Gracie Carol


Gracie Carol is a home grown girl from Cincinnati who was driven to Nashville by her love of singing and passion for  performing. With early roots in country music, Gracie was destined to make her mark on the genre and her true colors emerged before she graduated high school.


In the summer of 2014, Gracie Carol performed along side Country Music Legend Keith Urban on his Raise 'Em Up Tour at Riverbend Music Center in Cincinnati, OH. At 17 years of age she presented her take on Miranda Lambert’s part of “We Were Us” to a crowd of 20,000 people. Her family holding up signs, her friends taking countless photos and videos, and complete strangers yelling her name, were all apart of a night that would convert Gracie’s dreams into very real realities.  

With the support of her city and the love from Keith’s fans, everyone in her community came to know the name “Grace Aufderbeck.” Her achievements and milestones made a young Gracie Carol realize that she had a place in the music industry,  and  it is the small moments that keep her going. The memories of the places she’s been, the people she has met, and the cheers of their voices to the sound of her voice, stay very dear to her as she continues to make a name for herself. Now living in Nashville, TN, Gracie received a Bachelor's Degree in Music, studied Commercial Music Voice with Music Business. At 22 years of age, Gracie has built a strong foundation in a tough world writing songs about life's tales and truths about relationships.


On the debut release, you can listen to previously released singles including Hallucinating, Storm Chaser, and Neverland. "For my first EP I wanted those who go through long term relationships to really connect with me and my life’s tale," explains Gracie. "You can expect to hear truth through my stories, sometimes relationships can be like a daydream and sometimes it can feel like lightning in a bottle. I hope you can feel the emotion through my songs just like I did while making them."

Gracie continues to grow as an artist, her face to be recognized with those of “The Next Women of Country.”

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