It may come to a shock that Sharon Pinkston, aka Kentucky Banchee, her stage name, is an independent Country singer who has been singing for 37 years. Pinkston has been singing even more in the last 14 years, and now at the age 62 has put in a lot of effort in order to make her dreams come true. 

25 years ago, Pinkston was given the name “Kentucky Banchee” by her father, when she went down to spring creek with him. Every Friday, when she was a child, she looked forward to seeing her dad play the guitar and her grandfather play the banjo with Bill Monroe, who was awell-known Bluegrass singer at the old barn house called “The Rosine Barn Jamboree”. 


Pinkston had an unexpected occurrence in her daily life when she heard that her daughter was in a serious car wreck. With this unexpected occurrence in place, she believes that God was able to pull her right back up and God has been with her the entire journey.  When Pinkston was younger, every Sunday, her father would take her to church. She mentions that she “saw the light” when she was singing with her dad.


For the last 15 years, she performed at “Milligan’s Bar” in Owensboro, Kentucky every Friday and Saturday night. She currently has been singing at the open mic at “Ten O Six'' inOwensboro, Kentucky. At first, she had no


clue what open mic was. However, Country singer Dan Hall and the Blackford Creek Band welcomed the Kentucky Banchee to the venue.  Pinkston looks up to Loretta Lynn, because still to this day, Loretta continues to strive working on her career. Like Pinkston, Loretta Lynn started out with nothing, she did not know where to begin her career. Pinkston was also born in the Kentucky hills and pines like Loretta Lynn.


Sharon also enjoys helping the local schools in Owensboro by providing families who donot have the money to afford such necessary items; such as coats, boots, backpacks, clothes, andshoes.In 2014, Pinkston was introduced to the well-known Christian producer Gerry Peters, who runs “Midi Magic Studio”, which is a home studio in Nashville, Tennessee. Peters mentionsthat he is so proud of Pinkston, considering the obstacles that she has had to adjust to in the music industry and she is starting to do the footwork at age 54.


Pinkston mentions that “You gotta keep going, don’t give up. If you want your dream badenough, you gotta keep going”. She currently has 2 songs out right now, “A Kentucky Banchee”that was released in 2016 and “My Music Man” that was released in 2017.  Looking into the future, Pinkston has worked very closely with me to do promotion projects and we co-wrote 2 songs that will be released in Summer of  2022. Pinkston is also looking forward to releasing her first Christian song, thanks to the help of Gerry Peters. With the support of her husband, her grandchildren, her sister, and her “music family”, she is the perfect example of perseverance, grit, and motivation to get the job done.

Written by: Kayden Gordon