Ask any of the thousands of  “Bryniacs” passionate about following the wild and innovative creative adventures of Laura Bryna on TikTok and they’ll give it to you straight.  No matter how much impact the ever-evolving, genre-transcendent singer-songwriter has had these past few years on the international dance charts, she’s still a country girl at heart.

Though there’s buzz among her favorite high powered remixers that her latest single “Body First” may soon be lighting up those same floors with an array of tasty club grooves.  The song is in its essence a traditional, glorious 50’s-60’s throwback in 6/8, a lilting sensual and soulful Country ballad.   Laura’s keen insight as a romantic storyteller croons about an intimate yet hot time with her lover on her mind.   The second part of the hypno-infectious chorus says it all: “Cuz we can wait on sleep/Right now let’s burn those sheets/Don’t say another word/Tell me with your body first.” 

“Body First" may be a Country flavored song, but writing and recording it is not really taking me back to Country because that’s always been a part of me, and anything I do musically will always have a tinge of Country because that’s who I am,” says Laura.   Bryna's already has an  extensive resume as an artist in the genre including touring with  superstars of multiple generations such as Taylor Swift, Emmylou Harris, Clint Black, Carrie Underwood, Tim McGraw, Jason Aldean and Luke Bryan.

“Still, the song is like going back to my first love, because while club music is so much about the beats and sonic atmosphere, Country songs are about meaningful lyrics, strong melodies and reflective of life experiences we all go through,” she adds. “My dad once told me that you never want to feel pain or anything bad, but you can’t sing about things unless you’ve gone through them. This is a song I relate to because we could all use the comfort of someone who takes ‘the edge off like champagne’ in our lives. ‘Body First’ is on the poppier side of Country, and pushes the edges with a jazzy, bluesy influence, but with a sexy side. While I’m a Country girl, I always want to incorporate dance elements as we do with the loops and other sonic effects into my songs. I also love the great guitar licks on the track. I think those who became fans of mine from the dance hits will enjoy this side of me too.” 


"Body First" is Laura's  eighth studio recording and radio release and  the track makes evident Bryna’s versatility and talents to cater to multiple genres.   Her music attracts music enthusiasts from across the globe (including the U.S., France and Germany).  An introduction to her new EP (scheduled for a late summer/early fall 2022 release), the soulful, saucy track is an uninhibited suggestive invitation that only two lovers can embrace with words unspoken.   This contemporary, forthright female sentiment can be likened to The Bellamy Brothers “If I Said You Had A Beautiful Body.”


Laura launched into the dance market and establishing her fresh, innovative hybrid Country new wave and electronica vibe with “Sweet Revenge,” which has amassed 2.1 million YouTube views and whose remix by Dave Aude hit #10 on the  Dance chart. She then exploded internationally in 2020 with “Stars Are Falling,” which hit #2 on the UK based Music Week Commercial Pop Chart and #7 on France’s NRJ chart. Its video  illustrates the power of love and human connection amidst an eerily prescient apocalyptic landscape, has over two million YouTube views.  

The batch of remixes for her 2021 follow-up single “The Way It Was” by Aude, Klaas and Cutmore took Laura to #11 on the UK’s Music Week Commercial Pop Chart, the Top 10 on the German (#6) and Swiss (#3) dance chart and #6 on France’s Buzz Nu chart.

Ever eager to develop and cultivate a relationship with her longtime loyal fans and those who came on board via those smashes, Laura's “Bryniacs” are eager for her every clever and compelling new post, musical and otherwise, to the tune of 4.1M overall likes and several videos with over 1M views each.   Almost anything goes on Laura’s page, twisting well known songs to make them her own, dressing up as different well known performers or characters (Melanie Martinez and Hunger Games’ Katniss Everdeen being among the most popular), inviting people to sing duets, lyric challenges and straightforward live performing.

Prior to her latest batch of hit singles, Laura was perhaps best known for her military tribute “Hometown Heroes,” a track from her debut solo album "Trying to Be Me".  Written with Grammy nominated songwriter Jeff Batson for a national campaign for the Air National Guard,  she’s  also an honorary member and spokesperson. The song’s intention was to make people aware of what heroes in this branch do, from their work in Afghanistan to assisting Border Patrol and hurricane relief.


Years after the song debuted on Monday Night Football in 2008 she also  sang it on field at a Pittsburgh Steelers game, and multiple times during a 2019 USO tour that went to Kuwait, Germany, Spain, Kosovo, Jordan and the African country of Djibouti.

“I look at my life and career like a tree with many branches that keep sprouting out with new opportunities to be creative and make a difference,” Laura says. “I want to continue making music and seeing where the dream takes me. I’m prepared for whatever life has in store.”