your opening act to the time limit that the promoter has assigned you as going past your given time makes the audience that much more impatient to see the headliner.   When I was working with Kitty Wells as the opening act, by the time I sang my second song the audience was already chanting, “We want Kitty, We want Kitty.”


Always remember that you are the opening act.  If the audience appears to be leaving their seats to get a cold drink or snack don't feel badly about your performance.   Just work that much harder so they don't want to leave but rather keep their eyes glued on you, positive motivation.


The Music Business “Ya  Gotta Luv It”

                                                              Keith Bradford

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