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With Jacqueline Kellock

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It was my pleasure to interview Country Christian Artist, Levi Coby.  Levi hails from Scotland where he resided until his move to Nashville only two years ago,  and he has certainly made his mark. 

Levi's spent his younger years watching his family sing. His father, who was his idol, was often compared to Jim Reeves.  It wasn't until after some heart wrenching events that Levi decided to take up the guitar and begin his own songwriting career.  When his Mother was dying, she said that he was to sing to the world and this inspired him to write his song, 'Believe'.


Within two years, Levi lost his two sons, his father, his Mother, his sister Lillian and his brother took a massive stroke.    Levi, himself, during this time, was in an accident where his best friend died in his arms and he himself was never expected to walk again.  Even in the face of all these great tragedies, his faith in God just grew stronger, and with it his will to go on and to learn to walk again.   In total, Levi attended eleven family funerals within this two year span. 

The first song Levi Coby wrote went to the top of the Country charts in Scotland.  When he performed  his first live concert, he was so nervous and he admits his first song was a bit shaky, but when he finished his second song, he received a standing ovation. 


When Levi started out in the Christian Country scene, his voice was compared to Garth Brooks.  Although an honor, he didn't really want to sound like anyone else, he just wanted his own sound.   Levi moved to the  United States to live his dream in Nashville, Tennessee.  Within the last two years, he has won ten songwriter awards including WSA Best Gospel Song 2021 for 'Let Your Light Shine Through'.

He has also travelled to New Zealand where he received rave reviews.  When he arrived in New Zealand, the pain in his legs disappeared.  Levi believes and credits  his strong faith in God and his Angels for definitely looking after him and calming the pain.

While in Nashville, Levi had the good fortune to meet Ralph Murphy, President of ASCAP and was invited to Ralph's  home the Thanksgiving before his passing.  Ralph Murphy told Levi that he was a star in the making.  A huge compliment from such a great man.

Just before his sister, Lillian died, she left a message on his phone which he never erased.  Listening to her voice, he wrote a song 'To Make Heaven Proud” which will be on his next album along with his single 'Let Your Light Shine Through'.  This song was inspired by a lady suffering from brain cancer who had reached out to him. 


Recently, Levi signed a record label with with Darlene Fowler, president of MC1 Recording Studios, and his first single 'The Lucky One' will be released in May 2021 along with his picture, taken by photographer, Pitter (Pettergized),  to be displayed on the billboard on Broadway in Nashville.  The Lucky One has been dubbed to be the next wedding song. 

Everywhere Levi has travelled, he was treated like family.  While in New Orleans, he was taken to Blues bars and was well received.  He was referred to as the Scottish Cowboy Country Christian Artist, and performed his song that he wrote to America called ' United”. Levi writes about actual happenings and things around him like his favorite Aria Cowboy hat and boots.

Talking to Levi Coby was a spiritual adventure in itself.  His strong faith and belief in God has taken him through many rocky roads and yet, he just wants to give back to the world through his songs.  Levi Coby's message is to thank everyone who believes in him and encourages him along his journey and to never give up.  Even in the darkest of days,  God's light is just around the next corner.

                                                                                                By Jacqueline Kellock