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With Jacqueline Kellock

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Welcome to the Country Gospel Corner and it is with great pleasure to interview and  feature Randy Plummer this month.


On October 24, 2020, Randy Plummer was inducted into the Country Gospel Music Association (CGMA) Hall of Fame.  He gives thanks for this wonderful recognition to Billy Hale, President and Founder of  the Country Gospel Music Association and his wife, Donna.  Randy Plummer is a devote Christian and his faith in our Lord is very strong.  Randy's continuing legendary love for the city of  Branson, which like most cities has changed a lot over the years, recognizes that God never left, He is still here.   Throughout his musical and writing career, he is grateful for all of it as it is a true gift from the Lord who keeps on giving to him. 


For almost 50 years, Randy Plummer has been and still is a true legend of the music industry in Branson, Missouri.  He hails from a small town of Knob Lick, St. Francois County, MO.  As a young boy, at the age of only 6 years old, Randy received his first guitar.  He and his sister, Melody, were encouraged to join their parents, Darrell and Rosie Plummer in the Plummer Family Band.   Together, they entertained in a roller skate rink that had been turned into a theatre, high school auditoriums and night clubs.  Randy sang  and played bass and his sister, Melody, not only sang, she also played several instruments such as the fiddle, banjo and keyboards. 


 In 1971, the Plummer family vacationed with Harold and Kathy Gaod, who are now called The Village Singers, in Branson, Mo.  where Harold had previously performed.  Harold approached both The Baldknobber's Show and The Presley Show to have Randy and Melody make a special guest appearance with him.  They graciously agreed and this is where the love for Branson began for the Plummer Family.


Darrell and Rosie Plummer bought a theatre in Branson in 1972 and the opening day was on May 26, 1973.  They named the theatre The Plummer Family Music Show and at that time it was the third theatre in Branson.  The show continued for 18 years and in 1990 Darrell and  Rosie decided to retire and sold the theatre.  They did not encourage Randy to take it over due to all the hassles involved in running a theatre. 


They, along with Melody, moved back to the St. Francois County in South East Missouri.  Randy's love for Branson was so strong, he made the decision to stay behind and continue his journey with singing, playing bass, songwriting, and  becoming an author of several books.  He always remembers words of advice his father gave him, “A big shot is a little shot that keeps on shooting”.  With all that Randy is involved in within the city of Branson, you can see he  never gives up and  will always keep shooting.  He lives to promote the Lord, Branson and the Plummer Family's legacy and he will never give up on the faith he has.


Over the years while living in Branson, Randy had amazing opportunities performing in many theatres.  For several years he played in Ray Clark's Warm Up Show.  These consisted of thirty to forty minute pre show segments before the main attraction came on with stars like Janie Frickie, Ray Clark and so many others.  


He performed for over 14 years at The Little Opry Theatre in the Branson IMAX Entertainment Centre with James Garrett's Tribute To John Denver's Show.  Randy also performed at the the Max Bacon Family's Sunday Gospel Jubilee and the Max Bacon Family's Ozark Mountain Jubilee for a duration of 20 years. While Randy Plummer was playing at the Silver Dollar City, he met and enjoyed working with Shirley Johnson.   He said she was a sweet,  prim and proper lady with an amazing sense of humor, qualities that he adored about her.  He has also worked with the Disney Stores for 25 years and  you will find him at the Disney Store at Tanger Mall in Branson, Mo..


After the James Garrett show finished, Randy took a sabbatical from performing to concentrate on his writing.  He was approached by Doug Thompson, his brother Roger Thompson and sister Linda Lowry, the owners of BDS Productions, to write a Documentary of the History of Branson.  He immediately agreed and set out to write the 60 plus years of Country music and non Country genres that went through this City.  Doug, Roger and Linda hired Randy, to not only write the History of Branson,  but to also be the narrator.  'The Documentary of the History of Branson' will be released on DVD and sold in Branson, MO and, God willing, one day to be aired on TV. 


Randy Plummer had the wonderful experience of appearing three times on the Ralph Emery Show and on one of these occasions he was joined with another guest, Steve Allen.  He said that both Ralph Emery and Steve Allen were very nice and professional people and treated him with professional kindness.  


In the month of March about 10 years ago, Randy Plummer, right out of the blue, had a thought about a character, Snowdeer (R).  He started writing down his thoughts and his children's book, 'Snowdeer Christmas Story' evolved.  It is about a 7 year old buck named, Snowdeer.  His second book, continuing the saga of Snowdeer legacy, is called 'The Adventures of Snowdeer, Plum Puddin' and Purple Mouse' and his third book is 'The Legend of Snowdeer, Plum Puddin' and Purple Mouse'.  The illustrations in all of these books were done by Ben Locovich. 


All of Randy's characters are from actual people who have influenced and encouraged him throughout his life and the places are from the areas in St. Francois County where he was raised a child.  Plum Puddin' is a character after his own self and Branson is called after Rueben Branson who named the music city, Branson.   Jim Buck and Deer Morris are named after his Aunt and Uncle, now in their 90's and very dear to his heart.  Randy has just published a coloring book, called 'Snowdeer Christmas Story Coloring Book' which will be released soon.


The three books  come with Audio Cd's and songs that Randy wrote for the stories and can be found on both Amazon and Barnes & Noble along with the Snowdeer Christmas Story Coloring Book.  Included in the CD's, you will hear songs like I'm Having Christmas On The Inside, Snowdeer's Poem, Happy Hoof Dance and songs from the Cat Family, Meow News.   Randy Plummer was approached with an incredible offer to read 'Snowdeer Christmas Story' during the Christmas Season in 2020 on the ALG Gospel Network and he is humbly thankful to Roy Young, founder of the ALG Gospel Network, for giving him this opportunity.  He has also appeared his own  ALG T.V. Specials.


Randy Plummer aways feels honored when James Marvell would join him on stage to sing the old Gospel Classic, 'Amazing Grace'.  James Marvell was a member of the 60's rock band Mercy who had the #2 song on the charts in 1969, Love Can Make You Happy.  They both worked at the same place in Branson and James would often join him on stage.


A  Christian song that Randy wrote and recorded with Barbara Fairchild in 1992, 'He Is The Great One (The King Of Glory)'  is a powerful song that starts out slow and then kicks up with the most beautiful message of gently addressing non Christians about our Lord Jesus. He later rereleased it, by recording it himself. 


Randy Plummer has experienced sitting in a room where he felt the presence of our Lord for about 30 minutes. The energy in the room changed and the room seemed to expand.  He fell to his knees thanking and praising the Lord for being there all of the time.  He would love for everyone to see that if people really knew how real Jesus is and how much love he exudes, we would be forever changed.  Jesus is  a real person, best friend and Randy Plummer urges us to accept him as our Lord and Savior. 



                                                             By Jacqueline Kellock