Ya Gotta Luv It




There is no such thing as a good booking agent.  Now that I have your attention, let me explain my statement. An agency that is constantly getting their artists on National Television, is an agency that has artists with a lot of financial support!!!

How would you like to have to stay on the phone all day long calling the entertainment director of STATE FAIRS and say, “Hey I have John Nobody or Susie Wanna-Be available to perform at your fair.  Man they put on a heck of a show and your audience is going to love them.” What audience?  Who is going to pay to come and see them?

If you would just stop and think about being on the other end of the phone for a moment.  You own a little Country Music park where you book Country Music entertainment every Sunday during the summer.  Does it make more sense to go and book a local band that has a big following or with someone that you found out about from a booking agent that no one has ever heard of but you were told they put on a GREAT SHOW???

You must work in a local area and get your name known.  You must build up a following that would be willing to even travel to go see you perform.   Now your GOOD BOOKING AGENT can make a call or two and get you a booking.  Oh yes he is a great booking agent isn’t he?

The Music Business, “Ya Gotta Luv It”

by Keith Bradford

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