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Proofreading the Proofreader


I once worked for a Christian Magazine and Gospel Music Production company as a proofreader.  My job was to check all the articles for spelling errors and accuracy.  What I didn’t know till nearly the end of my employment with the company was that the owner was so paranoid of his employees undermining his company that he hired proofreaders to proofread the proofreader’s work.  


After I would spend hours reading and fixing article after article he would then hand it over to another proofreader to be sure I didn’t say or imply something he didn’t agree with.  As if this wasn’t embarrassing enough he also had his own internet service providing hardware installed.


What this meant was every email incoming or outbound was monitored by either his wife or him to be sure nothing was going on behind their backs.  Please bear in mind this was a Christian Magazine and not some tabloid sold on the grocery magazine racks. All phone calls received or made at each individual work station were also monitored and if something was heard that was not to their likings you got a warning.  There was no such thing as a second warning. 


There was no physical or sexual harassment or anything close to it that went on behind closed doors but the mental persecution that all employees faced was unbearable and the turn over rate was unreal.  It is very hard to work in fear and your creative ability is stifled to the point that you start acting like a robot, which in the music  business is a certain type of death.  


This music business experience is one I try to suppress but every now and then one of those memories surfaces and then once again the wounds become raw.  I beg all of you reading this male or female if you find yourself in a situation like this PLEASE get out.  You may have a hard time finding employment that you enjoy but your mental state of mind will be in a much better place.

The music business needs your creative mind and soul to be nourished for growth not starved and trampled, respect that for yourself and others. 


The Music Business “Ya Gotta Luv It”


Keith Bradford

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