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"That Feel Good" is the latest single by Jase Lansky digitally released in May 2022 and is part of the 'Hella Good Time' stable of tracks written and performed by Jase off of his upcoming EP '"Hella Good Time'" to be released later in the year.   "That Feel Good" is an uplifting track that brings back those good time moments we get to share every now and then with great friends and family.  According to Jase, "I wrote this song as a lifting moment to get away from the last 2 years of absolute craziness. It’s a reflection of getting back to basics, enjoying great times with family and friends, and letting go of everyday pressures. It’s also just a “Feel Good” song."

Jase Lansky is an independent Australian Country artist, writer and performer based in Queensland, Australia. His music is Country/Rock based and is heavily influenced by the modern American Country music scene.  

Jase was raised in the southern parts of Tasmania and  has developed his own style of Country music over a number of years from performing and writing songs, playing everywhere between Hobart and Hamilton Island, and internationally from Bali to Nashville.

As a rock artist his passion for Country was born when touring the southern states of America. From finally discovering the emotional depths of this genre an amazing personal inner experience hit and changed his whole musical dynamic in one single Memphis moment.


Having fronted rock and contemporary bands, as well as duos throughout his musical existence, his path has taken him onto a solo journey into the world of Country music. This journey recently experienced the musical depths of Nashville, Tennessee where he recorded his award winning debut album “Rip it up!”.  The first single released from the album, also titled "RIP IT UP!" had chart success, reaching a staggering Number 5 on the Mainstream International Country Music Charts, Top 30 in the Australian Country Tracks Charts, and Number 7 in the Tasmanian Country Music Charts.  In total five singles from this album  released in Australia all enjoyed Top 20 chart success both in Australia and overseas. Four of the tracks reached Top 10 status, with the single 'Drunk Every Sunday' debuting in the Australian Top 40 Country Tracks Charts at an amazing Number 9.    

Having won various accolades for his debut album ‘Rip it up!’, Jase was also a finalist in the 2018 Gold Coast Music Awards for "Album of The Year" and "Peoples Choice". He won the 2018 "Emerging Artist of The Year" as well as the 2018 "Industry Impact Award", "Independent Contemporary Male Country Artist" along with "Best Male Album" for ‘Rip it up!’  "Rip It Up"  his debut album  is a mix of driving Country songs and heart-felt ballads produced and recorded in Nashville, Tennessee.  

 Known for his leap from 'Rock' to 'Country' and with an ability to adapt from a festival stage to an intimate setting, Jase Lansky has taken the Australian and international music scene by surprise.  His lyrics are true and dynamic and reflect a life of mishap and beauty, while his cover versions of today's modern Country artists highlight his vocal versatility as a performer. 

Come 2022 and we'll  await with anticipation to see the completion of his long awaited EP 'Hella Good Time', which includes the chart topping singles 'Hella Good Time', 'Don't Go', and his most recently released single 'That Feel Good'.   It sure gives "That Feel Good" feeling to know we will hear more from Jase Lansky in 2022.