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Donovan Chapman

Donovan Chapman, USAF pararescue vet and Freedom Sings USA class leader launched a new website, dropped a new record and released a new video in 2021, called simply “Brotherhood” .  

Donovan's last record charted with four singles in the Top 60 Country Music  Charts with his “House Like That” peaking at forty-two. After his career was sidelined by injuries and PTSD related to his military service, Donovan returned to the studio last year to begin work on his new release, “Brotherhood,”


Chapman was raised in Farmerville, Louisiana. His mother, a native of Hawaii, exposed him to Hawaiian music at an early age, and he soon learned to play the ukulele.   Chapman also links the spiritual connection to the land and sea and stays rooted with nature through farming, hunting, fishing, and animal rescue.  

At age seventeen, Chapman enlisted in the United States Air Force. The family’s legacy of service runs generational, with his great grandfather having served in WW1, grandfather in WW2 and his  father in Vietnam.  He and his younger brother served in Afghanistan/Uzbekistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, the Global War on Terrorism, 2002 and 2003, respectively.

While serving as a Security Policeman (1992-1997), Chapman cross-trained into the elite Pararescue Teams with one of the most rigorous training pipelines known to the Department of Defense.  Pararescuemen, (PJ's), are the most highly-trained Special Operations Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) operators in all environments, i.e., desert, jungle, ocean, mountain and artic.