Fast rising Pop/Country sensation Austin Daniel is quickly rising up the ranks of Country music.  Austin has a  brilliant cross genre soundscape, and an effortless vocal ability that combines perfectly.  Daniel's  impressive songwriting talent also contributes to making him one of the most exciting new artists breaking through globally.


Austin's  latest releases ‘Heart Felt’ is a wonderful sonic blend of his musical influences which is mixed with a heartfelt lyrical story arc and a stellar Pop/Country production that creates a dynamic fusion style that puts Austin on the map as the next big thing.  Daniel's  elegant vocal display and strong writing  talents are making him one of the most revered artists not only within Nashville but also  breaking into the mainstream global market with a fantastic crossover sound that is one hundred percent uniquely his own.


Austin Daniel is a 20 year old country singer-songwriter from southeastern Indiana. Breaking  onto the scene in 2017 by releasing his debut independent single “You’re Beautiful” which met with great success as it reached listeners in 50 different countries around the world  through various streaming platforms. 


Austin went on to release his debut EP in early 2018 and then his first full length independent studio album titled ‘Small Town Boy’ in 2019, featuring  12 original songs. His first LP was heavily influenced by traditional Country music,  perfectly blending many Pop and Rock elements as well giving Austin a very distinct sound.  After the release of ‘Small Town Boy’ Austin toured around the tri-state area (Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky) and then moved to Nashville, Tennessee at the age of 18, where he found himself playing at some of the city's most popular and beloved venues. 


Austin released his single "Say That Again" in June of 2020, showcasing his now more mature sound. It has  reached listeners in over 65 countries. His newest release “Heart Felt” is the perfect blend of heartfelt lyrics and superb Pop/Country production, all of which Austin believes is his finest work yet.


As a now established Nashville recording artist and songwriter, Austin has found himself in the midst of writing and recording for his upcoming highly anticipated project, working with some of Nashville's top-notch songwriters and producers. His  authentic songwriting and elegant vocal ability have all contributed to the unique artist that he has matured into at the young age of 20.


The latest release from singer/songwriter Austin Daniel allows him to build on the solid foundation he has put in place over the last few years which has seen him release a string of critically acclaimed singles and his  since his standout  album ‘Small Town Boy’ in 2019.


This is truly an exciting time for the Country performer and he is well on his way to becoming the genre’s next international breakout star as he has the voice, the songwriting, skill, and production styles that make him perfect for radio playlists meaning he has the potential to become a global sensation

Look out for Austin Daniel whose multitude of talents and grounded beliefs and faith will move mountains to continue to move him forward as he embraces his future stating, "I’ve always lived my life very faith based and  I’ve found myself leaning on God more than ever this past year. He has a plan for each and  every one of us. Trust him. Work hard for what you want and let him take you exactly where you need to go."