Ya Gotta Luv It

Star Artist treatment Verses Unknown Artist treatment

I can’t help but reflect on the days when my band and I were burning up the highways getting to our next gig.  During the summer months we played many State and County fairs.  More often than not we were on the “Free Entertainment” stage for a week and the final night we would open for the Major Star event on the Grandstand show. 

There were no dressing rooms provided for the unknown entertainers on the Free Entertainment stage.  We were told if we wanted to take a shower to use the water hose in the Livestock area.  Since all of these dates were during the hot weather time of the year, we had to take at least a couple of showers a day just to keep from smelling. 

It was a hit and miss situation to say the least because you never knew if some little girl from the “Future Farmers of America” or the 4 - H club would come around the corner and see one of us standing there naked instead of her pet bull.  At the grandstand show which was reserved for the STARS, air conditioned dressing rooms with hot and cold running water was provided.  Funny thing is, they seldom if ever used them but chose rather to just stay on their luxury tour bus.  That is until the catered hot dinner was brought in and set up backstage.  My band and I on the other hand got food vouchers good for one of the fairs finest hot dogs and a small soft drink. 

We were paid a total of $1500 for the entire week which included the grandstand show.  We had to do 3 one hour shows daily and one 45 minute show on Saturday night on the main stage.  The main attraction was paid anywhere from $10,000 - $50,000 for a 90 minute show. 

I am not saying this is how ALL unknown bands are treated BUT I am saying this is how My band and I were treated.

The Music Business, “Ya Gotta Luv It”

Keith Bradford

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