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Country music singer-songwriter Whitney Miller has just released her new single "15 Minutes of Fame."  

Never one to shy away from difficult topics, Miller has taken the pain from a broken relationship and turned the experience into a lifelong lesson that most can learn from.  

"This is my freedom song," Miller has said of "15 Minutes of Fame".   Whitney co-wrote the song alongside Kelly Seidel, Hailey Verhaalen, and Chelsey Satterlee. "It spurred from one of my biggest heartbreaks that I went through a couple years ago that was extremely abrupt and out of nowhere. Instead of going through my emotions in a healthy way, I just pretended everything was OK. And now, two and a half years later, I still have some of that pain. But now, I get out that anger through my lyrics," Miller has advised. 


Whitney has also  said about "15 Minutes of Fame", "It was my own type of therapy and not only written from my own experience but also for anyone who has felt or watched their ex do the same thing, different day, different girl. '15 Minutes of Fame' is a sassy little truth teller and one of the best things that came from getting my heart broken."  

"15 Minutes of Fame" is the follow up release to Whitney's  debut single, "Diamond Country." With a blend of Pop infused Country the song is a dance anthem that contains a roaring beat, dynamic fiddle, and a rolling banjo that is rarely heard these days. "Diamond Country" highlights the finer things in life and proves there is room in this world for a Rhinestone Cowgirl.

 While filming,  the video for "Diamond Country" Miller felt it was vital for her to capture behind the scenes footage to be able to share it with her fans. This allowed the viewers to truly understand the process it takes to create, execute and deliver a quality music video that fans have come to love and expect.  


Whitney Miller is a former professional athlete, Miss United States 2012, kickboxing commentator, and podcaster, Whitney  was born in Texas and is now living in Nashville, Tennessee. Whitney's roots and deep love to write and perform original Country music dates back to being a little girl in South Texas, growing up listening to acts like Hank Williams, Patsy Cline, Bonnie Raitt, and Johnny Cash from her parent's record collection. Today, her sound is influenced by those early days as well as early Miranda Lambert and Gretchen Wilson.


Whitney then specialized in unique relationship and life design. She knows how freeing it is to live life on your own terms, with less fear, and has directly supported hundreds of people from professional and Olympic athletes and CEOs, to stay-at-home parents as they step into their truth and unleash the life they truly desire.

Miller had joined forces with some of the leading scientists and researchers in the field, and  co-hosted an extremely popular podcast that debuted at #50 on overall iTunes charts and now has over 1 million downloads.  She knows, now more than ever, that our relationships, especially the relationship with ourselves, directly influences the quality and vitality of our life.

Miller strongly encourages self empowerment and a fearless take on life. Hearing no, is only an opportunity to find a yes. Her overall mission in life is to inspire others to live life out loud.    In true "go for it" Whitney fashion, she decided to take her biggest leap of faith yet and left her home state of Texas for Nashville, Tennessee to chase her lifelong dream as a singer-songwriter.

Since moving to Nashville life has been a wild roller coaster ride for Miller. "There are times I have to pinch myself to make sure this musical journey isn't simply a dream. In a way, the song "Diamond Country" finally allowed me to say, or sing at the top of my lungs, all the things I was too afraid to say out loud."  The former beauty queen says she is especially happy to have the chance to record her own distinctive brand of Country music.  "I just have Country music running through my veins.  I'd probably be kicked out of my family if I was doing anything else," she has said.

Miller's vast life experience and comfort in the spotlight allows her to not only create feeling through her lyrics and voice, but also to inspire her audience. Whitney is currently finishing her debut album with an all-star cast of guest musicians. Expect a fun,  Country/Rock album filled with vulnerable real life stories and lots of attitude.

In a short period of time, Whitney Miller is already making her mark in Country music with several new singles and a debut album slated for 2023, proving to the world that she isn't going to settle with just "15 Minutes of Fame" in a man or her music.  

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