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Multi-platinum Country music superstar,  Darius Rucker pays tribute to his Gospel roots with  a new single "Ol' Church Hymn," featuring rising trio Chapel Hart.  Written by Rucker together with Ben Hayslip, Josh Miller and Greylan James, the Gospel-inspired love song features Rucker's rich baritone vocals, praised as "one of the most distinctive voices of country's modern era," joined by the three-part harmony of Chapel Hart to profess a born-again love in the joyful chorus:
        You soothe my soul like an ol' church hymn
        Found in a book in the back of a pew
        Born again love I'm a new person
        Hand in the air hallelujah
        Amen, Amen, Amen
        Amen, Amen, Amen
        You soothe my soul like an ol' church hymn

 When  the three-time Grammy Award winner and member of the Grand Ole Opry hears  a good thing, he knows it.   When he heard Chapel Hart, the band that took America by storm this summer,    Rucker instantly knew he wanted  the harmonizing trio on his track, "Ol’ Church Hymn."

Like so many people Rucker was blown away when heard Chapel Hart and he has stated. “I was recording ‘Ol’ Church Hymn’ at the time and instantly had this vision of it becoming a duet once I heard their voices. I’m so thankful they said yes to singing on it with me, and I can’t wait to see the huge career they’re going to have."


In this new release, a Gospel-inspired love song with the refrain “You soothe my soul like an ol’ church hymn,” it’s Rucker’s soulful baritone that takes centerstage, while Danica joins sister Devynn Hart and cousin Trea Swindle in the band's signature three-part harmony.

Fans were quick to approve the release making such comments as “That is a beautiful song that takes me back to my Mississippi church,”  and “I downloaded it first thing this morning. It really spoke to my heart and was what I needed this morning.”  The collaboration with Rucker and Chapel Hart has been in the works for a whole year. On the morning of the release, Rucker posted a screenshot of the message he sent to the band in September 2021. 

While Chapel Hart has been enjoying a meteoric rise,  including three standing ovations at the Grand Ole Opry in September, the trio has been on the Nashville scene for a couple of years waiting for their big break. They were also named CMT’s Next Women of Country 2021. So it’s no surprise Rucker was ahead of curve when he asked the trio to collaborate last year.  This was also not the first time Chapel Hart has released a Gospel song.

This wasn't Darius' only foray into Gospel inspired music either with earlier releases by Rucker such as "True Believer", "God's Reasons" , "God's Heavens" and a Christmas song he co-wrote "What God Wants for Christmas".    The  touching Christmas song came about as he had decided that they wanted to write a religious song for his Christmas album.  "We wanted to put God back in Christmas, and that's what we tried to do with that song. What a wonderful song that really reminds us of the true reason for the season!" Darius has stated. 

The music video shows Darius Rucker around the Christmas tree with his wife, Beth, and children Carolyn, Daniella, and Jack and  also features some of the kids from the Children's Hospital at Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston.   As Rucker has stated, “We wanted to just show,  so many kids are sick with different things and it's just so sad, but you have great places like MUSC and St. Jude's that are helping these kids.   We just wanted to show that there's other sides of Christmas other than you just being with your family and opening gifts and stuff like that. There's other things. There's other things going on in the world during Christmas, and we wanted to show just a little piece of that."


What Darius' most recent Gospel inspired song "Ol' Church Hymn," featuring the outstanding harmonies  of  Chapel Hart, reminds us is the Lord's place in all of our loves and endeavors in life and the joy

that is available to us all through God's love of us and each other.

                                                                                                     By Deborah Gibson 



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