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Florida-based singer-songwriter and indie country recording artist Andy Pursell  released his newest tune “Right Amount of Wrong.”   The twangy honky-tonker is a mix of the best of 90s country and today’s contemporary sound akin to the Bellamy Brothers’ No. 1 hit, “Redneck Girl,” the leading lady beams with frisky, flirty, flannel sophistication to become a magnetic attraction.

“The vibe and storyline are ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ meets ‘Urban Cowboy’ she’s a perfect combination, with ‘just the right amount of wrong,’ and that makes her irresistible,” Andy Pursell has stated.  “A song is like a canvas, we assembled the right mix of musicians to make the magic and paint the perfect picture both in storyline and instrumentation. The outcome is exactly what I had envisioned.”  Written by Ryan Griffin and Terry Dennis, and produced by Mark Dreyer, the track is now available  on all digital retail outlets and streaming  platforms.  Recorded at Studio 23 Lakeside Recording in Nashville, the single features instrumental performances by award-winning  A-list musicians. 


The corresponding “Right Amount Of Wrong” music video produced by Jered Allen and shot at various locations in Pursell’s hometown of Arcadia, FL including Rattlers Old West, Radio Station WCXS, Cowboy Corner and Wheeler’s Cafe  has also been released.   The new tune follows the momentum of Pursell’s recent single “Off The Chain ” released in late fall 2022. 

Andy Pursell is a country boy who found a passion for music and live performance in his late teens. Born and raised in Arcadia, Florida,  Andy is a self-taught guitarist who embraces the sounds of Waylon Jennings, Garth Brooks, Hank Jr., Mark Chesnutt and Tracy Lawrence.     He grew up in Arcadia, FL , a  “snowbird” destination  that boasts the oldest rodeo in the State of Florida,  the “Granddaddy” of ’em all which spans over four days in March.  As a child, Andy rode his bike in the neighborhoods, played sports with his friends, and went to work with his dad at their family-owned businesses.

Andy's mom was a rocker, through and through and his dad listened to the oldies’ greatest hits.  Andy's  love for Country music came from his friends and the culture of the town as in general as everywhere he went, there was Country music on the radio.   Pursell became a power lineman when he was only 18. At that time, he had an interest in learning music and took guitar lessons on and off for about three years. But the lineman work was his primary concentration at that time and he put music on the back burner.  A few years later, he picked up the guitar again and remembered how much he loved music.  Andy felt that while his work as a lineman  was important, but he was missing something. Performing and making music filled that void and made him realize how much he was itching to create it.

Andy  started playing the guitar again a  little bit every day, learning more chords, and progressed from there. He  took some writing advice from my sister, and one Sunday he came up with a line for a song: “Watching football on Sunday, maybe thinking one day, I might catch a real live game.”   The lyric sparked an idea for a song that he titled, “The Fans,” about what a fan experiences when they watch sports games in the crowd, like NASCAR, NFL, MLB, etc..   Andy  shared the song with one of my coworkers who thought it was really good and sounded like a song on the radio. The song spread like wildfire throughout the workplace and nearly everyone encouraged Andy to make music.

Fate struck when with  tropical storm Debbie (2012) work brought Andy to a location where a power line fell in the yard of Del Couch, who had a five-star studio and had started a music foundation nearby. Through the foundation, which focused on highlighting artists or musicians who had an inspiration in music, recording and showcasing them in concerts all over town, Pursell learned the “behind the scenes” of the music business, such as how to hook up speakers, run soundboards, and mix bands. Andy  started out playing a couple of songs live and got the itch for more. Sam Woolf was involved in the music foundation as well, who ended up going on “American Idol” in 2014 and placed fifth.

Andy Pursell's music career blossomed and he spent time recording with some of the top session players in Nashville. The experience motivated Andy to pursue his music with more concentration.  Freeing up his  work schedule, he transferred jobs in September 2015.  In October 2015 he formed the Andy Pursell Band with a group of veteran musicians with more than 40 years live performance experience combined.  Andy was recognized as “Favorite New Country Artist” by the Tampa Bay Music Network (2016).


As support act, Andy has shared stages with Neal McCoy, Clay Walker, Montgomery Gentry and John Michael Montgomery, among others. He’s performed at the Bradenton Area River Regatta, the Smokin’ In The Pines Festival, Manatee Civic Center, Hard Rock Cafe’ (Tampa) and The Ultimate Bullfighters World Finals “The Bulls And Bands Bash.”    Pursell has also served as the headliner local act for the Suwannee River Jam in Live Oak, FL..    Along with his sister, Andy co-wrote the song, “Livin’ In Salt Life,”  released in 2019 and he became team member and an ambassador for the Salt Life Brand. The relationship has been a blessing for Andy and Salt Life has helped him  to chase his dreams.   As Andy has commented, "I’ve always been around Country music,  I guess Country music found me. From a lineman to a Country music artist, who would have thought? It’s been a pretty wild ride."


Andy's goal with his music is to try to take your audience out of the real world.  When he is performing he doesn't  want people thinking about bills, their problems at home, or stress at work. They are there to be entertained and forget their struggles.  Andy's  job on stage is to give them a get-away for a couple of hours and he feels,  "Music is not just therapy for us artists, it’s therapy for our audiences too".

Dedicated to giving 110% to make his dreams a reality and create memorable musical moments and experiences for Country music listeners and his fans, Andy Pursell has quickly become a must see entertainer worth the price of admission.   Andy Pursell will roll-out a waterfall series of original tunes throughout 2023 and is off to a gang buster of a start with his release of “Right Amount of Wrong”   Country music lovers are anxiously awaiting with anticipation Andy Pursell's  next electric release. 



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