Janice Hunter  jumped at the song 'Christmas Day' as soon as she heard it.   It inspired her to remember how important the connection is with our fellow human beings and reminded her that each day we all have a choice to be a blessing or curse to others.  The song also has a tropical vibe which made it come alive for Janice and she and her children were dancing for hours to it and having fun.   Although music has always been a passion for Janice it only evolved into the professional realm recently taking a back seat to life's other realities.   


Janice Hunter grew up in rural Chatham, Ontario, as the daughter of a dairy farmer. Growing up and learning about life in a rural outskirts of Ontario Canada was a beautiful experience. Sowing the seeds, feeding horses, chicken, pigs, cattle, ducks and geese and all the labour intensive work associated with feeding our communities instilled in her a work ethic that has been a life mainstay for Janice.    Being surrounded by life and truly learning to live off the land via hard labour, determination, and empathy for all living species on our great planet were her lessons learned.  

On Sundays, Janice attended church services and sang in the church choir from the age of 3, which was led by a group of excellent women youth leaders.   Each of these youth leaders had careers and were running a farm operation with big families to raise,  extended family to care for and non-stop volunteering efforts for their community.  These were the women that Janice looked up to,  working women that never stopped. 


Hunter's  first piano lesson was at  four years old, and it was with an 88-year-old well regarded piano instructor who passed away only a few years after she began studies with her at the Royal Conservatory of Music. Subsequently Janice moved on to another fantastic piano teacher who took her into her adolescent years.   


With the onset of adulthood, she was led to a path of a public service career where she has stayed. This was Janice's reality and once obtaining her real life career she felt, "It's interesting how ambitions in our youth seem so unattainable, but as time passes, you achieve those goals, and then you say to yourself, "I did it!".   So, what's next?"   

Well she always loved her music, and was blessed with a powerhouse voice with a five octave range that amazed all,  although a  career in music faded as the corporate ladder beckoned.   Then at the young age of 28 Hunter decided that she was going to learn the guitar and suddenly the creative process in music was again rebirthed  in her.   It opened doors and developed this whole other romantic side of music for Janice as an artist and it made her better at all aspects of music.   

After paying off what seemed like a mountain of school debt she found herself  on the domestic route with marriage and blessed with  three beautiful souls to raise.   To Janice parenthood is,  "The hardest job ever especially with the year 2021 succeeding in complicating the work life balance to an unimaginable degree.  However, in all the chaos and being at home most of the time I had to get up shake off yesterdays dust and get back at it." 


When Hunter's oldest son was born, they were not sure if he was going to speak as he was diagnosed on the Autism spectrum. Janice reports it has been an uphill struggle to get what he needed and the supports to help him in school, at home and more.  Her music background led her into music therapy for her children. Now , her son is blossoming into a smart witty young man who is excelling in school.  Janice's beautiful daughter  who is 12 years old also needed inspiration as well.  Again, tying into her music Janice managed even during the lockdown to get her daughter into the magnet school for arts with her application displaying her daughter's talent of producing music videos and developing CD covers as well.   Some of her daughter's music videos are playing on Nashville Country Music TV for artists such as Chris Mabb, of course her mother Janice and Dan Knight where she transformed their music into a wonderful representation of the artist's  music to  a  whole new level.

Janice's  youngest is a dynamo and it’s been quite the adventure to complete online learning that was in place during the pandemic.   Through this process Janice has witnessed tears via online and as she says, "Its not just the kids, it’s the parents, grandparents and teachers".   Like a lot of parents, it has been particularly challenging for Janice as she  transitioned to working from home and it seemed like she had to also take on the job of teaching too.  Not complaining but as usual rising to the challenge Janice comments that,  "I must say I have been blessed and the sector that I work for has been so unbelievably creative and solution based that we have been able to do amazing things remotely." 

During the past several years the opportunities for Janice to not only evolve her music talents to the benefits of her children  but to entrench herself in the creative process once again writing songs, recording them at Steam Whistle Records studio and distributing them to radio through Airplaynow has rekindled her passion for music. 

Her singles 'Ready to Achieve' was number one on the Independent Chart and another single 'The Other Side' also charted.   Janice also won the right to attend the North American Country Music Association International contest in Pigeon Forge to represent Ontario in 2020 but unfortunately the contest was cancelled due to the pandemic.   The previous year Janice had won awards at the same contest. 


A lot of her recent success she attributes to meeting the right people and she thanks  JK Coltrain of Nashville Radio Promotions and  Dan Knight of Steam Whistle Records for encouraging this, " Middle aged, over worked, stressed out mom over this past year."   Janice finds the  past year of recording has been so new,  innovative,  exciting and such a rewarding experience for her with the opportunity to create with such amazing talents being a dream come true for her.   


According to Hunter, "Nothing makes work more easy than a dedicated fun team that is willing to say yes so much more than saying no.   I guess that is why music resonates for me now more than ever.  Building my connections,  continuously learning and growing In the music industry and extending my hand and talents to my everyday life and other artists is such an important aspect for building better and more to me.   It so great to collaborate with others that can build on an idea and take it to so many more and higher levels.  There is so much more on the horizon for us all.   Look out 2022 we are going to make this the best year yet with the Big Matador production team in Nashville and Steam Whistle Records and all those that are willing to play our music."


As for her song 'Christmas Day', Janice Hunter adds, "I hope the message and lyrics in 'Christmas Day'  resonates that  its just not one day a year that we celebrate, but each day we all have that choice to bring more to the world in a good way.   Choose to take care of one another.   So, in turn I am asking what the song says,  are you with me on this journey?  Are we willing to think of others this Christmas and throughout the year? Look up to the skies on Christmas for I am out there gazing at the stars with you."