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Jemma Beech

Her down-home blend of classic and modern country has captivated audiences since her chart-topping debut ‘That’s Just Me’ arrived in 2018. Now just over a year since her last release, singer-songwriter  Jemma Beech, breaks the drought with her sparkling new single, ‘You Fool’.

‘You Fool’ is a light-hearted introspection on Jemma’s relationship track record. “I’m always wishin’  on a star / Love won’t be cruel,” she belts in the tune’s emphatic chorus. 

From the first note it sounds slick – an airtight coterie of banjo and guitars, glued together by producer  Rod McCormack. Having been a while between drinks for Jemma, she found the thrill of the recording  process to be inspiring. “It has been a few years since being in a recording studio and my first time  stepping into The Music Cellar with producer Rod McCormack who made the process so fun,” recalls  Jemma. “Being there felt awesome to be a part of the recording and choosing what guitar parts were  right for the song.”

The single’s infectious groove and feel-good lyrics are the result of a co-writing session between  Jemma, Rod and Nashville-based Sally Barris. “We caught up with Rod’s Nashville songwriting friend  Sally Barris to write,” Jemma explains. “I was away for the beginning of this co-write but once I was in  the studio with Rod, I added my input on a few lines and arrangement in the second verse.”

‘You Fool’ is clearly the product of three writers who just click. “After writing one song prior with the  pair they had enough of a gauge on where my life’s stories and challenges sat in finding love.” This  chemistry is what allowed Jemma to share so much of herself in the music. “As a vulnerable songwriter  myself it felt right to be as honest and open as I could be.”

After growing up in the quiet town of Yanderra, NSW, then detouring through the coal mines of  Pilbara, WA, via dump truck driving, Jemma now calls Singleton home. The country town on the edge  of New South Wales’ wine country is the backdrop to the ‘You Fool’ video clip. 

“This is where I’ve lived for 1.5 years and made great friendships with the community, like Sarah Moffitt  who owns the boutique store Vintage Jones and Brad and Shane from the Caledonian Hotel, both  locations are scenes from the music video in the town of Singleton NSW.”

Despite having powerhouse director Jeremy Minett (Eyes and Ears Creative) at the helm, production  was not always smooth sailing. “For this music video we had so many ideas and once a plan was set  something would happen like someone we locked in to be an extra would cancel or we couldn’t get a  full crowd for extras, as it was short notice. But we finally came up with a plan and it was perfect, and  we are all super happy with how it turned out.”

Jemma’s debut album, That’s Just Me, appeared in 2018, giving fans a healthy dose of the fun-loving,  full blooded country music the singer-songwriter is now known for. It topped the iTunes Country Album chart and came in at #19 on the ARIA Country Album chart.

She’s shared those songs on stages with Sara storer, Shannon Noll and more recently, Andrew Farris,  at the 50th Tamworth Country Music Festival. She’ll launch ‘You Fool’ with a show at the Caledonian  Hotel in Singleton on Friday 11th of November. Despite her hectic schedule as a musician, Jemma still  has time to entertain her passion for driving dump trucks, which she does in the NSW Hunter Valley.

Jemma Beech’s ‘You Fool’ is a blazing return for the singer-songwriter – catchy hooks and a killer vocal  wrapped around an honest and clever lyric. The track is guaranteed to be a standout for this truly  authentic artist.


Raised in the quiet town of Yanderra, NSW, singer-songwriter, Jemma Beech has Country in her blood. Her hard-hitting blend of modern and classic Country music spins tales of love and rural life.

When Jemma was just 3 years old she fell in love with music – despite the fact that nobody close to her could play or sing. 90’s Country queens like Trisha Yearwood, Shania Twain and The Chicks would be her inspiration. "I was three years old in the back seat of the car when Mum was flicking through radio stations driving around Queensland on a holiday,” recalls the now 30-year-old. “A Trisha Yearwood song came on and I was hooked from that moment on.”

Growing up in a small town meant a fair dinkum Country upbringing - everything from horse riding to dirt bikes. “We had a few acres of land with a front paddock where my horse was kept,” reminisces Jemma.“ The back half of our property was slowly turned into a motorbike track – mostly for my two younger brothers – I really enjoyed riding the PeeWee 80 around the track and over the jumps and side berms they made.” Although her potential motocross career was short-lived, as the track later became a learner driver’s course when she got a ’97 Toyota Corolla.

A string of odd jobs followed. Bartender, Truck Stop Worker, Nanny – you name it. Music began to take centre stage in Jemma’s life when the she attended the 2015 Senior Academy of Country Music in Tamworth. Previously studying as a beauty therapist she crowd funded the lion’s share of the costs to get her to the Country Music capital.

However, soon the Coal mines of Western Australia’s Pilbara region would call to her, where she relocated in her mid 20s to drive dump trucks. The experience was life changing for Jemma and her new fly-in fly out lifestyle began to manifest in her writing.

In 2018 Jemma released her debut album, ‘That’s Just Me’, which climbed to #1 on the iTunes Country charts and scored #19 on the ARIA Country album charts. It’s highly autobiographical songs told Jemma’s story in 8 tracks. Barn burners like ‘I’m a Girl ’and 'Stuck in the Mud’ serve as empowering anthems for women in a man’s world, while more thoughtful tracks like ‘Against All Odds’ and ‘Love You Home' would be right at home on a 90s Nashville record.

"I love sharing my stories through my original music,” confesses Jemma. In a little over a decade as a singer-songwriter she’s already performed to massive crowds - supporting the likes of Andrew Farris, The Sunny Cowgirls and Sara Storer. Now mentored by the incomparable Gina Jeffreys, she continues to go from strength to strength.

When Jemma Beech sings about hunting, fishing or tearing running through the mud on a dirt bike, you better believe she’s lived it. Her deeply personal songs run close to Country music’s roots and it’s this authenticity that makes her empowering music so engaging.

Jemma’s latest track, ‘You Fool’, drops on November 11th. Recorded at the renowned Music Cellar by Rod McCormack and written alongside Rod and Sally Barris.