Hold on to your hats folks, here comes JD Reynolds from down under, who is sure to produce a gale of a storm worldwide with her God given talents including her signature Country sound, her own dancing routines and her striking beauty.   JD Reynolds,  an artist from Australia,  showcases  her multitude of talents expressing them  in many modalities and in particular through her Country music.   With her recent releases of songs with attitude galore including "This Year" in December of 2020 and "Whatever" in 2021 JD has landed on the radar of Country music insiders in Nashville and  around the world.  

An  superb singer, a soulful story telling songwriter, a phenonemal producer, a  dynamic dancer, this  bedazzling beautry has it all but what eminates from JD when you talk to her down to earch country girl charm that could make you as comfortable chatting with her as if she were the proverbial  girl next door.  JD Reynolds was born with talents, charisma, or the "it factor" if you will,  but remains humble enough to say about her bountiful gifts “It’s in my blood. music, melody, lyrics and dance flow through my veins, gifts straight from God for which I am very thankful.”


Presently back in her country of origin,  Australia,  and unable to travel due to the pandemic, rest assurred that JD will likely be back to Nashville, a town she thrives in,  on one of the first flights allowed.   JD did have the opportunity to record her music during the pandemic.   Having released two singles so far, she stated,  “My entire album came to me like a bolt of lightning, the JD sound, my sound, respecting Country music roots yet having my own next level twist”.


Learning the ropes of producing, JD  teamed up with seasoned producer Braddon Williams.  Braddon knew he was helping to create a unique Country album for an incredible talent. JD is her own artist, incomparable, and the album reflects it. Braddon brought in the talents of Murray Sheridan on drums, (Pink, Kelly Clarkson, The Script, Boys II Men), and Kris Petersen on guitars (Alice Cooper, Aerosmith, Van Halen, Billy Joel).  Braddon  has achieved more than thirty top ten hits, amassed over thirty times platinum in record sales, and his work has received both Grammy and ARIA award nominations,  with credits include Beyoncé, Snoop Dogg, P Diddy, The Script, and Kelly Clarkson. 


Despite the pandemic,  JD continues to make her mark in Country music when she released of her debut single in December of 2020,  “This Year.”   "This Year" could become an international anthem in COVID-19  and natural disaster saturated 2020 and portrays what pushed Reynolds to the brink in that infamous year, which was ironically the thing that most of us rely on to bring us together during trying times, family. This single dares fans to run the gamut of emotions from feeling some of their most devastating feelings of the year and yet inspires them to  churn them into hope for 2021 and beyond.    


“This Year”  is packed with raw emotions that most of us shoved down when it comes to family  and friends .  The emotions are musically expressed through a combination of  Bluegrass banjo, Rock and Roll guitar and her JD's unique God given voice to wraps the gift with a perfect bow. 

“My song is about wanting to pack 'This Year' in a bottle and cast it out to sea. It’s about the stone-cold truths and realizations that the events of 'This Year' (referring to 2020) brought to the surface.  'This Year'  was not just flooded with nature’s fury bringing bushfires, floods and hurricanes that ravaged and destroyed so many lives all around the world, it’s not just about a virus that killed over a million people and brought the healthy to their knees without discrimination, or the unrest in the world, it’s about how these things brought us to question our own mortality, our lives, our truths, our very existence, the hidden things 'This Year' brought to the surface. It’s also a song about hope for a better new year and future.  Most importantly, the song is about the realizations we’ve had to face after the forced reflection that 'This Year' has brought upon us. "


Labeling the  devastation and uncertainty caused  by so many disasters and so much illness  in 2020 allows, “This Year”  to provide the listener a shoulder to cry  on and a safe place to confide their deepest setbacks of the year. It also resonates with the message that allows us to consider that  amongst all the  tragedy of 2020 perhaps we are able to dig up an appreciation for the truly important things of life and the little things.  Sincere and  hopeful, “This Year” encompasses  Reynolds’ passion and drive to hope that she can start healing the world through her music. 


In stark contrast to her first release but with the same JD  signature attitude,   Reynolds now sets the scene for a carefree, feel-good summer with the release of her latest single, “Whatever.”   Infused with  a classic Country storyline and delivered with JD's version of a Pop/Rock influence, “Whatever,” makes for the perfect tune to add to a girls-night-out playlist. With a worry free attitude and a carefree spirit, the song tells you that there is no need to think  about what you look like under a ‘trucker's cap’ and comfortable clothing, “Whatever” shouts that the only approval needed is your own! The upbeat single is filled with JD attitude and channels confidence for a much needed stress-free night, unbothered by any country-boy temptation present at the bar.  
“Ever feel like a night out but can’t be bothered getting dressed up for the occasion? Say WHATEVER! Grab your friends and go out in your boots, jeans, t-shirts, and trucker caps, “No muss, no fuss”. Have a girls night out without all the girly prep, wear WHATEVER and have fun!” shares Reynolds.  There isn't a women around right now that couldn't use a "WHATEVER" night.   

JD believes that the song inspires independence and genuine friendship and , “Whatever” , is a reminder that we all deserve to let our hair down and dance it out with the ones who love us.  "Whatever" is a  high-energy single which gives  listeners permission  to let loose, make memories, and experience the thrill of freedom during nights of endless fun without unnecessary drama.  “Whatever” proves that no matter who’s around, you can never go wrong by sticking with the ladies and leaving all worries behind, at least for a fun-filled night.  


JD’s sound is fresh for Country music, branded with the JD Reynolds' originality and sass.  As  a trained dancer and award-winning choreographer, JD demands  to dance to  her own moves in the same manner as her creativity needs to be expressed by singing her own words to her own  melodies. “Dance is a part of who I am, it expresses what words simply cannot.”  The combination of this creative independence is captivating for those who hear her and mesmerizing for those privileged enough to see her,


The only mystery that JD would not divulge is what JD stands for,  as she polietly declined to answer the question with an impish grin.  What is not a mystery to anyone who encounters the talents of JD Reynolds is the undeniable fact that she  knows how to make Country music sound great and look even better. JD Reynolds is what Country fans have been waiting for, as JD Reynolds is in of herself, a  singularly original.

                                                                                        By Deborah Gibson 

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