Montrose Records is releasing Julia Cozby’s first album “Keep on Walking” on an international scale. Julia now resides in New Mexico where she writes her songs in the mountains and shares them on stages across the country.     


Music has always been a part of her journey through life.   Julia grew up in a musical family, her mother sang with the Symphony Chorus in Kansas City for over two decades, and her dad still performs in a barbershop group in his eighties. “My mother had a great collection of songbooks with standards and show tunes. At least one night a week, she would play piano and my sisters and I would sing,” Julia recounts. “And my dad had a great record collection. We had a stereo that was a piece of furniture with a sliding top, and I would sit for hours with albums spread out on the living room floor listening to everything from classical orchestral works to Johnny Cash Live At San Quentin.

Julia experienced a life changing moment when she walked into a guitar store in Louisville, Kentucky on a cloudy winter day in 2009. While she went in interested in a mandolin, it was the shiny Dobro hanging on the wall that caught her eye. Never mind that she didn’t know how to play the thing (or the mandolin either for that matter), she loved the sweet sound it made. It was hers the moment she held it. A decision and purchase made in the span of ten minutes. She didn’t know it at the time, but her life had just taken a big right turn.

Another epiphany came when she wandered by one of those tents that house a songwriting workshop. “As I walked by the songwriting tent, I paused to see what they were talking about. I then realized that the class was taught by Tim Stafford, a songwriter and guitarist that played with Alison Krauss on some of her earlier stuff. Again, I was in awe and inspired. "  On the drive back to New Mexico, Julia wrote her first piece of music, an instrumental piece called “Bodie Blues.” “We had visited the historic ghost town of Bodie, California, a few days before and I was inspired by the life and death of a town and people in such a remote and beautiful place.”

Once back in New Mexico, the songwriting floodgates opened up. Julia explains

“It was late 2013, early 2014. I had put together my little bluesy dobro instrumental, ‘Bodie Blues.’ One day I was scribbling in a notebook and I began to write a poem that was an ode of sorts, then I realized I was writing lyrics, then I figured out a tune, and the chords. It was a rough try, and I do not play that first song with lyrics in public at all, but it was a fine first attempt. Because after that, I realized that I could do it. I could create a tune and tell a story. Songwriting is the vehicle to do both things that I really love–music and writing. I’m actually using my English degree-ha! By some strange turn, I’m back to doing something with my degree as part of my creative process.   People come up to me and share their emotions on hearing "Keep on Walking,"  which blows my mind. How is it music moves us, gets us to feel, remember, react? It’s magical to me. Really. I created something out of nothing and it affected people. WOW.”

“I came into songwriting and performing later than most people that do this, but when you get out and do something and you realize it was what you were supposed to be doing all along, because it’s so OBVIOUSLY your passion and people are responding to your art, it buoys you. People loving my music makes me indifferent about being a huge star, the next really big/hot/diva whatever…that’s a good thing. I have totally different struggles, issues, and perceptions of the music business. Like, I’m never going to be the next young thing on videos and anyone who knows me knows that’s not what I’m about, but hey, if someone like that wants to record one of my songs, I’m totally down with that! It’s something all songwriters aspire to, actually, hearing someone else perform their songs. I have a wish list of performers that will play my songs one day, I hope. Right now, I’m keeping it close to my heart," remarks Julie.

“Don’t let anyone or anything stop you from fulfilling a dream, creating art or music, or expressing your ideas. It’s never too late to try. The capacity for patience and learning, as well as a bit of daily discipline, is enough to begin a new life adventure in creativity, no matter your age. The complete revolution of the internet and all its platforms and ways to communicate makes any endeavor more egalitarian. You can talk to the whole world. If you consistently produce your art and consistently communicate via the internet about it, people will find you and become your tribe. Don’t give up.” 

"Keep On Walking" presents both a sound and a story that families everywhere can identify with…. Julia's songs are all stories that reside within so many communities and are very relatable tales.   The entire release expresses the frank feelings of women of strength and those who are also vulnerable. 


One cannot help but get caught up in a great music experience just by listening to "Brokedown Thunderstorm."    Every note is crystal clear, and the precision mixing and mastering allows Julia's presence to take center stage while the supporting instrumentation never once becomes overbearing and yet at the right times you know the support is there.


There are twelve original tracks on Julia's new album "Keep On Walking."  Julia  Cozby is one authentic artist and women who writes and tell stories of spirit and heart that  ring true and a Country artist to tune in on as her star rises.   

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