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Gospel singer-songwriter Mark Bishop will uplift and inspire with his Gospel music.     The prolific artist always provides  songs that encourages people to look for the positive, trust in God and serve as a witness of His everlasting love. As Mark has stated, "Music provides the background soundtrack for the ups and downs of our lives.  As we look back at the different chapters of our journey, it’s funny how a song can transport us to a simpler time, or to a profound change in our lives. It’s also amazing how God can use a song like a medicine for our hearts when we are hurting.”


Mark Bishop has been sharing his  Gospel Music fans for an incredible thirty-five years. As an award-winning singer, songwriter and producer, he has ministered to and entertained audiences across the United States and Canada but his music  has  also literally been heard around the world.

Mark's musical roots trace back to summer evenings spent on the front porch with his family  whiling away the hours singing song after song.  The  impromptu "practices"  on the front porch would bring the Bishop family to the forefront of Southern Gospel Music  both on the radio and the concert circuit.  Mark, along with his brother Kenny and his father Kenneth, toured the country for seventeen years as popular family group, The Bishops.


The Bishops enjoyed enormous success, with twenty five recordings that produced twenty seven Top 40 songs, including twelve Top 5 songs and three Number 1 songs. The group also received numerous awards from their fans and peers in Gospel Music. Mark's contribution to the group was not only as a gifted vocalist, but also as the group's primary songwriter.   Ten of The Bishops' Top 10 songs were written by Mark, including the notable songs "Reach The World," "When Jesus Is All That I Have," and "You Can't Ask Too Much of My God," the latter being named "Song of the Year" by the Southern Gospel Music Songwriter's Association in 1997.


Marks songs have been recorded by dozens of other Gospel Music artists down through the years, including such notables as The Kingsmen, Legacy Five, Brian Free and Assurance, Allison Durham Speer, and others.   Church choirs across America have performed his songs. Mark's compositions have been performed on TV programs such as In Touch with Charles Stanley, The Word Today with John Hagee, The Grand Ole Opry, The Bill Gaither Homecoming series and others.  Mark was also honored in 2000 by the GMA (Gospel Music Association) with a DOVE award for producing The Bishop's Kentucky Bluegrass album. Recorded for Homeland Records, this album was named "Best Bluegrass Gospel Album of the Year" by the GMA.

Upon the retirement of The Bishops in 2001, Mark Bishop embarked upon a solo career that has since flourished.
As a soloist, Mark has enjoyed sixteen Top 40 songs, five Top 5 songs and two back-to-back #1 songs in 2004 and 2005 with "Can I Pray For You" and "I Got Here As Fast As I Could". Mark was named the Singing News Magazine's Soloist of the Year in 2005, as voted on by the fans of Gospel Music. He is one of only three soloists to ever sing on the main stage at the National Quartet Convention.

As Mark himself has stated, “For the past 35 years, God has blessed me to participate in the creation of music with some of the most talented singers, musicians, and producers in our field. For this, I feel blessed. They certainly challenge me to give it my all.  Our ‘team’ has spent many hours making sure the messages in our songs are impactful, exciting, and moving. We hope you will take this musical journey with us through the ups and downs of life, through unique perspectives on familiar scriptures, and through the exaltation that we feel when we leave that valley behind to stand upon a new mountain.”

Mark Bishop has one of the most distinctive voices in all of Gospel Music.  His songs have also  been recorded by some of today’s most popular Gospel Music groups. Once you have heard one of Mark’s thought provoking songs, you’ll immediately know why Gospel Music lovers consider him one of the genre’s top singer/songwriters.  Since embarking on a solo career in 2002, Mark Bishop has not missed a beat. He has been honored with multiple nominations and awards in a broad range of categories from leading Gospel Music publications and organizations. 


Known as an artist who honestly portrays himself and his faith through self-authored,  eclectic wide ranging releases  that focus on themes of faith, refuge, struggle and growth.   By applying the varied colors of his past musical efforts, Bishop achieves at vibrant new works. He aptly displays his God-given ability to show listeners a timeless message. Audiences across the country have been blessed by Mark's performances and have discovered that a concert with Mark is indeed an uplifting event. His voice is instantly recognizable and familiar to fans of Southern Gospel Music and his beautifully crafted songs are encouraging and insightful with  his presentation is engaging, endearing and multifaceted.

Mark is currently back in the recording studio and release of his new  praise music is eagerly anticipated.   Mark Bishop is also headlining a Singing at Sea Cruise from January 29 - February 3, 2024.  Mark invites you to join him in an all Christian cruise where they will shut down the bars and the casinos and fill the ship with the best in Gospel Music and Christian entertainment. 


Mark Bishop's music is more relevant and anointed than ever and he  has enjoyed nearly unprecedented success as a soloist in Southern Gospel Music. In a music form that has often revolved around quartets and groups, Mark has carved out a niche for himself by continuing to introduce music to the listener that speaks to the heart and soul.

                                                                            By Deborah Gibson

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