Country singer songwriter J.Antonette received her start as a background singer for Melissa Etheridge and has since backed up Grammy Award winner Michael Bolton among others.  As an artist, J.Antonette has opened for country acts such as Jordan Davis and Tucker Beathard and  continues to achieve success as a multi-genre songwriter by placing music in popular TV shows as well as writing for other artists.  
This Nashville transplant has been featured on radio stations throughout the country.  Her first single, “Hello, Goodbye,” exclusively premiered on BUG Country Radio 99.7 & 101.1 and has been featured on stations such as Nash FM, BIG FROG 104, WUTQ, and KISS-FM.    Her 2019 single, “Something I Said” was a finalist in the prestigious John Lennon Songwriting Competition in the Country genre. 

"Drunk On Me," J's latest single is an incredible, heartfelt ballad.  “I was so connected to this song from the moment my co-writers Lyndee Underbakke and Colleen Francis sent me the concept. I felt the confusion, sadness, and turmoil throughout the melody. At the time, I was experiencing those exact same feelings, which made it even more relatable. My toxic relationship left me questioning my own motives in love. For these reasons, I immediately knew that I needed to put my stamp on it.” 


Commenting about Country music, J. Antonette stated, "Ultimately it makes me feel at peace in my soul. I’ve performed/recorded different genres of music in the past, but Country has always had my heart.  I grew up with it. It is my roots."


Regarding her success as a singer, J. Antonette  never wanted to be a singer, only a writer as she had since a young age used writing  as a form of therapy.   J. Antonette actually  hated to sing in front of people when young but her family would make her get up and perform at family functions.  She  was so insecure about singing, and only decided that this was going to be a life long career after she got her first backup gig signing for Melissa Etheridge.   


Before that, she  was a writer, who hid behind lyrics because she was too afraid to be the lead.  That tour, although short, taught her so much about herself, her strength, and what it would take for her  to move forward.  That was the turning point, "It opened my eyes to so many things about myself and music in general. Being on a large stage and seeing the impact that her lyrics and voice had on people forever changed me."


The “Paper Trail” EP was her first entrance into the world of Country music.   The lyrics of the  song “Hello, Goodbye” was a literal conversation that she had with an ex at a party with the  lyrics and melody flowing out of her after she  left the party. 

J.Antonette also created the movement  NYDoesCountry, which is about letting the world know that Country music  can come from anyone,  anywhere.   NYDoesCountry is her attempt to show some of the amazing Country talent that NY has,  including the very small country town in upstate NY where she emanated from.

J.Antonette's  passion for singing now is echoed in her statement, "Every time a perform I grow. I grow in confidence. I  grow in self love. I connect with people. It’s such a terrifying yet wonderful experience for me. I like to share a bit of myself with the crowd."

Whether from New York, Australia, Canada or anywhere in the world, J.Antonette's talents,  gifts and promotional

contributions to the  Country music genre are inspiring to all those that listen. 

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