The Hardway

by J Raleigh Jones

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Musicians are not the only part of the Nashville Music Industry that has had hard times during the Pandemic. Small businesses in general including the places of employment for musicians fell on hard times. During this period I would drive by the businesses on Music Valley Drive and most were closed.


I remembered the loss I felt when driving past the Nashville Palace because it is such a place of Country music history. It is a venue where aspiring artists dreamed of performing. It has been a place where so much great talent began their careers or gained recognition for performing here. It is also a place where many stars have held concerts. 


I was invited  to attend the Loretta Lynn Birthday Tribute concert featuring Loretta's Grand Daughter Tayla Lynn. Tayla said she was nervous but there was no visible sign of that. In fact, Tayla and her band along with  her father were fantastic! The Palace show room  was packed, not only to honor the 85th Birthday of Country Legend Loretta Lynn, but to enjoy a return to a bit of normalcy. Everyone has had so much cabin fever.


Things are really picking up now in the Music Valley Drive area. The Palace will be hosting the Cash Creek Club shows the first Wednesday of each month. You do not  want to miss this if you live here. If you don't live here it  will be on Television at a later date. The Cash Creek Band is second to none with so much great talent as well as the artists of the Cash Creek Record label. If there were no other performers you would be excited to have seen their show. However, that is only part of the Cash Creek Club shows.


They also feature major stars. In fact the first show will be August 4, 2021 featuring Grand Ole Opry Member Mark Wills and Larry Stewart of Restless Heart. Rumor has it there are some surprise guests stopping by to help launch this new Palace attraction.  I would like to credit those in management who have stayed the course in their management responsibilities with the Palace and Score Board venues. Through thick and thin they did all they could to help the Palace during the pandemic.

I write this article every month to share stories of Nashville The Hard Way. There is no shortage of stories of hard times in the music industry here.  I wanted fans of Country music to know that the Nashville Palace is Back, and so is Nashville. With that comes opportunities for the artists and musicians who during the pandemic have lived Nashville The Hard Way.


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