John Prine lost his life to complications from COVID 19 on April 7, 2020.    Fiona,  his wife and manager, also had  the disease in March following a European tour, but  survived her fight.   Prine, a two time Cancer survivor,  was hospitalized in intensive care for 13 days before losing his life to  the ravages of this horrendous virus  at 73-year-old.   


Fiona had advised  on March 30 that John was stable, but also noted that,  with  no cure for COVID-19, stable is not the same as improving.     Sadly, John left this world  eight days later.   For his family,  all who knew John , his fans, and fellow performers and songwriters, Prine’s death was a tragedy that seemed unfair, certainly not the way it should of ended, as could be said for each tragic victim of this pandemic.   

Prine,  for fifty years,  was an composer, recording artist, live performer  and as often described the   songwriter’s songwriter.   By all accounts from those who knew him well,  and as acknowledged in the flood of accolades that followed his death, he never lost touch with the average person,  we the common folk.    Despite his enormous success in music, including In the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2020winning two Grammy Awards  and becoming  a  Nashville Hall of Fame legend,  the humble, unassuming, quiet John Prine loved and cherished most,  the simple things in life.    A  lesson most of us could use in today's complicated world.


John enjoyed working directly with family and friends at his Oh Boy record label in Nashville.   Known  as one of the most influential songwriters of his generation, Prine was known for humorous lyrics about love, life, and  world events, as well as serious songs with social commentary, protest and songs that recalled personal tales from his own life.        


Prine's  last studio album, "The Tree of Forgiveness", was released in April 2018.   The release was shortly after  he was named the Americana Music Association’s Artist of the Year.    The album envelopes  the listener with all the talent and qualities that defined John Prine as one of America's greatest songwriters.  

Lovers of Folk, Country and  all kinds of music mourn the loss of the  supremely talented John Prine whose many contributions to music will live on as long as there is music to be played.   Nashville Country Music Magazine offers our deepest condolences to his family,  friends, the music world and to those of us that did not have the opportunity to know John Prine personally, truly our loss.    


                                                                 By Deborah Gibson 


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