November 18th, 2022 (Nashville, TN): Maddie Hogan releases her new single "Beautiful Temporary" and an accompanying music video filled with beachy vibes, delicate country pop production and lush green scenery.

The breezy, hopeful tune washes over listeners like a warm ocean breeze and salty waves. Produced by Joe “The Butcher” Nicolo, “Beautiful Temporary” tells the true story of a dream Hogan had about meeting an ex-flame after time apart. As the pair catch up, the singer can’t help but wonder if the new woman he loves is just a temporary stop along the way. As for herself, the meeting brings up nostalgia but reinforces her dedication to her new partner.

With almost a decade working in the live entertainment industry, Maddie Hogan has navigated her way from a passionate vocalist and student to the American Idol stage. Now, after years of connecting with audiences and performing at esteemed venues, Hogan is releasing music that shows where she’s been and where she’s going.

“Beautiful Temporary” harkens back to early 2000s acoustic pop and singer-songwriter influences, including the styles of Colbie Caillat and Norah Jones. Hogan’s casual tone and smooth vocals are superbly paired with acoustic guitar and light drums to evoke a hazy, relaxing atmosphere.

The accompanying music video is available on Hogan's Vevo channel and features stunning East Coast footage that captures the effortless and laidback appeal of the singer's brand and personality. 

Maddie was born and raised in the suburbs outside Philadelphia, in a small town in Delaware County. She grew up in a small cottage in the woods with her parents and older sister. As a baby, she found her calling by singing Disney songs while learning to talk. It was clear to everyone around her that she was blessed with the gift of song.

Her father, a musician himself, always had music playing throughout the household. Having a stay-at-home dad in her baby years, she was introduced to genres that would later influence her songwriting. The Beatles, KISS, Queen, and David Bowie were among the music her dad listened to. Todd Rundgren, The Monkees, and even artists like Tomita and Danny Elfman influenced her love for music.

Her mother, an artist, worked long hard hours during Maddie's childhood to build a facepainting business to support the family. 

Her father obtained a degree in technology during her years in grade school, landing him to work the position of a video technician at the Hospital University of Pennsylvania. 

Teenage Years

In 6th grade, she and her family moved into a one story rancher with a finished basement, and big back yard. with  mirrors covering both sides of the walls, the basement was a fun environment where Maddie would practice singing, dancing, and performing. Her father had music equipment set up, too, and she would sing with him and his friends for fun. She adored theatrical musicals such as The Nightmare Before Christmas, Chicago, Grease, and The Sound of Music.

Maddie didn't enjoy school, though her favorite subject was always History. It was like "story-time" for her, and she loved it! Though, she was not involved with the musical theater programs in middle and high school, she participated in the Variety Show every year since kindergarten. Singing, of course.

Maddie was her school's go-to-girl when it came to the National Anthem. She'd sing at pep Rallys, football games, basketball and soccer games, and other sports events.

In 2016, Maddie took classes at John Robert Powers Philadelphia for modeling and acting. She went on to participate and compete in competitions in the MAAI at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City. She won the Overall Winner of the Monologue competition, by reciting a comedic monologue she had picked out and memorized from a random book her sister had brought in the hotel room. Maddie completely let her inner "Jim Carey" out for the judges, with her animated facial expressions and willingness to be silly and make others laugh.

She also won 2nd Place for Singing, 2nd Place for Runway Walking, 2nd Place for Makeup Application, and 3 medals for Dancing, Cold Reading, and "Legs".

After MAAI, Maddie appeared in Nickelodean's film "The Naked Brothers Band: The Movie" as an extra in the prom scene when she was 16 years old.

With both parents working full-time, Maddie missed out on auditions in New York due to not having a guardian with her. So she spent her weekends playing with friends on the trampoline, watching movies, and singing at open mic nights at the local coffee shop. She hung out with her older sister every day since 6th grade, and was always by her side. Maddie considers her sister her best friend to this day.