I challenge anyone to not be  infused with energy and spirit when talking to or listening to Brei Carter.    Other words that might describe her are determined, intelligent, sweet, passionate, and vivacious.   Born in Monroe, Louisiana Brei is a singer songwriter that brings a sound to Country music in a way that only she can.  Watch her video  for her song "Country Choir" on Nashville Country TV or online and be prepared to be charmed.

Although Brei was inspired by those around her in music, it took a winding road to find the confidence in her own unique sound for  Brei  to start the journey wherein she is destined to be a Country music star.  Surrounded by music throughout her life, Carter spent days with her father singing songs by Charlie Pride,  watching her aunt sing in her own Country music group and enjoying Hee-Haw with her grandparents.  Brei even watched her distant relatives fulfill their dreams and knew her time to shine would soon come, in God's time.  With determination to use the skills she first learned in her Church choir and from those she loved to bring her dreams of being the next big name in Country to life.


Brei Carter says her solid, southern upbringing has the most impacted her on her life. She’s a product of Monroe, La., where she  was instilled with a strong Christian faith which is still her first guide in life,  and an unassailable belief that she was destined to contribute to a greater good.

Versatility  is an understatement and while listening to  Brei recount her many pursuits it’s hard to believe that she’s done so much in such a short life span.     Brei attributes much of her "can do and will do attitude" to a sense of empowerment through the Lord that makes it acceptable to shift  from the military to the arts or pharmaceutical sales to the ministry or a six-figure sales career to Country singing.

Carter literally wore scrubs and  stood at the elbow of surgeons in emergency rooms training them to insert a device she describes as “a pacemaker for the brain.” The Vagus nerve stimulator was used to control seizures and some other problems that were resistant to other treatments. “The very first time was hard. I thought I was going to be sick,” Carter explained. “There’s a smell like burning blood and at least I knew from my military training that you can’t lock your legs up or you’ll pass out.So I just had to keep it together and put on my big girl pants.”

The multidimensional and extremely intelligent and well spoken  Brei Carter has a business degree from the University of Louisiana at Monroe and later got her master’s from Webster University in international relations.   Fullfilling her continued growth in her faith she has a degree Christian counseling from the New Foundation Theological Seminary in Mississippi and a doctorate in theology from the institution. Carter sends out daily devotional messages to friends, family and those who follow her brand. Eventually she’d like to include  being  a motivational speaker discussing entrepreneurship and how to succeed while following your core principles.


Now Carter is pursuing another dream,  a Country singer. She trained with a voice coach in Nashville and  lists Patsy Cline and Loretta Lynn among her all time favorites but she’s also  enjoys of Gretchen Wilson and Miranda Lambert.    Carter, who is most comfortable in her collection of cowboy boots (don't ask her how many, you will get her laughing), is not one to do anything half-way. This songbird who once planned to be a drill sergeant after achieving the rank of first lieutenant in the Army reserves is now writing odes to her roots like “Country Living,” a song about backyard barbecues, summer days, familial teasing and a day of nothing to do.

After the success of her leadoff single"Smiling", Brei Carter will captivated Country music  lovers with an exhilarating EP of the same title. Smiling is a bright effort filled with Carter’s lovely taste for melody and chorale, coupled with her uplifting charm.  In "Smiling" Brei not only gives us a great song about something important and worthwhile to say it is also delivered with such tremendous vocal skill with her unique tone resonating throughout the song. 


The Smiling EP is a journey that you should not miss.   Carter’s versatile nature and unique tone  turns this  masterpiece into a full plate of soulful expression.   The Smiling EP by Brei Carter is an unforgettable effort that perfectly embodies the nostalgia of Country music.  The collections title track tells of Brei always trying to smile,  even through  pain.  We all know that’s always easier said than done, however it is also well known that nobody wants to be around gloomy people. Its  talks about how there is always hope, there are rainbows after rainstorms.  Brei and all of us can either decide to whine and complain about all the bad stuff, and lately with COVID in our lives we don't have to look too far, or  we can focus on what’s truly good. Carter chooses to set her mind on the positive   “Smiling” doesn’t sound like your average Country track, it’s a very modern take on classic Southern Rock with  great hooks and fantastic sounding guitars  and bridge too.  

You can recognize in Carter's music that she sang in her church choir, and you can hear a touch of soul. Her  faith and church show  up again in the spiritually tinged “Yours,”  which can be sung to a lover, but also works as a song of praise to God, depends on which way the listener wants to hear it.   “Yours” also includes steel guitar, which is always a welcome element on any Country song.

“Country Choir” includes a large dosage of Southern rock electric guitar powering it  and rolls to a hand clapping, foot stomping beat, accented by soulful electric guitar.  This one also includes steel guitar and as previous mentioned the video for this song is in rotation on Nashville Country TV or online, treat your ears, listen to it!

Carter writes sincere, heartfelt songs and sings them with such personality and  emotion. It’s always exciting to hear a new voice and unique artistic perspective, and Brei Carter gives us all that and more.  Totally different from some  contemporary Country music which can be stale and repetitive,  Brei's music is uplifting, timely and inspirational.  


With songs like "Country Choir", "Smiling" and "Back Porch Loving" and her new release "Gave Him a Girl" she brings a smooth, soulful, and sometimes edgy fascinatingly unique but still traditional sound that listeners will love in an instant. With her style, beauty (inside and out), guiding faith and charisma being the icing on top of it all, Brei Carter is the soon to be the Country music star we have all been searching for and  have finally found.

                                                                                    by Deborah Gibson

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