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We All Hear Things Differently


It is a medical fact that no two humans have the exact same ears.  We all hear things differently.  I am sure you have friends who listens to their music differently than you do.  Some folks turn the bass up as loud as it will go while turning down the treble because they like to hear a loud bass in their music.  Of course the opposite is the person who turns the treble wide open while backing off the bass to the point it all sounds like mid-range and high end with no bottom. 

Well it turns out that variations in pitch also come into play with our hearing.  I was producing a girl in our recording studio one time and  that turned out to be quite an experience.  We had already cut the track for “THE ROSE” in the key she asked us to record it in and it was time to record her Master vocal.  She sang 95% of the song in a semi tone higher than the track.  She opened the door from the vocal booth and exclaimed, “That sounded pretty darn good don’t you think?”  I told her it was pretty good but I thought we could get one better. 

She reluctantly went back into the vocal booth and said she would give it another try.  This time she had no idea that our engineer used a key changer plug in and raised the track up one semi tone where she had been singing on the first try.  Once again she sang the song a semi tone higher than the already raised music track.  We both agreed the first try was the best and she was very happy with her recording and bragged how pleased she was.


On another occasion we had a young man in the studio that was singing flat almost the entire song.  He was clueless that he was not in pitch with the music track and convincing him he was out of tune proved very challenging.

In summary we all hear things differently.  It is the way we are made.  More and more recording studios are now using automated mixing.  Depending on your budget you can purchase software that is marketed as “The Nashville Sound Mix, The LA Mix, and the ever popular POP Mix.”  I have never used any of those programs and doubt if I ever will. 

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By Keith Bradford

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