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 Amber Meyer

We are all called to serve the Lord in different ways through different ministries.   Today's article in the Gospel Corner is about how the Lord arranges things to happen and puts people in our paths as he did with Amber Meyer, who has just released her first Gospel Song,  "Pray". 

Now understand that Amber who resides in Miscoula Montana with her family has always loved to sing and in 2012 she finally got up the confidence to try out for her church Worship team at her home church,  Elevate Church.   She made the Worship

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team and for the first two years she sang mostly back up, gaining confidence and experiencing the absolute joy of participating and rejoicing in the Lord through music.   After the first two years Amber played bigger and bigger roles with her Worship team including on occasion leading the service in praise. 


Amber had posted on line some tunes that she sang.   One of the songs, a Judds song, "Young Love" came to the attention of Melissa Morgan.  Melissa contacted Amber and explained that she had heard her singing online and that she was a writer of Gospel songs.   Melissa and Amber agreed to meet, as surely the Lord arranged, and the two quickly forged a friendship, rooted in their love of the Lord.   Amber described that first meet with Melissa as one filled with the presence of the Holy Spirit which she will never forget.


Now, the path was set, with Melissa encouraging Amber to record  Gospel music the two set about attempting to find the right song.   The difficulty with it being one of Melissa's penned songs was there was no backing tracks or music written to go with the song.   Neither Amber or Melissa were writers of music nor musicians.  The road block was cleared by the Lord when Keith Bradford reminded Melissa Morgan that she had purchased a number of mechanical rights to various songs a while back from Bob Dellaposta and those songs would have backing tracks.   "Pray" written by Rita Weyls was one of those songs.     Melissa Morgan had all she needed to provide to  Amber to record her first Gospel song, a beautiful Gospel song, "Pray".


Even the recording of "Pray" was an absolutely moving experience for Amber.   The studio seemed filled with the Holy Spirit as did Amber as she set her God given talent to work singing and praising her heart was filled with so much love for the Lord that some times it was overwhelming, bringing her to tears.   Amber has been set on her ministry of praise music for the Lord and can't imagine not continuing to record Gospel Music. 

In fact the week after my interview took place Amber had booked more time in the recording studio to record a number of songs included on her list for considerations were "Old Rugged Cross" (my late mother's favorite), "Oh Come Oh Come Emmanuel",  "Oh Holy Night",  "What Child is This?"  and "I Surrender All".   


The fact that others also came together to get the song "Pray" out to radio and the song has been receiving air play seems nothing short of a miracle to Amber, something she would never have seen coming a short time ago.   Amber  continues to feel divine guidance to continue to sing and praise through  Gospel music, her ministry found and anointed.   Having  such a beautiful connection with such a beautiful soul as well in Melissa Morgan is also part of the Lord's gift to her she feels. 


This story is about God working his blessings in mysterious ways and about a few obedient  souls,  including Amber Meyer and Melissa Morgan answering the Lord's call and as a result the enriching of  their lives beyond measure.    As for Amber Meyer,   her faith and life is basking in joy at a level she has never felt and all she had to do was as she says,  "Let go and let God" and her message to others is "Trust in the Lord".  Amen Amber, Amen!!!!

                                                                                                                                  By  Deborah Gibson