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Colin Gordon-Farleigh


Pastor Colin Gordon-Farleigh first began his ministry as a child, singing in his church choir. He wrote a poem at age 12, entitled, “A Prayer,” which was published by his church magazine and picked up by several other churches for the same purpose. It was also published in his own collection, “In Praise of Him".   

In 2006. Colin progressed to writing worship songs in his 20’s. His inspiration for the songs and poems came from his daily walk with Christ. Colin clearly recalls the day he willfully gave his life over to Christ.

“Due to a series of circumstances, I went to a meeting held by the Evangelist Peter Scothern…It was Tuesday, September 9th,1969. At that meeting, I stepped forward for healing prayer. By the time I got back to my seat, I was totally convicted by the Holy Spirit, and I accepted Christ as my Savior and Lord.”    



Believing that the Gospel is meant to be shared, Colin developed an interest in preaching. He began preaching in Wales, typically three times every Sunday. “It was one morning during my early-morning prayer time that I heard a distinct voice telling me that the time was right to step forward,” says Colin. “I contacted my local pastor and said that I had something important to tell him, only to have him tell me that he couldn’t possibly see me because he was so busy setting things up for a meeting that day.

Undeterred, I set off for the church, arriving much to his annoyance, a short time after my phone call.

“Ignoring his protest that he was too busy to listen to me, I set about helping him lay out the chairs to set the meeting room up. That meant, of course, that because of my help he had a moment! I asked him what the meeting was about, and he told me that it was a meeting of Pastors and Deacons from various churches. They were coming together to discuss the lack of men coming forward to serve in the Ministry. Then he asked me what I had to say that I felt was too important to have waited. I told him about my prayer time that morning, and that I felt called to serve full-time.” Colin emphasized, “I think it's true to say that not only was he astounded but also humbled.


Colin attended Theological college in West Wales, in the town of Aberystwyth. In 1998, he was officially ordained as a minister in a Presbyterian Church of Wales.  Colin continued his singing and songwriting, careful to choose only committed Christians to work with,  for example, Ernie Rowell, Colin’s producer. However, in 2005, Colin fell quite ill, resulting in a three-month recovery period. It was during this period of time that Colin penned roughly 200 hymns and worship songs.


When I asked Colin if he felt that God might have allowed the three months of sickness, and time off of work, to draw him closer to God and to focus more on Him and less on the rest of the world, Colin replied, “That whenever I have been off work due to health problems, I always assume the real reason was because God has something for me to do. Maybe to draw closer to Him through prayer in preparation of something to benefit my ministry, but there is always going to be a reason.”


After Colin’s recovery, he met a composer, Greg Scheer, who was Minister of Worship at a church in Grand Rapids, and they worked together for many years on worship songs. Colin has several Gospel CD devotionals. One entitled, “In Praise of Him,” as well as “One Starlit Night.” In 2021, Colin received a “Rising Star Award”, presented by Akademia, for his successful ability to continue with his music throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. Colin continues to press forward with his songwriting career,  developing a new series of albums and presenting hundreds of worship songs.


Colin’s success in the songwriting industry, and his devotion to his preaching as a minister, is often what catches the attention of people who hear his story. However, what stands out most to me is the need to always be humble, and to always make time for those who ask for even just a moment of your attention.


                                                                                                            Written By: Melissa Morgan