It may come to some people as a surprise that John Graham has been doing radio since he was 16years old. Graham got his start in radio at Homestead High School in Fort Wayne, Indiana in 2001. He participated in a student-run radio program hosted by WCYT 91.1 The Point.  


Before he participated in the radio program, Graham had an interest in doing Television. When he took a tour of the high school’s TV Studio, he mentions that he was “shocked” and “overwhelmed”.   That was until, his teacher showed him the radio studio across the hall.  John began to get curious on what that program was all about, so he gave it a try.  


When Graham first moved to Fort Wayne, Indiana with his mother and father, he did not have many friends that he could hang out with when he was 16.  He found that radio helped him out during this struggle to build a friendships.  Graham  found the radio program at his high school to be beneficial for his future.  A year later, John and his brother, Matt Graham  decided to develop their own online radio station called “Hits Radio”. This project lasted forabout 3 months, but remember John Graham was only 17 and had created his own online radio station. John also has autism.


With those two things in mind, it is safe to say that John Graham is very talented, smart, and determined to make his radio dreams come true. Once Graham entered his senior year, he was given the opportunity to intern at two radio stations. One of the stations was called WLDE 101 and the other station was called Magic 951, all while attending vocational learning. Graham also enjoyed marching in the Homestead High School marching band. In January 2002, the marching band had the opportunity to visit Los Angeles and Anaheim, CA.  Some of his memories of that band trip were marching in the Rosebowl Parade and the Disneyland New Years Eve parade. The Disneyland stop was a complete surprise.


In 2017, Graham was able to start his own company called Radio for a Cause, which is a broadcasting and media company focused on giving people with disabilities the opportunity to be heard on the radio.  John procured  a position at Federated Media, and then started his successful online radio station that has been running for almost five years, “The Spectrum 23.9”.  


John Graham’s mother and father come from a religious family, so they go to church every Sunday.   Graham enjoys spending time with his parents every chance he gets.  Looking to the present, Graham is currently a producer for The Pat Miller Program, which is an afternoon talk show on WOWO 1190. He also is a Program Director at The Spectrum 23.9, and has many different DJs working for him, including myself.  In the future, Graham hopes to open his very own FM station whether that be in Indiana or Massachusetts, this is a goal that he is looking forward to in the next five to ten years.


The team works together to raise awareness and promote the dreams of Graham. It is a group effort to pull everything together.  Final words, Graham is a good example and role model to all of his DJs. He goes above and beyond to teach each and every one of them the ropes to be successful in radio. He is truly a one of a kind.

Written by: Kayden Gordon